Welfare Outline Essay


I. Now to spread out on what my honored co-worker has stated public assistance today is taken advantage of and taken for granted by more people than it is genuinely assisting

II. Today I am traveling to lucubrate on the economic and societal disablements public assistance is doing on Americans everyday.

III. I am believable to state you about this because I have researched many books and surfed the ERA’s ( Equal Rights Advocates ) web site.

Passage: Now allow me get down with a quotation mark from the ERA web site. ERA is the lead organisation of Californians for Family Economic Self-Sufficiency. “In the haste to observe the ‘success’ of worsening public assistance axial rotations. California has ignored the fact that for many immigrant households these worsening axial rotations are non interpreting into economic autonomy. ”


I. The first issue to be dealt with is how mush public assistance takes from the economic system.

A. From the book ” Welfare. Helping Hand or Trap? ” many statistics showed that public assistance cost the authorities an astronomical sum of money.

1. In 1971 over $ 4. 1 billion dollars went to the public assistance plan.

2. 171 billion was estimated to hold been spent in the early 1970ss.

B. Welfare fraud creates a load for taxpayers by increasing the cost of public assistance plans.

1. Unfortunately. people deliberately obtain benefits they don’t deserve. These people are perpetrating public assistance fraud. A quotation mark from World Wide Web. welfarefraud. com

2. In 1997-98. 53. 452 probes of suspected fraud referrals were completed. Of the probes completed in 1997-98. 14. 771 resulted in a decrease or expiration of aid. Table 2 shows the consequences of probes completed during 1997-98

3. Over $ 63 million was identified in overpayments and an estimated $ 37 million in avoided hereafter costs. These computations are based on the entire overpayments that clients must refund and an estimation of the aid that would hold been paid if the fraud or abuse had non been identified.

4. An eligibility worker for the Department of Public Social Services created fabricated public benefit instances for friends and household. Over $ 700. 000 in public financess was lost.

5. While seeking the place of a public assistance receiver. D. A. Research workers recovered over $ 155. 000 hard currency.

6. The SSA Detected over 1500 deceitful applications and prevented over $ 18. 2 million in deceitful payments.

Passage: Not merely are these people taking money out of our pockets and impacting our economic system it societal immobilizes the people and our socio-economic America.

II. The public assistance plan does non let for betterments in peoples populating conditions.

A. In personal interviews with 75 Mexican-American and 75 Vietnamese-American adult females enrolled in CalWORKs in Santa Clara County. ERA found that a deficiency of English proficiency and occupation accomplishments prevented the adult females from obtaining and maintaining long-run occupations that would take to autonomy

B. It has been proven that people who are raised on public assistance are more likely to remain on public assistance.

C. After the five twelvemonth leeway to happen a occupation over 53 % of the people who are on public assistance stay on public assistance.

D. Besides female parents have illicit births in order to have more money from public assistance.

1 ) Social welfare policy experts now recognize the nexus between unwed parentage and long-run public assistance dependence and acknowledge that forestalling gestations among unwed adolescents is the best redress.

E. Besides people take advantage of what the plan provides for them.

1 ) Food cast outgos will lift to $ 26 billion in 2002 from $ 24 billion today. However. every bit late as 1994 the Agriculture Department ( USDA ) couldn’t history for about 35 per centum of all plan outgos. and people are trading nutrient casts for drugs and other goods

2 ) And analyst Michael Fumento of the American Enterprise Institute points out that a major job among the hapless today is fleshiness. non famishment.

Passage: There are manner to many ways to perpetrate fraud and take advantage of a system that is merely here to assist. We are non proposing an terminal to this assisting manus we are proposing a alteration.

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