The Truth Behind Lies Essay

September 11. 2001 is the most tragic twenty-four hours in America’s history. These onslaughts were a series of United Airlines plane highjackings by Al-Qaeda groups. Two planes hit the twin towers. one hit the Pentagon. and another was aimed to hit either the White House or Capital Building but was crashed prematurely. Although the decease count is non an exact figure. it is estimated to be around three thousand people. There are many confederacies environing this tragic event. which claim this onslaught was non one committed by terrorists. but by the United States authorities. Motifs for a staged onslaught would be to warrant the invasion of Middle Eastern states for geostrategic grounds. Healthy incredulity is expected when an event of this magnitude occurs but to wholly set this off as an inside occupation is merely naive. September 11. 2001 was a terrorist onslaught planned by extremist leader. Osama Bin Laden. non a confederacy by America’s authorities. and there is plentifulness of information to turn out it.

Conspiracy theoreticians make roseola claims and supply their hearers with half facts when the full truth has been unveiled. They lack credibleness and see merely what they wish to see while disregarding the blatantly obvious facts that are right in forepart of them. Many grounds have been given as to why this was an inside occupation. such as a deficiency of dust found at the clang site of Flight 93. Others say that jet fuel does non fire hot plenty to run the steel constructions of the twin towers. and multiple detonations were heard and reported by those inside the edifices. Constructing 7 of the World Trade centre was what many plotters focused on.

They stated that the edifice was demolished and that its lower supports had bombs planted on them that caused the edifice to travel down instead than fires created by dust from the two initial onslaughts. Another statement is that the hole in the Pentagon. created by Flight 77. was much excessively little for an airliner to do and instead missiles were shot into the edifice. The grounds given for these “attacks” are clear ; States such as Iraq and Afghanistan are rich in oil and all the United States authorities needed was a ground to occupy. Of class all of these theories can be disproven when facts are brought to the tabular array.

Flight 93. on the day of the month September 11. 2001 was a one-fourth full holding 40 four people on board including four suspected highjackers. The plane was a Boeing 757-222 on path from Newark International Airport to San Francisco International Airport in California ( The Crash of Flight 93. 2 ) . The Twin Towers were first hit at 8:46 AM Eastern Time ( Flight 93. 4 ) . At 9:23 the pilots of Flight 93 received a transmittal warning of possible prick cavity invasion. and. at 9:26. 40 proceedingss into the flight. three riders put on headbands. stormed the prick choice. an took control of the plane ( Flight 93. 6 ) . Passengers were made aware of the highjacking. of what was go oning in New York. and began naming loved 1s to state good pass. They courageously made the determination to halt what was go oning. overwhelm the highjackers. and crash the monolithic plane.

The plane crashed caput on traveling about five hundred stat mis per hr. into a field near Shanksville. Pennsylvania ( Flight 93. 12 ) . Conspiracy theoreticians argue that much excessively small dust was recovered from the clang site for a plane of that size to hold hit. In the yesteryear when planes crash. dust is scattered everyplace but. in the instance of Flight 93. there was really small dust to be seen. This is because most planes attempt to crash-land when a plane malfunctions. dispersing dust all about. Due to the angle and amplitude the plane hit the land at. the engine and black boxes were buried 15 to twenty five pess belowground. and were non discovered until hebdomads after. Other dust was found scattered up to eight stat mis from the initial clang zone ( Flight 93. 29 ) .

Continuing. the twin towers supports were made from A36 steel. changing between four inches thick at the base. and a one-fourth inch midst at the top ( Franco. 2 ) . Jet fuel has a maximal burning temperature of 825 grades Celsius and theoreticians have stated that jet fuel does non fire hot plenty to run steel which has a runing point of 1. 370 grades Celsius ( Kross. 1 ) . While the steel was non melted. it became soft at 538 grades Celsius ( Kross. 3 ) . and weakened to the point of being unable to back up the 500. 000 ton construction. Therefore. it is proven that firing jet fuel was the cause of the edifices prostration ; non the “explosions” that were reported at the base of the edifice. No existent grounds has of all time been found of any detonations separate to those made by the planes. These edifices were non consistently demolished. but instead taken down by the planes that crashed into them. merely as was reported.

Constructing seven of the World Trade Center ( which was separate from the Twin Towers ) besides has contention environing it. It is believed by plotters that bombs were planted at the base of the edifice and that is what caused it to fall. this has no truth to it whatsoever and no grounds was found of any bombs. Building seven was merely 400 pess off from the 1. 300 pes Tower that was fall ining. As the Tower peeled unfastened. a perimeter column fell making a agape 20 narrative hole in the edifice. and lighting legion fires throughout ( Benson. 35 ) .

Firemans were fixing to come in the edifice when they were ordered to abandon it ( Benson. 39 ) . its prostration was at hand at that point. Conspirators argue that Constructing 7 should hold collapsed to the side and non directly down like a edifice does when being demolished. Of class it collapsed directly down! It was a 50 narrative edifice made up of separate pieces alternatively of one solid edifice. merely like the Towers ( Benson. 60 ) . This grounds further proves that anybody who believes the authorities is responsible for September 11. 2001 is pulling a narrative around the truth like a kid pulling around their manus.

The concluding piece of grounds that these theoreticians use it that the hole Flight 77 made in the Pentagon was much excessively little for a plane to do. and there was excessively small wreckage from the plane recovered. Gallic Author. Thierry Mason. concludes that the Pentagon was non struck by a plane. but by a orbiter guided missile. portion of an luxuriant United States Military putsch. Mason argues that a 757 airliner has a wingspread of 125 pess. why was the hole merely measured to be 70 five pess ( The Pentagon. 24 ) ? The truth is. a existent jet does non plug a sketch like lineation of itself when hitting a strengthened concrete fortress. The plane’s wing scraped the land prior to full impact and the other was sheared off by the pentagon’s blast immune columns ( The Pentagon. 36 ) . There was perfectly no deficiency of dust found either. Black boxes were found. engines were found. pieces of plane with United Airlines markers were found ( The Pentagon. 97 ) ! All of the claims made by plotters lack one important thing. any truth whatsoever.

September 11. 2001 was a genuinely tragic event in our nation’s history and those who lost their lives will be remembered. It is disrespectful for confederacy theoretician to do such roseola and absurd claims that the United States Government is responsible for their deceases. Conspiracy theoreticians have no existent difficult grounds that anything they say is true and are merely stating prevarications on prevarications with a spot of truth in between. If one was to look at the credibleness of theoreticians such as those who produced the movie “Loose Change” . a movie trying to carry that September 11. 2001 was a authorities confederacy. may back conjecture believing a word they say. It is of import to educate one’s ego and non believe everything that is said like a kid does. Look at the existent proved facts and grounds and the reply will be evident.

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