The Sauk Village Community Health Care Center Social Work Essay

In this paper, I have described about the Sauk Village Community Health Care Center, which is an ethical organisation. Apart from this, the paper includes the mission statement, vision statement and codification of moralss. It besides reveals the interrelatedness between the mission, vision and codification of moralss. The paper besides describes about the organisational civilization, leading and inadvertence about mensurating the organisation public presentation

Description of the Organization

The Sauk Village Community Health Care Center is an ethical organisation, which provides services related to the occupation preparation, shelter, instruction, nutrient, vesture, medical intervention and other different types of guidance. Its patronage includes aged people, adolescent female parents, disabled and peoples without place. It besides includes people from the low income group. This is fundamentally a non net income organisation, having financess from the grants by the authorities.

Mission Statement

Its mission statement is based on the ethical evidences. Mission statement reflects the aims of the organisation, which are:

Safe guarding the clients good being and wellness belonging to the community of Sauk Village ; It particularly includes those who are in greater demands. The following aim is to widen its services all over the community in Sauk Village in order to supply short and long term attention to the people enduring from the complex and chronic wellness related jobs and besides to those enduring from economic and societal jobs.

The chief purpose of this wellness centre is to offer aid and attention to those people who are non acquiring aid from anyplace. This organisation helps its community to thrive and turn.

This is done by:

Proper Implementation of policy formulated by authorities.

By Continuing the development of Program

By turning the capacity of service provided

By Having a equal staffing

Helping people in populating individually without depending on others.

By doing the results better through showing, bar and early intercession.

By Helping people in cut downing homelessness

Ethical facet of mission: Its mission statement reflects the ethical system as it states that the being of the company is for the protection of the well being of its clients. Therefore, no injury can happen either physically or mentally to the clients through the policy of favoritism or prejudice by the organisation. The company is committed in supplying best attention for all the people who are in demand. The company ‘s supreme end is to supply right and appropriate wellness attention on clip from the superior staff so that they can easy get the better of their sick wellness.

The mission statement covey that the organisation is with the people of community in each and every regard whether it ‘s mental wellness, instruction, developing related to occupation and wellness and assisting clients in going independent members of the community. Apart from this, the organisation does n’t let any favoritism based on the caste, colour and pay graduated table. Hence, the aims of its mission statement are reflected in all its plans, activities and services.

Value Statement

The value statement of the organisation is to concentrate on the clients by seting their attempts towards the improvement of their public assistance and handling the people with due regard and self-respect. This organisation believes in executing best and bettering the agencies of making the things. Bing a supplier of wellness and human services, its value statement says that its workers are committed in accomplishing the best consequences. Apart from this, it will non distinguish client based on the age, race, sexual orientation or sex. The organisation believes in supplying first-class solution to the clients and the community.

These value statements form the of import portion of the organisation as these values are capable of encouraging actions.

Moral facet of Value Statement:

The value statement formulated by the organisation is ethical as this persuades workers to handle people in the right mode. Therefore, value statement is morally right. The value statement shows the close association with the mission statement as value statement relates to the public assistance of the community and clients. The mission and the value statement directs in making best for the people without any biasness or unfairness.

The organisation attack to supply the services depends on the followers:

RELATIONSHIPS – it is an of import factor in set uping the trust and nurturing clients and other people in the community that the organisation serves.

SUPERIORITY – it additions high quality by supplying best results.

RESPONSIBILITY – the organisation is self responsible in taking ego regulated action in order to accomplish the success.

SERVICE – the organisation provides just and equal services to all its clients

LEARNING – the organisation is committed towards the acquisition as it adopts the alterations and brings new creativeness.

Code of Ethical motives

The codification of moralss of Sauk Village Community Health Care Center comprises of the undermentioned elements:

Sheer Commitment towards the Diversity

Abstain from any kinds of favoritism

Abide by the Law

Prolonging competence and expertness in direction by execution of the assessment plan and through the assorted instruction strategies.

Interest of all is taken attention of i.e. no Conflicts are related to the involvement

Requesting for financess under ethical consideration

Treating Volunteers with regard and self-respect similar to the staff

The procedure of Hiring is done in conformity with the acceding guidelines of action

Using Code of moralss for the benefit of the profession and non for egoistic grounds

Hedging from the abuse of professional relationships for private benefits

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The codification of moralss is capable of animating touchable result from the employees ; this is so because to work decently for the organisation, these serve as the guidelines which they are supposed to follow. And besides, they would anticipate the same thing if they would hold been the voluntary or client. Code of moralss shows the close relation with the mission and the value statement of the organisation as all these three are aimed at protecting the wellness and public assistance of the people. All these do non prefer favoritism based on caste, credo and age. All These things help in supplying the client best possible wellness attention. As per the value statement, clients are treated with regard.

Organization Culture

Organizational civilization is a set of features that are normally shared by people in the organisation. Such features may be in the signifiers of premises, beliefs, values and norms which are known as abstract elements of civilization. As my organisation is related to the human health care and services, I would be after to advance the civilization of my organisation on the footing of good wellness attention of our clients. The employees of the organisation would portion the beliefs and values of each other along with that of organisation. The civilization of the organisation would be based on some factors such as invention and hazard pickings, attending to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, stableness, etc. ( Prasad, 2008 ) .

In order to develop ethical civilization, I would develop an apprehension among all the staff members about the fact that brotherhood is strength. If we will work together, we will decidedly accomplish the ends of the organisation. The civilization of the organisation would commit the values of the organisation because it on a regular basis encourages the staff member to follow the values, beliefs and mission of the organisation for the clients. By this manner, it would be possible for us to supply the best wellness service within the low cost construction to the patients.


Leadership is the procedure of act uponing the behaviour of others to work volitionally and enthusiastically for accomplishing preset ends. At the station of the leader, a individual is mostly responsible for the civilization of the organisation. In some organisations, directors assume that they are non a leader, but as they are directors, the employees of the organisation finally follow their behaviour. Leadership is an of import factor for doing any type of organisation successful. Without a good leader and leading procedure, a director can non work efficaciously and expeditiously ( Gupta, 2007 ) .

My manner of leading is based on the participative manner. In this manner, I take determinations after confer withing with my followings and after their engagement in the decision-making procedure. I involve my group members in the determinations on the feasibleness and workability of an thought. I believe that their co-operation in the attainment of organisational ends can be enlisted merely if they are committed to the organisation, and that committedness can be ensured merely by an honest and unfastened communicating of thoughts with them and by the development of a squad spirit. I encourage my subsidiaries to work as a societal unit, and do full usage of their endowments and abilities. I encourage subsidiaries to exert high grades of duty and freedom. They use as small autocratic control as possible and are concerned with group relationship every bit good as acquiring the occupation done. They do non depute their right to do concluding determinations and to give specific directives to their subsidiaries, but to seek their ideas and sentiments on many determinations that affect them. By this manner, I cultivate the decision-making abilities of my subsidiaries and promote them to increase their abilities to exert self-denial and press them to presume greater duty for steering their ain attempts ( Prasad, 2008 ) .

This manner is really utile in many ways. When workers feel that their thoughts are of import and are being made usage of, they feel well committed to alter in which they have participated. Workers besides develop a greater feeling of self-pride. They maximize their possible in originative and productive ways and experience personal satisfaction and achievement of their undertakings. Further, when most people are given a small freedom, they develop and grow in personality and occupation competency. Often they will take on more duties than their occupation descriptions call for because of the pleasance they take in their work. I adopt a helpful attitude toward my subsidiaries.

In this leading manner, I delegate as much duty to the members of the work squad as their experience and cognition will allow. I place accent on consequences instead than on an action. My doctrine is: “ It is non ever how a occupation gets done that is of import but that the occupation does acquire done. ” I show my concern towards the employees and thereby derive their regard.

The function communicating is really much of import in set uping my leading manner. Without proper communicating, the determinations can non be made and delegated efficaciously. Effective communicating creates feasible apprehension and understanding between two individuals. I believe that full co-operation from the subsidiaries can merely be achieved when there is lucidity in communicating. Proper and effectual communicating helps in constructing a trust worthy relationship between the leader and the subsidiaries. Effective leading communicating can be accomplished merely when it has credibleness. If I want to go a good leader, it is indispensable for me to be a good hearer. By this manner, I non merely give opportunity to my subsidiaries to talk but besides gather utile information for farther communicating. If the communicating between my subsidiaries and me is non effectual, I will non be able to steer and actuate them decently so as to carry through the organisational ends. I will give inducements and fillip to the employees on the footing of their public presentations. As a leader, it is my moral duty to follow the moralss and look into the behaviour of followings and civilization of organisation and do certain that everything is traveling right harmonizing to the moralss of the organisation. As a leader, it is really indispensable for me to follow the codification of moralss, so that my followings will make the same.


In order to keep the ethical criterion and measure the public presentation of the employees, I will carry on a periodical public presentation rating plan. This would include decrepit rating, monthly rating and annual rating. On the footing of this rating, the employees would besides acquire the assessment and other compensation and benefits in the organisation. I will carry on one on one interview with my staff in which I will discourse about the public presentation, strength, failings and chance countries of the staff member and besides supply suggestion, thoughts and sentiments to better their public presentation. I will besides give the classs or Markss to the employees harmonizing to their public presentation and keep a chart, which would assist me to analyse the public presentation and betterment country of the employee. In topographic point of inadvertence, I will set the system of ethical reding board. They will give an sentiment to me and my staff member in the circumstance when the moralss would non be followed. In order to manage the other concern issues like fund elevation additions and lessenings in the resources, there will a commission of board of managers in my organisation ( Kettner, 2002 ) .


From the survey, it can be concluded that the mission, vision and codification of moralss form the nucleus for an organisation. These serve as the guiding tool for the employees and assist them in supplying way in order to fulfill their clients in best possible mode. For better conductivity and coordination among the employees, organisational civilization plays a critical function. Apart from this, in order to do the organisation successful, effectual leading is required. And in order to measure the public presentation of the employees and keeping the ethical criterion, periodical public presentation rating plays a critical function. Therefore, all these factors form an of import constituent of the ethical model.

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