The Study Analysis Of A Ex Convict Social Work Essay

This assignment takes up the survey and analysis of Malcolm. An ex-convict with an intoxicant dependence record, Malcolm has late been released, after a long stay, from prison. Presently shacking in a inn for ex-offenders, Malcolm is expecting the allocation of a local authorization flat. Malcolm has been referred to societal services by the inn staff. The complete instance survey is detailed in the appendix.

Much of Malcolm ‘s jobs with intoxicant have contributed to his condemnable activity in the yesteryear. However, he has been alcohol free during his long prison sentence and has non resumed imbibing since his release. Malcolm still continues to smoke and in a recent incident about started a fire in the inn when he fell asleep with a lit coffin nail. In add-on to limited mobility, due to arthritis of the articulatio genuss, Malcolm appears to be disoriented, unable to do coherent determinations and organize his life. He seems loath to do societal contact and has refused all efforts to take part in a local tiffin nine or even help of the dial-a-ride community conveyance strategy. His lone household contact is a boy life in Spain, whom he meets twice a twelvemonth.

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This survey takes up the analysis of the instance survey on Malcolm from the position of societal work theory and pattern applications in appraisal and planning, with specific attending to person-centric and anti-discriminatory attack to pattern. The survey is structured into two parts, each of which trades with a specific societal work method. The first portion trades with the appraisal of Malcolm ‘s instance and the 2nd portion trades with planning of interventional activities.

Social work is basically concerned with the changeless combating of subjugation and favoritism that exists within society and is normally directed towards disadvantaged sections ( Davies, 2008, p 20-25 ) . Social work theory plays a important function in understanding service users from the position of their age, gender, civilization, spiritual and socio-economic backgrounds ( Payne, 2005, p 10-12 ) . The function of societal work theory is important in understanding the fortunes of the service user. Social work theory employs the eclectic usage of theories and legitimises the usage of a wider scope of subjects ( Payne, 2005, p 10-18 ) .Because every state of affairs is different, societal workers must believe laterally and creatively to turn to the demands of their service users, using theories known to them at any given clip whilst being guided by professional values and codifications of behavior ( Payne, 2005, p 10-18 ) . Whilst traditional societal work theory established sociology as a scientific discipline, modern twenty-four hours societal work theory emphasises the importance of subjectiveness, moralss and societal justness with a person-centred attack ( Payne, 2005, p 10-18 ) .


Assessment, planning and intercession are indispensable elements of modern-day societal work pattern ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 20-30 ) . Each of these methods constitute critical elements of societal work pattern that purpose to ( a ) set up the existent province of vulnerable people, both immature and old, who are in demand and to ( B ) program and present necessary societal and wellness attention services in order to heighten their societal or economic fortunes ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 20-30 ) .

Malcolm ‘s instance is a cause for serious concern as he suffers from chronic physical and mental wellness jobs originating from prolonged intoxicant maltreatment. A careful appraisal of Malcolm ‘s instance will help in explicating suited programs for intercession.

Malcolm is 73 twelvemonth old ex-convict and ex-alcoholic. Much of his condemnable activities in the yesteryear have been attributed to his dependence on intoxicant and he has spent a major portion of his life in prison.

Several physical, psychological and societal jobs can attest themselves in drawn-out intoxicant maltreatment ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . Some manifestations include assorted wellness jobs like liver cirrhosis, ictuss, backdown from societal activities, devaluation of personal and work relationships, battle in condemnable activities and troubles in executing at work or at place ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) .

The UK has a important aged population ( Department of Health, 2005, p 80-96 ) . Alcohol maltreatment upsets amongst the aged are common, but tend to be ignored, as compared to other physical and mental wellness issues ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . In recent old ages the NHS and societal attention services have been doing commissariats and advancing programmes for the well being of older people, particularly in countries of specific disablements ( Department of Health, 2005, p 80-96 ) .

Although Malcolm has abstained from intoxicant during and after his release, he finds it hard to reintegrate himself into chief watercourse society. Unable to bear the societal stigma associated with his yesteryear, he is insulating himself. His long dependence on intoxicant has besides led to a scope of physical and mental challenges ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . At important hazard, he is besides prone to accidentally wounding himself and others. The inn Staff has raised concerns that he is exposing marks of terrible depression and isolation, abstaining and retreating from engagement in societal activities and sing troubles in doing consistent determinations. In add-on, his creaky articulatio genuss are restricting his mobility. Besides this, he has no beginning of income or occupation. Bing in the aged age group, this farther compounds his job. Under the fortunes, concerns are raised that Malcolm may non be able to get by on his ain, one time the allocation of his local authorization level comes through.

Recent old ages have witnessed the outgrowth of a person-centred attack to societal work pattern ( Thompson, 2006, p 15-19 ) . The attack emphasises that the positions and sentiments of the service are the most of import elements in the appraisal procedure. Social workers are required to follow anti-discriminatory work patterns by extinguishing societal prejudices and developing a echt empathy for service users ‘ challenges ( Thompson, 2006, p 15-19 ) . However, Lena Dominelli ( 2004 ) argues that an nonsubjective person-centred attack to societal work pattern is non possible. Harmonizing to Neil Thompson ( 2006 ) discriminatory attitudes and perceptual experiences in societal work constantly go entrenched due to structural, cultural and personal factors.

As a societal worker, I have to be cognizant and sensitive to the fact that persons become victims of intoxicant and substance maltreatment despite contrary purposes.

Whilst measuring Malcolm ‘s instance, I will necessitate to set up an emphasized, respectful relationship and follow a person-centred attack ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 20-30 ) . I will necessitate to clear up the intent of societal work, the processs involved and the appraisal and planning procedure ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) . I will besides necessitate to pass on clearly and explicitly his engagement in the complete appraisal procedure and the benefits to be derived from this exercising ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) . I will besides necessitate to guarantee confidentiality and explicate the codification of confidentiality to him ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) .

I will besides necessitate to construct a strong and empathic relationship with him and discourse the demand for us to work together with changeless information sharing in order to get the better of his jobs ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) .

I will hold to set up the province of Malcolm ‘s mental and physical wellness jobs, his baccy dependence and intoxicant related jobs, his household and societal relationships.

My assessment process will affect referral to Malcolm ‘s file ; from ( a ) constabulary and prison records ( B ) general practician ‘s wellness records and medical appraisal ( degree Celsius ) inn staff ( vitamin D ) a personal meeting with Malcolm and, ( vitamin E ) beginning information from Malcolm ‘s boy.

I will necessitate to entree his constabulary records to gauge his mental and physical wellness whilst imprisoned, his activities and his relationships with other inmates. Past records from his general practitioner/health worker will enable me to set up the exact province and extent of Malcolm ‘s mental and physical impairment. A fresh medical appraisal would besides be necessary to determine these facets. The inn staff will assist me to find whether Malcolm is a victim of societal stigma and exclusions, his societal backdown, his substance maltreatment and communicating jobs.

I will besides necessitate to place Malcolm ‘s personal positions and values, the grounds for his past behavior, with particular respect to alcohol maltreatment and subsequent felon activity and besides the grounds for his present societal backdown, his upbringing and household relationships, his cultural and spiritual background, his instruction, past employment records and the trade or accomplishments that he may hold acquired or possesses.

Confirmations from Malcolm ‘s boy will set up the sort of relationship they portion at the minute, their household life in the yesteryear, the sort of parent Malcolm has been and his relationship with boy ‘s female parent.


The chief aim of societal work is to supply aid to fulfill the basic demands and heighten the well being of the service users and to authorise persons who are hapless, laden and vulnerable by effectual intercession ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) .

Intervention programs are taken in coaction with the client and other members of the squad ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) . In explicating intercession programs, the societal worker must needfully see the service user ‘s cultural, cultural, spiritual, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Harmonizing to the NASW ( 2005 ) Intervention must include programs for ( a ) damages demands identified in analysis, ( B ) information, mention and instruction, ( degree Celsius ) psychological, fiscal, vocational and educational guidance, ( vitamin E ) psycho-educational support systems and ( degree Fahrenheit ) interdisciplinary public assistance planning.

An appraisal of Malcolm ‘s instance highlights the fact that a combination of drawn-out intoxicant maltreatment, mental, physical and societal jobs has put Malcolm at important hazard.

To enable Malcolm take a more productive being, particularly after he shifts into independent life quarters, it is necessary that Malcolm is provided with ( a ) equal medical and fiscal aid, ( B ) psychiatric and vocational guidance, ( degree Celsius ) Alcoholic Anonymous referral and ( vitamin D ) aid to incorporate into chief watercourse societal life ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) .

To efficaciously step in in Malcolm ‘s instance, I will hold to assist Malcolm do informed picks. I will besides hold to put up meetings with ( a ) medical practician to measure his physical fittingness, ( B ) psychiatric counsellor/psychologist and ( degree Celsius ) vocational counselor to look into his accomplishments and occupation suitableness ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) .

Since Malcolm is diffident and withdrawn, I will besides hold to assist him organize a web of friends and to acquire a sure friend to attach to him on dial-a-ride or to the local tiffin nine. I will hold to invariably supervise his advancement to guarantee that he complies and reintegrates himself into chief watercourse society ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) .

I will besides necessitate to inform him of his rights and privileges as a senior citizen under the NHS and societal attention service strategies and programmes, his right to province fiscal aid, senior citizen aid commissions and groups. I will besides necessitate to guarantee that Malcolm is allotted a suited local authorization flat, within the stipulated clip ( National… ..2005, p 21-22 )

Whilst appreciating Malcolm ‘s soundness in abstaining from intoxicant for a significant period of clip, I will hold to explicate the necessity of him fall ining self assist groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA ) non merely to forestall a reversal of wont but besides to develop self regard. I have besides taken attention to mention his instance to AA and ensured that they have received the referral.


A senior citizen, Malcolm has had a history of intoxicant maltreatment and condemnable activities. Recently released from prison, he is now stays in a inn for ex-offenders. Malcolm has been exposing terrible physical and psychological jobs and is at important hazard. The inn Staff has raised concerns that Malcolm may be unable to populate independently.

Social work theory plays an of import function in understanding the fortunes of the service users. In recent old ages, societal work pattern has become more person-centred in attack. However, there are statements that societal work pattern can non be to the full individual centred, as factors of structural, personal and civilizations influences are interwoven into the societal worker ‘s character.

As his societal worker, I will hold to measure Malcolm from assorted positions of his past history of substance maltreatment and condemnable activities, personal and household relationships, medical records, personal positions and values, inn staff and boy. In carry oning my appraisal, I will hold to set up an emphasized relationship with Malcolm, whilst being sensitive to the issue of substance maltreatment. I will hold to underscore the demand for us to work together for continual information sharing to get the better of his jobs. I will necessitate to guarantee his confidentiality and besides explain the appraisal processs and intercession programs. Whilst making so, I need to be sensitive to the fact that persons become victims of substance abuse despite contrary purposes.

The chief aim of societal work is to supply aid and right the demands of the service user identified in the appraisal. Intervention programs are taken in concurrence with the service user and other members of the squad involved in the appraisal.

Whilst explicating intercession for Malcolm, I will necessitate to explicate to him the importance and benefits of re-integrating into chief watercourse society. I will hold to help him to construct a web of friends and help of the installations of dial-a-ride and the local tiffin nine. In add-on I will besides hold to supply him information about assorted ego aid groups like AA, senior citizen groups, commissions and programmes and guarantee that he gets the needed aid from these groups. I would besides hold to inform him of his rights as a senior citizen to assistance under the NHS and societal attention programmes.

In add-on, I will hold to guarantee a thorough medical appraisal of his physical and mental wellness is conducted and intercession in footings of medicine and psychiatric guidance are provided and availed of. Vocational appraisal and guidance would besides be provided if Malcolm is seeking employment.

The ultimate purpose is to pull Malcolm out of his isolation and depression, supply more productive results for his life and re-integrate him into chief watercourse societal life.

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