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Health visiting is governed by four rules which are the hunt for wellness demands, the stimulation of consciousness for wellness demands, raise consciousness of wellness demands and the influence on policy impacting wellness ( ) . Performing a holistic Health demands appraisal is a cardinal portion of wellness visiting. The assessment procedure is one of the rules set out in the criterions of proficiency for Specialist Community Public Health Nurses ( Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2004 ) . Wright ( 1998 ) explains appraisal of wellness demands is non a procedure of trusting on personal experience or hearing to client ‘s, but is a systematic method of recognizing wellness demands that are unmet and doing alterations by promoting client ‘s to run into these unmet demands.

Using a theoretical account or a model is a systematic method of roll uping information leting a clear designation of jobs or demands that need to be addressed. Such model would besides travel on to steer the planning and execution of intercessions required to run into the precedences for persons and households.

The model taken from system one, Child Individuals needs appraisal was used to execute an appraisal. System one is a computing machine system used in the writers pattern country to enter patient information. The Child single demands appraisal has been developed from the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families ( DoH, 2000 ) . This assessment model supported the displacement in policy from one that focused on maltreatment and important injury to an appraisal that adopted a broader position of kids ‘s demands and well-being and identified damage in footings of developmental demand ( Cowley, 2008 ) .

Consent has been gained to utilize the information. In conformity with the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC ) The Code ( 2008 ) , and to protect confidentiality the names mentioned will stay anon. .

This instance survey focuses on a female parent, Jody who is a individual parent of three kids. Due to the current demands on the Health Visiting squad an prenatal contact visit had non been done. The Health Visiting squad had been notified about the birth of babe Harrington and hence this was a planned place birth visit at 14 yearss.

Health visitants have core contacts they make with households as portion of the Health Child Programme ( ) and one them is an prenatal contact. This contact allows wellness visitants to set up a relationship with households and place their demand. Cowley ( 2008 ) states sing clients in their places allow wellness professionals to place a households country of demand and so aim services suitably for their demand. However research has demonstrated an prenatal contact is utile to in assisting wellness professionals to place the hazard and resiliency factors and make a curative relationship with the client which is necessary for the bringing of future services ( Puura et al, 2002, Robert et Al, 2002 ) . Recommendations made late suggest any preventive schemes need to be initiated in the prenatal period ( Cowley, 2008 ) .

Kales et al ( ) explains a starting point for measuring person ‘s demands is to analyze whether the demand is normative which is defined by professionals, felt demand which is defined by the client, expressed demand when a felt demand go a demand and comparative demands when comparing to others around them and fall short of the established criterion. Wills ( 2007 ) explains it is of import to see that demands will be thought of otherwise depending on who is being consulted.

The appraisal covered Economic Wellbeing Observations which included abode and adjustment position as this can impact on a kid. Jody life in a 3rd floor council level with three kids, explained that she would wish more infinite as the level had two sleeping rooms with a life room she thought was non large plenty. She explained the first sleeping room was where she slept and would now hold baby Harrington with her in the room. The 2nd sleeping room which was little, had a bunk bed and had no room to play in was shared by her eldest girl Rosie, eleven old ages old and her younger girl Ella four old ages old.

The early life environment of a kid shapes their life class and in bend can hold an consequence on their wellness position over a class of clip ( Wills, 2007 ) . Housing is an environment where kids spend most of their clip in the first few old ages of life therefore require equal infinite to populate and kip in. Good quality places are of import for the wellness and wellbeing of grownups every bit good as kids ( ) . A kid ‘s development and well-being is shaped by factors such as household features and the societal, economic and physical environments in which they are raised. Poor lodging environments and overcrowding can hold important impact on kids ‘s physical and mental wellness every bit good as emotional and cognitive development ( Marsh et al, 1999 ) .

The House of Commons ( ) explains overcrowding as holding excessively many people in one room or a room that is non an equal size. Populating in an overcrowded house has found to be linked with sick wellness bing the NHS about 600 million a twelvemonth ( House of Parliament, 2011 ) . Research suggests that hapless lodging and overcrowding can hold a physical impact on a kid ‘s healthy development taking to increased hazard of asthma, respiratory hurt, anxiousness every bit good as lead to accident and hurt. Adequate slumber, nutrition and exercising besides contribute to a kid ‘s healthy physical operation. Jody revealed she had visited the GP several times in the class of three months kicking that Ella had perennial thorax infections, and taken babe Harrington to the GP the twenty-four hours before as she felt he was holding trouble take a breathing. Jody went on to state that the sleeping rooms were demoing marks of moistness and she had reported this to the lodging company and was yet to come out reappraisal this. Jody saw the demand for more lodging infinite as an uttered demand as she wanted more living infinite for herself and kids to play in.

The lodging study ( 2012 ) states the latest information found that the figure of people populating in overcrowded conditions continues to lift, as in 2009 – 2010 there were 630,000 in overcrowded lodging which has risen to 655,000 in 2010 – 2011.

The appraisal revealed Jody had no extended household support as her household live in the South of England therefore are far to offer consistent support. Jody had moved to the country over eight months ago following the dislocation of her relationship. The male parent had left the household due to imbibing wonts and since the household had struggled to do ends meet. Jody is in reception of benefits and has non made many friends in the country.

Parents are an indispensable portion of a kid ‘s development and necessitate support to enable them to supply the right environment. Jody appears to be socially stray, Armstrong ( 2002 ) articulates societal isolation can happen when there is a deficiency of household and peer support. With the deficiency of this support Jody had it indicated that she had a hazard of developing postpartum depression which can hold damaging effects on babe Harrington and her senior two girls ( Bee and Boyd, 2009 ) . Honey, Bennett and Morga ( 2002 ) suggest research indicates postpartum depression can impede a female parent ‘s ability to look after the kid every bit good as affect the relationship between female parent and kid. This can do jobs in the kid ‘s emotional and cognitive development. Jody revealed since she had come place from the infirmary she had a few watery-eyed minutes but now felt all right, and besides said she had postpartum depression following the birth of Ella. The writer planned another visit which would be in a two weeks. This visit would include an appraisal of postpartum depression which is carried out at four to six hebdomads in the pattern country. A tool called the ‘Edinburgh postpartum depression graduated table ‘ would be used, which is a 10 inquiry self report questionnaire designed by Cox, Holden and sagovsky ( 1987 ) . ( ADD STRENGTHS/ WEAKNESSES OF TOOL? ) Meredith and Noller ( 2003 ) proposed maternal depression increases the hazard of hard fond regard with the baby, developmental, societal jobs and may take to suicide.

Baby Harrington being 14 yearss old was in the babyhood phase of lifetime development. During babyhood a babe will alter physically more than any other phase of their life ( Bee et al, 2009 ) . Early childhood is accordingly the most important and vulnerable period of encephalon development during lifetime. The start of Baby Harrington ‘s life will put the foundations of good wellness and good being for later old ages. Therefore what happens during gestation and the early old ages of life lays the foundations for future development of cognitive, linguistic communication, physical, emotional, behavioral and societal. Language and cognitive development is of import during the first six months to three old ages of life. Sheridan ( 2008 ) proposes stimulation, heat and positive parenting from parents during the early old ages is critical for the baby to derive maximal growing in the encephalon. The encephalon is progressively sensitive to the influences of the external environment during early childhood. A kid in an environment with increased stimulation will intend a kid will larn and develop more. A kid in an environment with less stimulating, emotionally and physically supportive, development of the encephalon is affected taking to cognitive, societal and behavioral holds. High degrees of emphasis during early childhood increases the hazard of larning jobs and emphasis related disease in to the grownup old ages of life.

The writer found support to be a normative demand for Jody, as a supported household environment is a cardinal constituent in raising a kid. Jody ‘s perceptual experience was that she was get bying with the current state of affairs and did non necessitate support from household or friends as she felt she would be judged by them for non being a good parent to her kids.

Income was another factor identified through the appraisal. The low income was a felt demand for Jody as she said her parents were assisting her financially. The writer saw that holding equal income as a normative demand in order to supply the kids every bit good as Jody herself adequate healthy nutrition and a healthy hereafter of good being. A newborn babe can increase outgo on a household. This may do Jody emphasis as it is an addition on feeding another kid,

Health in the UK is strongly associated with income and is a cardinal determiner of wellness ( Naidoo, ) . Naidoo ( ) explains holding a low income can impact kids and grownups wellness straight ; this can be due to non holding plenty to eat or enough to purchase a healthy diet. Research suggests fleshiness in low income households to be linked ( ) . Jody does non drive hence finds it hard at times to entree the larger supermarkets and is reliant on her local food market shop which can hold limited pick and be more expensive. Mostyn et Al ( 2011 ) suggest if money is an issue parents will feed kids nutrient they know they will be probably to eat to avoid wastage. Fleshiness in kids can take to wellness jobs later in life such as bosom disease and diabetes ( ) .

Populating with a low income can besides do multiple emphasiss such as lead to parents worrying about their hereafter good being of their kids ( ) . Children who live in households in poorness with a low income are besides at an increased hazard of lower academic accomplishment ( ) . Jody revealed that she would get down looking for employment in the country. Naidoo et Al ( ) states persons who are unemployed are at a greater hazard of sick wellness and mortality.

Neumans systems theoretical account is a theory based on the importance of an person ‘s health in relation to emphasize and their reaction to these stressors. Neuman defines stressors as any status or state of affairs that cause an change in the person ‘s normal province of health. The stressors are determined by variables impacting the client system ; physiological status, developmental position, sociocultural influences, cognitive accomplishments and spiritualty. The theoretical account proposes a continuum of health to illness, with the focal point on the person ‘s continuum being influenced by the interaction they may hold with a variable and the stressors they encounter. Neuman identified environment that surrounds an person at any given clip can impact their well being.

Environment and the person

Clients are influenced by environmental factors

The function of the wellness professional is to concentrate on the stressors and maintain the stressors and the emphasis response from holding a damaging consequence on the person. This is done through three degrees of bar. First primary bar is protecting client health through bar and cut downing the possibility of an brush with a stressor as a reaction to the stressor has non yet occurred. This is done by beef uping the person ‘s line of defense mechanism. Secondary bar is handling symptoms to stabilise the person ‘s system by beef uping the internal line of opposition cut downing the reaction to the stressor. Third bar focuses on educating an person to forestall a reoccurrence of an emphasis response to the stressor through beef uping opposition to these stressors.

Jody ‘s environment was a stressor for her as it was impacting her and her kids as they did non hold adequate infinite to populate in and the kids did non hold infinite to play. Harmonizing to neumans theoretical account this will impact jodys stableness and

The absence of sick wellness and disease is non entirely dependent on wellness. Robinson et Al ( 1996 ) explains this as merely one determiner of wellness. Health is the province of an person ‘s optimum well being ( WHO, ) . There are wider determiners of wellness. Factors such lodging, holding a safe physical environment, life style, wellness beliefs, cultural norms, instruction, socio economic factors employment, emotional and mental province of an single affects wellness ( ) .

The writer found the kid appraisal to be holistic. Measuring infant development holistically has ne’er been so of import ( Cowley, 2008 ) . Robinson ( 2010 ) purposes holding this holistic attack of appraisal allows an apprehension of a kid within the context of their household, community and civilization in which they grow up in. Cowley et Al ( ) suggests that the model should non be used as a checklist to measure demands. A needs appraisal should include a client centred attack.

The model used for the holistic appraisal did non see the cultural beliefs of an person or have infinite were their beliefs could be recorded. There were no prompts of what information was required if an person had low income or lodging that was non equal.

Apply neuman and failings and strength of theoretical account! Marmot?

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