The use of a counselling approach

This essay will critically measure the usage of a guidance attack which might be appropriate for back uping an identified client through the procedure of alteration or get bying with emphasis and Illness. This will be achieved through sing the guidance accomplishments and reding attacks and besides sing how the practician will utilize the chosen approaches to back up the client. The essay will besides be looking at how the attack will be used with other facets of intercession relevant for the service users.A

The chosen client is a immature kid, who is of the age of 6 who is presently in primary school. The particular demands co-ordinator who is working alongside the client feels that the kid in inquiry is withdrawn from the remainder of the category and this could perchance be due to a address and linguistic communication troubles that the kid may be enduring from. The particular co-ordinator will be utilizing art as a signifier ofA reding the kid, aboard utilizing the transactional analysis attack ( TA ) which inter-links with the psychodynamic attack. A

The particular demands co-ordinator was peculiarly used for this kid over the other professionals such as a instructor helper because the particular needs co-ordinator is able to give the kid regular periods of single aid, by raising the kid ‘s self-esteem this is through schoolroom activities such as originative humanistic disciplines ( Szwed, 2007 ) .

For illustration narrative stating would be used by the kid through marionettes whereby the kid would utilize the marionettes to move out a narrative, this would let the particular need co-ordinator to place how the kid may be experiencing through their idea procedure through their imaginativeness ( Wright, 1995 ) .A

It is of import to understand that as kids are seen to be vulnerable, that the right professional is chosen for them, as the particular needs co-ordinator will be working with the kid on a day-to-day footing, the kid will experience secure and is able to show how they are experiencing, this will non merely assist the kid but besides the professional to, as the professional is able to derive information from the kid, but besides the kid will experience secure ( as they will experience conformable to speak to the professional ) and able to retrieve rapidly from their unwellness ( The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, 2011 ) .

Certain accomplishments and preparation is required by the specials needs co-ordinator in order to back up the kid. For illustration as the particular need co-ordinator is utilizing art for reding the kid, the professional demands developing on how they can construe the art that the kid has made. This isA of import because if for illustration the kid draws a pyrotechnic, that could either stand for the kid being happy or the kid being sad as they are frighten from it, nevertheless these accomplishments by the professional merely comes when preparation and support is provide to them ( Hegarty, 1993 )

However, there are many job that a kid may be faced with when covering with a particular demand co-ordinator. It is of import that the particular needs co-ordinator support both the kid and the household this is because the household may experience neglected into the phases of the kid development so it is of import that the professional at all times informs the parent of what go oning with the kid ( Lindsay and Dockrell, 2000 ) A

It is indispensable that the professional brand sure that the kid demands and privation are paramount this is of import because the professional demands to do certain that certain barrier are non crossed and cognize what the bounds are. For illustration the kid may experience enhinder by the particular demands co-ordinator because he/she is sitting to shut to the kid and the kid may experience that he/she is non acquiring treated the same, this could be a consequence of equal force per unit area through being teased by the other kids ( Croll and Moss, 2000 ) A

There are many different attacks that can by used when back uping a client who is traveling through the guidance procedure, some of which include the psychodynamic, humanistic and behavioral attack. However for the intent of this essay, it will be concentrating on the psychodynamic attack, which focus on the boundary line image of the curative attacks ( This session was introduced in the guidance faculty in Week 8 on 24/11/10 ) ( The Counsellor ‘s Guide, 2011 ) .

For illustration the psychodynamic attack would by used on a kid to seek to acquire them to convey their feeling to the surface, so that the kid is understood and can see their feelings ( Hood, 2008 )

The Psychodynamic attack looks at the rule of that everyone has an unconscious head. It believes that everyone who has a feeling which is held by the unconsciousA portion of the head happen it painful to confront their feeling. An illustration of this within kids are that kids can go really in-denial of their unwellness or status. The development of psychodynamic therapy was introduced by a adult male called Sigmund Freud ( Shaver and Mikulincer, 2005 )

This attack identified that the worlds personality can be divided into three constituents of the Id, Super-Ego and Ego, through the three spheres of the mental activity of the unconscious, pre-conscious and witting ( Segrist, 2009 ) .

For illustration the particular needs co-ordinator will take a specific art activity as a manner of looking at how the development in the childhood procedure has had an impact on the kid today ( Kaplan, 2007 ) A

The transactional analysis attack is an attack that incorporates both the theory of psychotherapeutics and psychological science, nevertheless the transactional analysis is based on a integrative theoretical account whereby it uses an component of cognitive and psychoanalytic attack but it chiefly focuses on the psychoanalytic attack. The transactional analysis attack was developed by a head-shrinker Eric Berne in the late 1950 ‘s ( Hargaden and Sills, 2002 ) . A

Harmonizing to Berne everyone has three behavioral characterises, which are the grownup, parent and kid, these are referred to as ego provinces.

The kid self-importance provinces looks at the manner in which the kid thinks, feels and behaves from the first few old ages of their life. For illustration, for a kid it will be looking at how the kid has survive through life to make the phase that they are now ( Stewart, 2007 )

Whereas the grownup self-importance looks at the thought, feeling and behavior in the manner which is appropriate with what is really here and now. For illustration how a individuals mourning procedure is after losing a love one, through the feeling, believing and behavior ( Pitman, 1982 )

However the parent self-importance looks at how you can copy and borrow from parent and other grown-ups through a assortment of societal influences such as the media. An illustration of this would be when a kid behavior alterations through a influence of a grownup equal due to peer force per unit area or function theoretical accounts ( Midgley, 1999 ) A

For illustration this attack in relation to the kid is stating that the kid ever has an grownup inside them and can see different features, for illustration they can demo empathy by moving like the grownup ( Killick and Schaverien, 1997 ) .

A Transactional analysis is used on kids so that they are able to understand their ain emotions and how this affects the kid ‘s behavior. For illustration the transactional analysis attack would be used on a chid who may hold a address and linguistic communication trouble by utilizing pulling to show how the kid possibly feeling. For illustration, when the kid has drawn the image if he/she is experiencing anything different and if he/she does experience different, what is it, that is doing the kid experience the manner that they are. If they pulling made the kid experience happy what is it that made them experience that manner, it could possibility be the usage of the creativeness used in art through the colorful drawing, so you would look at the past and inquire the kid how they were experiencing so ( Teacher.Tv, 2006 ) . A

Art is used by the transactional analysis attack for kids as it provides an assistance which enable the kid to pass on in an originative manner. This is because as the chosen kid is withdrawn from the category due to a address and linguistic communication trouble, the kid is less likely to open up and show how they are experiencing. Art provides a good bases for the professional to understand the kid and alter the manner in which the kid is believing ( Clarkson, 1992 ) .

An incorporate art therapy exercisings was used in the guidance faculty on the 26/01/11 through creativeness by doing an object out of art stuff to place the procedure of university life in the last twelvemonth. From this activity it identified that humanistic disciplines can convey out what the individual is experiencing and the manner in which they can show their feeling and through through the usage of art.

The attacks to reding can overlap each other for illustration transactional analysis and cognitive behavioral therapy harmonizing to Hann ( 2011 ) stated that both ofA these attacks use a collaborative methods, this means that the kid and the professional work on equal evidences.

However these both do hold some restrictions, for illustration although both of the attacks look at the kid ‘s past experiences the transactional analysis attack focal point ‘s more on the childhood instead than concentrating on the here and now whereas the cognitive behavioral attack expression at both nevertheless it chiefly focus ‘s on the behavior of the kid and how that can alter the kid ‘s ideas and feeling ( Taylor and Francis, 1977 ) .A A

The transactional analysis attack itself both has it strengths and restrictions. For illustration the strength of the attack is that it look at the kid ‘s childhood experience this is a positive as you are able to place the root cause of the job nevertheless this besides can be seen as a disadvantage as you are non sing other factors that may hold contributed to the unwellness such as lifestyle factors.

In relation to the self-importance states the self-importance ‘s may overlap this could be seen both as a positive and a negative, it can be seen as a positive as the communicating can be lost when the self-importance ‘s overlap this can be seen as be a negative as the kid may free trust, nevertheless it can bee seen to be positive as it sing the overlapping factor of all the self-importance ‘s because the kid ca n’t merely hold one self-importance ‘s sometime a kid may overlap through different phases of reding. A

Overall it can be concluded thatA


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