Week 1: Personal Value Paper Assignment Essay

I believe that one’s values are the foundation to his/her personal and calling success. They appear in all of the facets of one’s life. Some defines values as the constructs that describe the beliefs of a individual or civilization. They are considered subjective and vary across people and civilizations. Valuess include ethical/moral values. doctrinal/ideological ( political. spiritual ) values. societal values. and aesthetic values. Some experts will debate that values are unconditioned ( selfgrowth. 2011 ) . I argue that values are learned from one’s parents at an early age.

In this paper. I will stress on the followers: The William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment. reflecting of my values from appraisal and comparing them to that of Kudler Fine Foods. The William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment ( WIEAI ) Ethics Awareness Inventory is a plan that allows a individual to measure his/her ethic manner. The WIEAI ego appraisal is composed of a series of inquiries in which the replies help to categorise a person’s ethical manner. The Ethics Awareness Inventory ( EAI ) helps us to find our values with regard to moralss ( University of Phoenix. 2010 ) .

Parents thrive to learn their kids values they believe will assist them go a “good individual. ” A person’s values are besides influenced by his/her civilization. For illustration. most Haitians will describe to be insulted if they offer person a gift and for him/her to decline it. This construct has been passed on from coevalss of Haitian Families to the following. Families tend to find what is moral/ethical or non. Some households find that their kids will encompass other moral lessons as they begin to be influenced others and different civilizations. Some are loath to alter.

I have worked with many diverse households ( Muslims. Middle Eastern. Caribbean ECT ) who blame the American Culture for their children’s refusal to accept their cultural values. Our organisation attempt to supply services ( single. household. and therapy along with community services ) to assist bridge the spread with those households and their kids. Writer’s values from EAI self-assessment The consequences of my consciousness Inventory found my ethical position most likely to be based on Obligation ( 24 ) and my ethical position least likely to be based on Character ( score =24 ) ( University of Phoenix. 2010 ) .

I believe that the above EAI tonss are slightly right. Although my EAI consequences reported that my ethical positions are on duties. still. I believe that I would make what is right without an duty. I was brought up to believe in others and give everybody a opportunity to turn out themselves. I was besides taught to hold regard for others. to be helpful in the community more or so to those who seem less fortunate. be caring. loving. and embrace spiritualty ( non necessary faith ) . I will non establish ethical determination on another’s character.

As leaders and directors we are obligated to pattern good ethical decisions-making for our employees. Yukl stated. “Leaders can make many things to advance ethical patterns in organisations. The leader’s ain actions provide an illustration of ethical behaviour to be imitated by people who admire and identify with the leader” ( 2006 ) . I do agree with Yukl nevertheless. when leaders are face with a diverse population. it could go disputing because they walk in with their ain set of values. I want everybody to follow the organization’s moralss to make what is right for it is an duty to our consumers.

The past hebdomad we had discussed in category some of the disadvantages of diverseness in the workplace ( Yukl. 2006 ) and this is an first-class illustration of those disadvantages. Many of the employees are strong will and will make state of affairss to turn over determinations made. Nevertheless. we thrive to supply preparation for those who need the support. Kudler Fine Foods Values. KFF has great value similar to some of my values. Some of the values at KFF include regard. equality for its employees and consumer services. and duty toward the community harmonizing to the 2003 scheme program ( University of Phoenix. 2010 ) .

They knew that they have an duty toward the community to supply great services. They welcome consumers in their community and thrive to function them the best quality of merchandises. The people in the community deserve the best services because it is respectful and right. I believe that everybody should be respected no affair who they are. Consumers tend to be happier and pass more when they think that they are respected. When companies provide great client service and goods. productiveness is bound to increase and employees will be rewarded. KFF seems to handle its employees every bit and offer them good wage.

KFF besides welcome new thoughts to better themselves. this shows humbleness. and willing to do accommodations. Leaderships and directors are supposed to measure their public presentation and workplace and hunt for the chance to turn. They could hold hide their failings from the populace and decided to maintain concern as is. alternatively they welcome them ( University of Phoenix. 2010 ) . I besides tend to authorise my staffs to encompass new thoughts to assist themselves turn and profit the company ( Nikels. McHugh & A ; McHugh. 2008 ) . I applaud KFF for its attempt in exerting those values that seem to assist their foundation.

This paper covered several points on values and moralss. The William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment offers tonss that seem helpful for persons to reflect on their ethical/moral tonss. Besides an chance to place and reflect on my ain values. I got an chance to compare them to those of Kudler Fine Foods. Although some may believe that values are unconditioned. still. I believe that they are learned. Persons have the option to utilize them for their growing or disregard them. Valuess play a large function in a person’s success. I believe that the values that I learned from my parents and household will transport me far. References. .

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