What Womens Mental Health Services Are Available Social Work Essay

This assignment shall research cardinal issues of subjugation persons may confront in respect to their gender. The paper will look into how adult female are viewed in today ‘s society with consideration for one ‘s civilization and cultural background and how this may impact on the intervention females receive within mental wellness service proviso. Critical analysis of cardinal theoretical thoughts and processes shall be demonstrated with consideration as to what methods could be applied in pattern within the current mental wellness system. The paper shall look into what bing mental wellness services are available for service users, their households and carers. The essay shall measure how recent alterations in societal policies, statute law developments and public assistance cuts consequence mental wellness services with mention to how accessible the services presently are and how critical 1s state of affairs must be before support can be accessed. The paper shall research the deepnesss of subjugation that persons continue to see ; the writer will use rules of anti-oppressive pattern and equal chances, whilst sing current appraisal processs.

Historically adult females have suffered subjugation at the custodies of the male, Thompson ( 2006 ) suggests females have ever played the 2nd function to the dominant male gender and argues is this because a adult female is typically a smaller size or that adult females where on this Earth to bear kids while the male ‘s function was to supply for his household. Today ‘s society adult females take on multiple functions as an employee, female parent, married woman or spouse every bit good as running a place and possibly caring for an aged relation. Females are known for their ability to multi undertaking, but one must see what impact this may hold on an person ‘s mental wellness and how resilient does a individual have to be before they mentally start to close down. Subjects of

female subjugation watercourse throughout all races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds and most commonly faith which shall be subsequently explored. Bejjing Platform of Action ( 1995 ) define gender as a term which is influenced by the ‘economic, societal, political and cultural properties and chances associated with being male and female ‘ , the definition goes on to knock that ‘in most societies adult females as a group have less entree than work forces to resources, chances and determination devising ‘ .

Gender inequality in the work topographic point has preponderantly been debatable for females, historically adult females stayed at place to convey the kids until the 2nd World War which opened up tonss of employment chances for adult females ; after the war many adult females returned to the place ( Alexander, 2007 ) . Bowlby ‘s ( 1969 ) fond regard theory believed that the success of human relationships was the success of the first fond regard which was seen to be with the female parent or carer of the baby ( Brodie, 2012 ) . During the war Bowlby studied child refugees who unwillingly had been separated from their parents for protection from the war ; the torment the kids displayed was phenomenal with episodes of desperation and hurt to eventual withdrawal ( Frost, 2012 ) . Post war, adult females were criticised for non returning place and carry throughing their responsibility as a female parent, Frost ( 2012 ) suggests that Bowlby ‘s theories were welcomed at that clip ; popular policies recommended adult females to remain at place. Feminists have argued this thought was male dominated in order to liberate up work for work forces returning place from war, supplying work forces with position and dignity ( Langer, 2001 ) ; there was small room for idea that the male could remain at place and attention for their kids while the adult female went to work.

Bullough ( 1998 ) argues that the Kinsey Report ( 1953 ) contributed to the women’s rightist gay/lesbian developments which led to sapphic groups contending for equal rights. The methodological analysis research carried out by Kinsey focused on over 8,000 interviews, Kinsey drew a decision that ‘girls who experience sex before matrimony make happier married womans ‘ ( Freeman, 2008 p67 ) , parents voiced concerns that the study was act uponing their girls to hold sex before matrimony. Okun ( 1996 ) argues adult females had really few options many old ages ago frequently staying in a loveless opprobrious relationship for the interest of the kids to maintain a roof over their caput or face societal exclusion as a individual female parent. Small consideration was given as to what impact this may hold on a adult females ‘s mental wellness, it could be suggested that adult females were expected to set up and acquire on with it as work forces did as they seen tantrum. Berger ( 2003 ) has argued that mental wellness jobs can stem from domestic force with 29 % trying self-destruction.

In the mid- 60s the most broad women’s rightists fought against inequality for adult females ‘s rights and Torahs to alter in order for adult females ‘s rights to be equal to work forces ‘s ( Tong, 2009 ) . Models of activism sought alteration with adult females ‘s motion groups giving females chances ( Lamanna, Riedmann, 2009 ) , in the 1970 ‘s hotlines and shelters were founded supplying those populating with a violent spouse the support they were in demand of. Fundamental as it was that adult females ‘s demands where being recognised, it was merely really recent that statute law ‘The Crimes ( colza ) Act 1991 ‘ was brought in to consequence and so became illegal for a hubby to ravish his married woman, up until that clip a adult female had no legal protection against her hubby ( www.rapecrisis.org.uk, 2012 ) .

Personal injury one may hold experienced as a kid or grownup such as domestic maltreatment and colza which could take down a individual ‘s header mechanisms at nerve-racking times during their big life. This could be viewed by some medical professionals as lunacy, non hurt and clearly in demand of some support ( Roger and Pilgrim, 2003 ) , normally adult females are portrayed to be more likely to endure from a mental unwellness, Roger and Pilgrim ( 2003 ) argue this could be as adult females are more vocal about symptoms of depression more so than males.

One could oppugn what get bying mechanisms many adult females must hold to hold remained in a relationship in the belief that she was the job and her hubby has the right to take advantage of her physically and mentally. Many adult females build a resiliency and this strength was used a manner to cover with the loss of power, isolation but with hope that one twenty-four hours their lives might acquire better ( Anderson, 2010 ) . Anderson ( 2010 ) negotiations of theoretical accounts of recovery such as trauma-focused interventions which focuses on symptoms of diagnosing, such theoretical accounts take the incrimination off from the victims and edifice on the resiliency and other strengths they had learnt throughout their experience.

Whitaker ( 2010 ) stated that since 1955 the figures of those diagnosed with a mental wellness upset has risen dramatically and continues to today, even with the revolution of modern-day psychopathology and interventions. The societal theoretical account gives scope on how the macro degree systems such as the economic clime have impact on one ‘s life. Taking position to socio-economic prestigiousness it could be questioned does societal position contribute to an person ‘s mental wellness, Rogers and Pilgrim ( 2003 ) have argued that being a individual parent, with a low income can come in to hapless mental wellness, other factors such as handiness of appropriate societal lodging, employment ; 2010-2011 seen admittance figures rise to 49,365 across Britain

( NHS, 2011 ) . Changes to statute law could be grounds for the addition along with the force per unit areas of ecological factors holding damaging effects on an person ‘s mental wellness. Discrimination one might on a regular basis meet due their race, civilization, gender, disablement, faith and gender may lend to 1s mental wellbeing ; such anti-oppressive theories offer rationale accounts as to why the individual may be moving in a mode unfamiliar to those who category themselves as ‘normal ‘ .

Fernando ( 2002 ) suggests that the western theoretical account would reason from a scientific point of position, on a micro degree systems belief is that mental unwellness is a medical status ( Janzen, 1978 ) . The authorities paper ‘There is no wellness without mental wellness ‘ ( 2011 ) gives mention to hapless mental wellness as a job with a individual ‘s head doing troubles to populate their day-to-day life and depict good mental wellness as a individual who is able to experience good about day-to-day life. Nordqvist ( 2009 ) refers to mental unwellness as damage in our cognitive or emotional well-being, the term ‘Mental Illness ‘ has been much criticised, ‘The myth of mental unwellness ‘ in which Szasz ( 1961 ) argues ‘there is no such things as insanity, so that lunacy is a rational response to societies insufficiencies ‘ . It is cardinal to a individual ‘s recovery for practicians to integrate anti-oppressive pattern by sing the service user is an expert in their ain lives. Those seeking refuge holding fled from a state that possibly at war or experient human right maltreatments may confront farther subjugation on reaching to a state they believed would offer freedom. Experiences of abuse one may digest before they leave their birth state may impact on their mental well-being but many other societal factors can lend such as the injury of go forthing behind loved 1s, loss of place,

linguistic communication barriers, cultural alterations, unsure hereafter. More frequently persons are stereotyped and excluded from services it seems peculiarly if a individual is of cultural beginning.

Jacobs ( 1999 ) has described symptoms of Comorbid Disorder holding similarities to schizophrenia, long periods of major depression episodes that last over 2 months which is triggered by mourning or sudden loss, symptoms include pronounced functional damage, morbid preoccupation and psychotic symptoms. Perinatal depression can impact 1s position such as employment wellness and well-being of their kids and spouse ( Areias et al 1996, Baker and North 1999, Sinclair and Murray 1998 ) . Edge and Mackian ( 2010 ) suggest surveies show that British white females are more likely to hold depression diagnosed than their opposite numbers. Edge ( 2010 ) has stated there is small research into perinatal depression that Black Caribbean adult females may endure but acknowledges in her research that Black Caribbean females are less likely to be diagnosed. Reasons may be fright of battle with mental wellness services ( Keating et al, 2002 ) and hapless entree to services ( Baker et al, 2002 ) , left untreated can be damaging for the development and well-being of both female parent and babe ( www.tresillian.net, 2012 ) .

Qualitative research carried out by Edge ( 2010 ) found that a figure of black Caribbean adult females were unfamiliar with the symptoms and what station natal depression was, a aggregation of societal and personal barriers were forestalling persons from seeking aid. Cultural and religious beliefs among black Caribbean adult females led many to believe they had to be strong and resilient to mental unwellness, Edge ( 2010 ) goes on to explicate how many stigmatise mental unwellness as a failing, one could propose deficiency of instruction as to societal

constructions and the influence that this has on a individual ‘s mental well-being. Writers have argued that biomedical and societal research has shown strong links between ethnicity, gender, want and mental unwellnesss ( Modood et al. 1997, Nazroo 1997, Lloyd 1998, Bhopal et Al. 2001, Baker et Al. 2002, Murali and Oyebode 2004 ) . The National Mental Health Development ( NMHD ) Unit ( 2010 ) province that the Delivering Race Equality ( DRE ) programme ; set up to play a cardinal function of proviso for Black Ethnic Minority ( BEM ) adult females in 2004, was merely a 5 twelvemonth undertaking. Mental wellness charity ‘Mind ‘ ( 2011 ) argued that many service users felt allow down by the authoritiess DRE scheme such as incrimination aimed at the BEM communities for non prosecuting in services hence sing isolation from commissariats. One could inquire how the think armored combat vehicles behind programmes such as DRE can go on to acquire it so incorrect in respects to anti-oppressive pattern, one time once more those discriminated against in society were let down by commissariats set up to assist them.

The NMHD ( 2010 ) stated that betterments have been made in commissariats for adult females and misss sing force at the custodies of their spouse, the study states how specialist services are in topographic point in schools to assist victims of forced matrimony and other abuse they may confront. The study does non see the psychological effects this may hold on BEM adult females and misss and what service commissariats are in topographic point, they could confront isolation and maltreatment from their household for non conforming to their traditions and civilization. Wasrsi ( 2011 ) argues how current statute law about forced matrimony is civil and non condemnable. The Forced Marriage Act 2007 permits tribunals to publish forced matrimony protection orders when a victim, friend or local authorization raises the dismay. A breach of such an order can ensue in up to two old ages

imprisonment, but immature misss continue to be sent off to states like India for an ordered matrimony. Local governments have the right to step in and take the kid from their households if they have grave concern for the kid ‘s public assistance under the Children Act 1989 ( SAPA, 2012 ) .

The authorities launched the ‘Together We Can End Violence Against Women and Girls ‘ ( VAWG ) in 2009 ; this scheme introduced the VAWG advisory group which were based in administrations such as schools the Anti-Bullying Alliance, the PSHE Association, the Sex Education Forum, Kids Taskforce, the NSPCC, Womankind, Refuge, Women ‘s Aid. One must be cognizant that many there is great focal point on household therapies which educate households of a individual enduring from a mental unwellness to derive understanding as to what their loved one is sing. Smith and Birchwood ( 1987 ) have stated that educational intercession is a positive attack which benefits the household ‘s well-being and the patient ‘s recovery, from a fiscal point of position the method is cost effectual. Psychoeducational attacks which offer proviso for information typically medically influenced aimed to reassure households that they are non to fault for one ‘s mental unwellness ( Jones, 2002 ) . This could be questioned if it is a healthy attack to a individual ‘s recovery if their household is portion of the job in respects to issues of forced matrimony or a individual ‘s gender hence doing farther jobs to a individual recovery.

Psychiatric drugs such as Prozac and Risperdal are normally prescribed to those diagnosed with terrible mental wellness unwellnesss such as bipolar upset or schizophrenic disorder, though many claim the drugs may ease their symptoms, long enchantments on such interventions can hold damaging effects on a individual ‘s overall wellness ( Whitaker, 2010 ) . Physical affects by

developing metabolic jobs such as weight addition, high blood force per unit area, stiffen of articulations ; other emerging problems for illustration tardive dysfunctional, nonvoluntary oral cavity motions caused by portion of the encephalon that has been damaged by old ages of drug interventions ( Whitaker, 2010 ) . Gosden ( 2001 ) has suggested that the pharmaceutical industry has powerful involvements in guaranting the medical theoretical account controls schizophrenia. Pharmaceutical companies supply a wide array of neuroleptic drugs ; the industry is extremely moneymaking with net incomes of ?1billion a twelvemonth. Huge sums of money are invested into publicizing their merchandises with runs such as ‘right to intervention ‘ which is run by support groups for relations of mentally sick patients ( Gosden, 2001 ) .

However, whilst huge sums of money are made by pharmaceutical companies, 1000000s is spent on the Disability Living Allowance ( DLA ) funded by the province paying most persons who qualify under authorities statute law as disabled by their unwellness ( www.rethink.org, 2012 ) . Under the current Coalition authorities DLA is to be replaced by Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ) , charity Mind ( 2012 ) have voiced concerns that the new benefit may go forth many confronting poorness. Those who presently receive DLA may fight to entree this new benefit as they may non run into the standards required, as in order to have the benefit an person must hold the label of a terrible mental wellness unwellness ( Mind, 2012 ) .

Critics of labelling mental unwellness such as Scheff ( 2009 ) suggest there is negative grounds linked with giving names to a individual ‘s behavior, inquiries around has the individual been diagnosed with the right mental unwellness, one must besides see inquiries as to the safety of the medicine and side effects a individual may see. Ethical quandary for practicians who apply anti-oppressive pattern may happen troubles in labelling a individual as

without a name to their symptoms one can non entree the services necessary for intervention, therapy or support.

Within the country of Merseyside there are many reding services such as Inclusion Matters ( hypertext transfer protocol: //inclusion-matters-wirral.org.uk, 2012 ) which offers speaking therapies and is free on the National Health Service ( NHS ) , but after a referral by a GP a patient is likely to wait up to 18 months ( Goodchild & A ; Owen, 2006 ) for entree to reding or cognitive therapy. The services offer a holistic position with a stepped attention theoretical account this is least intrusive for those enduring mild anxiousness or depression. Step 1 Begins with primary attention such as GPs offering advice or self-help schemes, measure 2 is up to 6 Sessionss with a psychological wellbeing practician and measure 3 is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of reding for up to 18 Sessionss. One must see that symptoms may be underlying from traumatic events which may hold occurred in a individual ‘s life ; it must be taken in to consideration that the service user may non wish to unwrap such events in referral, the service does non province whether it offers one to one intervention and is gender specific to run into the demands of the client.

Another service ‘Listening Ear ‘ ( www.listeningearmerseyside.org.uk, 2012 ) is a charity which offers brooding hearing interventions in a safe and placid environment, this is a free service but is on the outskirts of Liverpool, entree to this service may non be easy many other reding services within the metropolis Centre charge hourly rates for their service. Figures from the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in the UK found that 6.1 million people across the UK are enduring from anxiousness or depression and in early 2011 merely 2 % received intervention ( Walker, 2013 ) . Goodchild and Owen ( 2006 ) argue that Yorkshire has the longest

waiting lists than anyplace else in the state and claim that figures prove a important north south divide, it could be suggested that your destiny prevarications within your ZIP code. Therefore, many may non seek aid and symptoms may intensify to intrusive intervention such as an single hospitalized under subdivision 2 of the Mental Health Act 2007 this was amendment to the Mental Health Act 1983 was put in topographic point to concentrate on protecting the populace and hazard direction ( www.communitycare.co.uk, 2011 ) of the mentally sick, traveling off from beef uping a patients ‘ rights.

A individual ‘s mental unwellness may intensify if the individual has suffered colza or domestic force and is placed on a assorted ward, or a individual who has experienced racism and is the lone black individual on the ward. The authorities declared they are to get rid of assorted sex wards but have yet to work out the job ( Allan, 2009 ) , nevertheless Allan ( 2009 ) has criticised that what the authorities really program on is holding same sex lavatories and rinsing countries. It could be suggested that this type of system leads to suppressing an person with no consideration for their best involvements, using societal work values is cardinal in anti-oppressive pattern and traveling off from institutional subjugation. Virtue moralss is an attack that concentrates on the unity and character of the individual instead than the actions ( Malley & A ; Reilly, 1999 ) .

To reason, this paper has discussed the degrees of subjugation adult females have faced historically and go on to confront today, there is grounds that anti-depressants seem to be the first call of intervention while patients wait for existent support and guidance. There is a deficiency of urgency amongst primary attention to handle low anxiousness and depression with holistic and other less intrusive therapies. This can frequently take to mental unwellnesss intensifying and hence

persons are left on drugs for many old ages which has other damaging side effects and can damage 1s physical wellness. Whilst at that place seems to be an acknowledgement amongst services that adult females are oppressed within mental wellness services at that place seems small manner of alteration and without this adult female shall go on to endure mental unwellness.

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