The Mental Health Of An Adult Social Work Essay

This assignment will incorporate the major function and duties of a nurse in footings of guaranting that the rights of Peter are promoted and maintained and will be specifically around him non to be treated in a degrading mode. Autonomy and protagonism, and the intercessions which are available to back up Peter for his security to be assured and him necessitating assurance to increase his mobility. The Human Rights Act ( 2008 ) refers to individual ‘s rights to do determinations for himself and non to be discriminated against. Peter has a specific right of look of idea and scruples to accept or decline attention. The assignment standards require pupils to explicate how Peter ‘s liberty may be promoted by the nurse to derive the ability to do his ain determination, including patient-centred attention and moving as an advocator. A concluding demand of pupils is to stipulate and warrant appropriate professional behavior and intercessions for Peter. Reference will be made to curative relationships between the nurse and Peter, foregrounding the support the nurse should give to the patient and his household, and to discourse the importance of keeping professional boundaries. The multi-disciplinary squad will besides hold to measure Peter ‘s place to see if there were any accommodations needed to back up him farther with his mobility. Peter would besides necessitate further extended wellness services if he agrees to travel in front with the surgery.

The paper is presented in conformity in line with the University ‘s academic guidelines presented as appendix 7 in the Student Handbook 2010. Mentions will besides be citied in line with the University ‘s ain version of the Harvard referencing system.

Main Body

Vulnerability – Section 1

Harmonizing to Rogers 1997, exposure is “ Apt to damage or harm, particularly from aggression or onslaught ” .

Vulnerability is when a individual is put into a state of affairs where they are non familiar with, which makes them experience uncomfortable. A vulnerable grownup is anyone over the age of 18 who is unable to protect themselves against injury or development. The types of people who may be peculiarly vulnerable are kids, the aged, grownups with ocular, hearing or address damage. Other types of vulnerable grownups include those with learning disablements, mental wellness jobs or a terrible physical unwellness.

Peoples who require attention services may hold an addition in their exposure as they are come ining a new environment with unfamiliar milieus. Another factor could be their age and if they are unable to take attention of themselves. Therefore, they are non in control of the state of affairs and could go to the full dependent on a nurse to care for them which to the patient increases their hazard of going vulnerable. Peter is peculiarly vulnerable due to him being 85 old ages old and inclined to be unretentive, besides the fact his girl is seeking to coerce Peter ‘s determination in traveling in front with the surgery yet he is no longer certain he wants excessively.

“ Maltreatment is a misdemeanor of an person ‘s human and civil rights by any other individual or individuals ” ( Department of Health, Pg 9 ) .

Maltreatment can dwell of a individual act or repeated Acts of the Apostless. It may be verbal, physical or psychological ; it may be an act of disregard or an skip to move. It may happen when a vulnerable individual is persuaded to come in into a fiscal or sexual dealing to which he or she has non consented, or can non accept. Abuse can happen in any relationship and may ensue in important injury to, or development of the individual subjected to it.

A nurse ‘s most of import duty is to the client foremost. The NMC ( 2008 ) , states that “ Nurses have an absolute responsibility to safeguard and protect vulnerable grownups from injury. ”

The duty of a nurse is to advance wellness, prevent unwellness, restore wellness and alleviate agony. A nurse should take appropriate action to safeguard the person when their attention is endangered by a colleague or anyone else. Nurses have a right but besides a duty to move on behalf of the client if they feel he or she is being mistreated.

Registered nurses hold a place of trust to the client and this must ne’er be breached, they should besides keep professional relationships with vulnerable clients at all times. A nurse non merely has a professional responsibility to protect vulnerable clients, but besides a legal duty. If a nurse failed to follow with legal duties they could be struck off the NMC registry, but besides it could be classed as a condemnable offense.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority is a authorities policy which helps to forestall unsuitable people from working with vulnerable grownups. They assess those persons working or wishing to work in regulated activity that are referred to them on the evidences that they pose a possible hazard of injury to vulnerable groups. The Government ensures the safety of vulnerable grownups by incorporating schemes, policies and services relevant to mistreat within the model of the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, and the Mental Health Act 1983.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Code of Practice is another vitally of import piece of statute law apparatus by the authorities. The Code of Practice provides counsel and support to anyone who is working with or caring for grownups who may miss a determination devising capacity. This includes professionals, carers and households who know the individual best. It focuses on those who have a responsibility of attention to person who may miss the capacity to hold to the attention that is being provided.

As the NMC ( 2008 ) provinces, “ You must unwrap information if you believe person may be at hazard of injury, in line with the jurisprudence of the state in which you are rehearsing. ”

Section 2

The cardinal exposure issues associating to Peter is that he is an aged client of 85 old ages. He has non yet consented to the intervention as he is experiencing discerning as there are major hazards associated with the process. His girl is really acute for the surgery to travel in front and Peter is seeking aid from the nurse as he evidently feels he can non discourse his frights with his girl.

Section 3

Article 3 in the Human Rights Act states no one shall be tortured, or endure inhuman or degrading treating or penalty.

Although there is no absolute right to have attention in the UK, all patients have certain rights in their traffics with wellness attention professionals. In 1995, the authorities issued the patients charter to inform clients of their rights, it is designed to better the services people receive and it lays down the degree of attention that people can anticipate from the National Health Service. The charter was made populace so that clients know the criterions they should anticipate, they can take stairss to kick and hold things put right if the criterions are non met.

Client ‘s rights include the right to do their ain determinations about their ain lives and the right to be given appropriate information to do informed determinations. The right to privateness and confidentiality and to be given appropriate aid in exerting their rights, when they are unable to themselves, such as holding an advocator available. Clients besides have the right to freedom from exploitatory and opprobrious pattern, and the right to hold personal beliefs, penchants and picks including faith, civilization and political beliefs.

Peter should anticipate the nurse to keep his right ‘s by holding his self-respect and privateness maintained while attention is being given. The right to be included when doing his attention program, the right to accept or decline intervention, and for his patient information to be kept confidential. Besides as Peter asked the nurse to assist him do the determination and due to him being vulnerable and inclined to be unretentive, the nurse should move as Peter ‘s advocator for him if needed.

As the NMC ( 2008 ) provinces: “ You must continue people ‘s rights to be to the full involved in determinations about their attention. ”


Accountability is based on three conditions including ability, duty and authorization. Nurses hold a place of duty and to advance efficiency and safety as other people rely on them. They are professionally accountable to the NMC and to the jurisprudence for their actions. Nurses use their professional opinion, cognition and accomplishments to do a determination based on grounds for best pattern and for the client ‘s best involvements. Nurses need to be able to warrant the determinations they make. If you are a professional in charge of a undertaking you can be called by jurisprudence to account what happened, particularly if something goes incorrect. This is because if a nurse performs a undertaking, they instantly take duty for that undertaking and its results

“ As a professional, you are personally accountable for actions and skips in your pattern, and must ever be able to warrant your determinations ” ( NMC, 2008 ) .

Duty of attention

Any wellness attention professional who undertakes the attention of a client owes them a responsibility of attention. A nurse ‘s responsibility of attention includes pull offing hazard suitably, work efficaciously as portion of a squad, portion information with co-workers and depute efficaciously. Dainty people as persons and esteem their self-respect and confidentiality. Nurses should besides necessitate to guarantee they gain consent, maintain clear professional boundaries, and collaborate with those in your attention.


The most indispensable component to confidentiality is it must be built on trust. The nurse ‘s demand to cognize that the client trusts them but besides that they trust the nurse ‘s professional opinion, cognition and accomplishments. It is besides indispensable that the nurse feels the client will inform the nurse all that is necessary to present the most appropriate attention. Confidentiality is an built-in constituent of the nurse-patient relationship and a cardinal component of professional behavior and ethical pattern. Sharing information with other professionals can merely be done on a rigorous “ demand to cognize footing ” , and patient confidentiality can merely be breached in exceeding fortunes. Nurses must keep assurance and esteem the privateness of a patient ‘s wellness information at all times. Professionals must merely unwrap confidential information with consent from the client, if they are required to by the tribunal of jurisprudence or where they can warrant that it was in the populace ‘s involvement.

Section 4 – Autonomy

Autonomy is about independency and the freedom to take, and about non being coerced into making something one would non otherwise choose to make. Autonomy has been defined as “ the power of self-government and freedom from foreign domination and restraint ” ( Smith, 1967 ) .

Autonomy involves clients doing picks for themselves. As a nurse you should actively promote clients to be involved in the determination devising procedure and guarantee that their voice is heard. Respecting client ‘s liberty means to handle them as a individual with rights and non as objects of attention. This mainly involves discoursing their attention and intervention with them in an unfastened and honorable manner and leting them to do their ain determination about what attention they want to have. For a nurse to be able to advance client ‘s liberty at that place has to be a relationship and effectual communicating between them and the client. If their liberty is to be respected, so nurse ‘s have to let client ‘s to do determinations and so move upon them.

Harmonizing to ( Hendrick, 2004, pg 95 ) liberty is defined as “ The capacity to do sound determinations, the ability to believe for oneself, to do determinations for oneself and to move on the footing of such idea. ”

Patient-centred attention includes all facets of how services are delivered to our clients. This includes compassion, empathy, values, penchants and reacting to all their demands. A nurse should be presenting this attention at all times and do certain they are giving the patient all the information available, pass oning to them at all times and educating them about their attention and how procedures and processs work, utilizing as small slang as possible. Emotional support should be provided to assist alleviate client ‘s frights and anxiousnesss as this can be of import to a curative relationship.


“ Promoting and protecting the involvement of people in your attention, many of whom will be vulnerable and incapable of protecting their ain involvement ” ( NMC, 2008 ) .

Advocacy is about moving on behalf of the client in a professional capacity who can non talk themselves. Anyone could potentially necessitate an advocator as any client may experience vulnerable as they are in unfamiliar milieus. An advocator is moving as an intermediary between clients and household, important others, and wellness attention suppliers. It is a function of support for clients, both speech production and emotionally.

As a nurse you have a responsibility of attention to promote the client to take part or if they can non talk for themselves so nurses should go that individual ‘s advocator by seting their demands and positions frontward, and to guarantee their rights are promoted.

“ You must move as an advocator for those in your attention, assisting them to entree relevant wellness and societal attention, information and support ” ( NMC, 2008 ) .


Valid consent must be given by a competent individual and must be given voluntarily. Nurses have three professional duties with respect to obtaining consent. They need to do the attention of people their first concern and guarantee they gain consent before they begin any intervention or attention, guarantee that the procedure of set uping consent is crystalline and show a clear degree of professional answerability. After they have obtained consent they need to accurately enter all treatments and determinations associating to obtaining consent.

“ Every grownup must be presumed to hold the mental capacity to consent or garbage intervention, unless an appraisal reveals they lack the capacity to consent ” ( NMC, 2008 ) .

When a nurse needs to inform a client about proposed intervention or attention it is of import that they deliver the information in an apprehension and sensitive manner. It is indispensable that they are given sufficient information for them to do a determination whether to accept or decline the intervention being offered. Nurses should besides give the client adequate clip to see the information and the chance to inquire inquiries if they need excessively. Nurses should non presume that clients cognize even basic medical information and should explicate every facet with every bit small slang as possible in order for the client to do their pick.

There are three different types of consent including verbally, implied and written. Clients can show their understanding by either of these signifiers. With Peters surgery includes hazards associated his understanding should be made by written consent. Written consent is a papers which shows the patient ‘s pick and that treatments have taken topographic point between them and a professional.

There can sometimes be troubles with gaining consent. There are peculiar vulnerable groups such as older people, people with mental wellness jobs, people with larning troubles and kids. Nurses need to maintain these vulnerable groups at the Centre of the determination devising procedure. As Peter is a vulnerable aged client he is weaker and inclined to be unretentive, hence an appraisal would necessitate to be carried out by a nurse of physician to measure his mental capacity ; professionals should ever assume that older people are able to do determinations.

In the same manner a client can accept intervention, they can besides do the pick to decline intervention, even if this may harm them or do decease. Nurses should happen out why they are declining and so the effects of worsening the intervention and what will go on to their wellness if they do n’t travel in front. If this happens it is of import that you honour their rights and wants and papers to the full any determinations made to decline, and clearly record that this is the client ‘s pick.

“ You must be cognizant of the statute law sing mental capacity, guaranting that people who lack capacity remain at the Centre of determination devising and are full safeguarded ” ( NMC, 2008 ) .

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provides a statutory model to authorise and protect people who may miss the mental capacity to do an informed determination for themselves. The Act is underpinned by five chief rules, the first one being that everyone is assumed to hold the mental capacity to do a determination until proved otherwise. Every single demands to be supported to do a determination and if a individual makes what seems like an unwise determination, they should non be treated as missing capacity.

Section 5-last spot

In order for a nurse to develop a curative relationship with a client there must be effectual communicating involved. The really best of attention is merely achieved if the nurse is committed to acquiring to cognize the client in there attention through effectual appraisal as persons. This involves happening out how best to care for and pass on with them from their position, whilst guaranting regard, self-respect and equity are maintained.

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