The Role Of Assessment In The Workplace Social Work Essay

In this assignment I will discourse the function of appraisal in collaborative acquisition. It will besides discourse service-user engagement in practice-based educational procedures.

For the pattern teacher an indispensable duty of this function is to measure whether the pupil has developed a satisfactory degree of competency in their pattern within their arrangement. The assessor ‘s duty is to mensurate the pupil ‘s public presentation against the national occupational criterions.

I would hold with Harden and Crosby ( 2000 in: Walker et Al, 2008, p.61 ) that the function of an assessor is to lend to a pupil ‘s development in a figure of ways, i.e. : facilitator, function theoretical account, information supplier, resource developer, supervisor, contriver and assessor.

This was my first chance to officially measure a Social Work pupil. Before this I have mentored the pupils nevertheless this peculiar function of being work based supervisor was different to my old experiences. I felt it was indispensable to develop an unfastened and honest relationship ; from our first initial meeting prior to the arrangement get downing. It was explained to the pupil that the pupils are assessed on their ability to esteem, understand and back up the functions of other professionals involved in wellness and societal attention. It is recognised that each member of the group brings with them relevant/different experience and accomplishments.

Research confirms that a collaborative partnership, which allows the pupil the sharing of power where possible, is of import and that a supportive and nurturing attack enables the development of trust and safety. These characteristics are thought to besides ease more accurate appraisals. ( Walker et al, 2008, p.83 ) . I offered my pupil chance to be unfastened about her outlooks from me sing that this was my first clip to be a work based supervisor as I was a pupil excessively. It was a challenge to take on this duty due to the work burden we had at that clip, the sum of instances which were complicated and the whole squad was traveling through tonss of alterations. I had less support from my pattern instructors due to his illness. Social workers frequently deal with some of the most vulnerable people in society at times of greatest emphasis and there can be tragic effects if things go incorrect. I was mindful of this. My line director supported me to take on this challenge in a more positive manner and enabled me to be effectual in my function as a pattern assessor.

Following the Lord Laming Report one of the important alterations for Social Workers was the debut of The General Social Care Council on 1st October 2001. This set out a codification of pattern and National Occupational Standards for employers and Social Workers. This was the first clip that such criterions have been set out at national degree.

I attended a ‘Safeguarding ‘ conference late held in our section for societal workers. We were encouraged to follow a ‘SMART ‘tool. ‘SMART ‘ is a utile manner of mensurating what is needed, a simple tool to utilize in the work topographic point, supervising and finishing direct work. An assessment program should be: Specific, Measurable, Accomplishable, Realistic, and Targeted. This gives a precise account to the manner societal worker should transport out an assessment work. Social workers need to work to the nucleus values of societal work outlined by the General Social Care Council in their Code of Practice for Social Care Workers. Students during their arrangements need to show that they know and understand these values, which they will besides be assessed against.

The appraisal of pupils is cardinal to the function of pattern instruction. The relationship between a pattern pedagogue and their pupil and how it is perceived is of import for larning between them both. ( Knight, 2001, Kolevzon, 1979 in: Walker, Crawford and Parker, 2008, p.82 ) .

The pupil will necessitate to run into the six cardinal functions set out in the National Occupational Standards for Social Workers:

Prepare for work with persons, households, carers to measure their demands

Plan, carryout, reappraisal and measure societal work pattern

Support persons to stand for their demands, position and fortunes

Manage hazard to persons, households, carers, groups, communities self and co-workers

manage and be accountable, with supervising, for ain societal work pattern within the administration

Demonstrate professional competency in societal work pattern

( TOPSS 2002 )

As the work-based educator/ pattern assessor, my purpose was to give the pupil the chance to derive an apprehension of working for a statutory bureau and to set their academic acquisition into pattern. As the assessor my function was to associate theories to pattern for the pupil and for the pupil to utilize the model for appraisal and to associate the national occupational criterions for societal work to the model for appraisal. Following some shadowing my pupil was bit by bit offered to derive practical experience of managing state of affairss through carbon monoxide working every bit good as single pieces of work.

As societal workers, we all have duty to safeguard the kid. The enquiry into the decease of Victoria Climbie, recommendation 14 ( Laming, 2003 ) stated that all national bureaus for kids and households should necessitate each of the preparation organic structures covering the services provided by: physicians, nurses, instructors, constabulary officers, lodging sections and societal workers to show that effectual articulation working between each of these professional groups characteristics in their national preparation programmes.

Within my assessor function I was besides required to set up an initiation programme for my pupil, a constituent of this was giving the pupil the clip to run into other professionals that she would come into contact with. I helped my pupil to set up some visits to the bureaus we work most often such as local constabulary, kid protection units, Behavioural Resource services, household Centres. We besides arranged slots for my pupil to detect some Forums where we request different types of work with kids and households.

Training together gives people the chance to “ dispute and reframe established patterns, to promote productive dissention… to promote new ways of thought and playing ” harmonizing to Fay who describes emancipatory personal development. ( Fay in Rogers 2009 ) . As portion if the initiation I arranged my pupil to go to the preparation called ‘Paris Training ‘ this was important for her to be able to entree and utilize the package we use to set all the informations in the system.

One of my purposes in this arrangement was to give the pupil the chance to assist and authorise service users to hold a better quality of life and to experience safe. Lymbery ( 2000 in Doel and Shardlow, 2005, p.21 ) has identified three ways of associating to service users: the traditional position, the market position and the partnership position. The first highlights the traditional power instability, the 2nd divides users and suppliers and focal points on ‘commodity ‘ and finance ; the 3rd is presently the most used attack. There can be jobs when there are important conflicting involvements such as kid protection or mental wellness work but utilizing the rules of authorization and communicating can assist travel things frontward more positively.

Involvement of service users in preparation, as portion of larning together and sharing information to a common terminal ; deriving feedback through assorted agencies ; be aftering and presenting services, engagement in budget allotment ( Doel and Shardlow, 2005, p.21 ) helps to authorise people and gives them and societal workers and administrations chances to larn from and develop services which use strengths, cognition and abilities to decide jobs.

Social work has to be seen as one portion of the wider field of society ‘s duty for the community at all degrees, in the same manner that all people within the community and other bureaus must. By developing constructions within which people work and take part in this wider context, peculiarly at the get downing point of people ‘s engagement through their instruction, it should be possible to cut down the degrees of differences at a clip when everyone should be following the same aims instead than seeking to decide their different positions or absolve themselves from their duties.


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