The Legislative And Social Policy Guidelines Social Work Essay

Throughout my arrangement I have been based in within Children and Adult Services of a statutory bureau which is governed by the Children Act 1989 and 2004. The arrangement has provided the chance within a assortment of scenes within the bureau, which has promoted sing national occupational criterions and Social Work values.

This treatment will concentrate on an history of life narrative work ( LSW ) which I jointly undertook with a Foster Carer while being based in the Settled Care Team.

‘A ‘ is a 12 twelvemonth old male immature individual who was capable to a Care Order under Section 31 of the Children Act, he has been accommodated along with his 15 twelvemonth old sister and 11 twelvemonth old brother since 2004 due to his female parent ‘s “ terrible and relentless disregard “ .

‘A ‘ has two older stepbrothers, the oldest life with his maternal Grandmother in a two-bedroom cottage and the other with his male parent. ‘A ‘ has had really small sporadic contact with his female parent due to her life style and no contact at all with his male parent. The kids were ab initio placed together with experient carers but the arrangement ended as it was reported that the behavior of the kids while together was unwieldy. Each sibling was so placed with separate carers.

‘A ‘ went to populate with older experient carers and the arrangement was successful until late when after a figure of incidents it was alleged that ‘A ‘ stole personal properties from the carers and their neighbors. In add-on ‘A ‘ displayed aggressive behavior towards his carers and absconded from school on a regular footing. The carers reluctantly decided to stop the arrangement and retire as they felt “ that they were acquiring excessively old to cover with disputing behavior from immature people ” . Another suited carer was identified by ‘A ‘s ‘ Social Worker through dialogue with the Family Placement Team and ‘A ‘ has been populating at that place for four months. ‘A ‘ had found this experience really traumatic as he expressed that he had been happy at his old arrangement and did non desire to go forth.

It had been reported by his new carers and staff at his school that ‘A ‘ has been inquiring a batch of inquiries sing his earlier life. He has really small callback of his formative old ages while populating with his female parent and siblings and he is funny about his upbringing and the events that led to him being placed into attention. He peculiarly asked to talk to his maternal grandma to beginning available exposure as she had been the lone grownup household member to maintain consistent regular contact. As Fahlberg, ( 2001 p.325 ) suggests “ that it is of import to affect members of the kid ‘s current household ” the carers asked ‘A ‘ if he would wish to research his early life in more item. He informed them that he would wish to make this, with both them and if possible his Social Worker.

During Supervision session with my Line Manager I was asked to set about LSW with ‘A ‘ as his Social Worker was unable to finish LSW due to other caseload force per unit areas. Thompson 2009 P 56 suggests “ Effective supervising can frequently be the difference between ; success and failure ” . We discussed LSW and whilst there is no Departmental statutory ordinances sing LSW with kids in long-run Foster arrangements, it is considered good practise enabling the kid to understand important events in their yesteryear, confront the feelings which are secondary to these events, and go more to the full involved in the hereafter planning of their lives ( Hapgood, 1989 p.326 ) . It “ comprises of the three chief elements ; the assemblage of cherished objects, exposure and souvenir ; creative activity of a written narrative that explains the grounds for the kid ‘s moves and gives information about household members and communicating of this narrative in a meaningful manner ” ( Baynes, 2008 p43 ) . Therefore advancing and helping development, ego consciousness and self deserving ( Thorburn, 1994 ) . We besides identified that no old LSW had been undertaken and that I had been the most suited individual to work with ‘A ‘ as I had known him for a figure of old ages and had an appropriate relationship ( GSC 5.4 ) “ based on honestness and regard ” had been established.

An available LSW preparation session was identified which was being run for carers by the Department ‘s Family Placement Team. ( GSCC 6.8, ) “ Undertaking relevant preparation to keep and better your cognition and accomplishments and lending to the acquisition and development of others ” ( Thompson 2009 pg 76 ) farther suggests that go toing a preparation class is merely one portion of a learning procedure and may hold small consequence on subsequent pattern if the acquisition points are non applied and a brooding attack is undertaken after completion. The session made me cognizant of non entirely trusting on available ready made ‘Life narrative battalions ‘ but to work with the immature individual to seek to place their preferable method to do the procedure as a unique and originative procedure as possible. As Baynes ( 2008pg 45 ) suggests that a heap of mussy drawings can be a high quality piece of work were a attractively presented book could hold small significance to the kid involved. I besides contacted assorted resource staff with experience of LSW who showed me some illustrations of work they had completed with immature people. I became cognizant of the different attacks that had been taken to reflect the age of the immature people involved, for illustration LSW with immature adolescents reflecting their present gustatory sensation in music and favorite famous persons to assist in doing the procedure more interesting to them.

I researched household chronology, instance notes and tribunal records which assisted in my cognition of ‘A ‘s ‘ background and gave me a clearer apprehension of all household members involved. Previous appraisals besides gave me a clearer apprehension of ‘A ‘s ‘ strength ‘s and demands, although it did non give a clear account of ‘A ‘s ‘ positions which I identified I needed to obtain.

Contact was made by telephone ab initio to ‘A ‘s ‘ carers who had besides attended the recent LSW preparation. I explained my purposes and outlooks of finishing LSW hence supplying the chance to obtain their apprehension of ‘A ‘s ‘ demands and their positions and experiences of household kineticss while listening to their outlooks. GSCC 6.5 “ Working openly and co-operatively with co-workers and handling them with regard ” . We so negotiated an in agreement clip and topographic point for the first session. As I had already antecedently worked with ‘A ‘ “ confidentiality and other bureau policies had been explained ” ( GSC 2.3 ) . I discussed in Supervision the importance of including the carers, recognizing their value and part but I besides became cognizant that I had potentially disempowered ‘A ‘ in non affecting him ab initio in holding the session. There was besides the hazard that the carers discussed my visit with ‘A ‘ before I had the chance to talk to him which. If they had, I feel ‘A ‘ may hold felt anxiousness and excluded from the determination devising procedure. I hence telephoned both ‘A ‘ and his carers and it was agreed for the first session to take topographic point at the carer ‘s house where ‘A ‘ would experience safe and at easiness with his milieus.

We so discussed the procedure of LSW work, as it is of import to be unfastened and honest of my function and restrictions. As “ it is difficult to foretell at the beginning how long the procedure will take as it depends upon the ability of the kid to prosecute, their age, the clip period that will necessitate to be covered, and what new disclosures the kid might work during the work ” . ( Luckock and Lefevre, 2008 p.229 ) .

I advised them of the limited timescales before my following arrangement started and reding that the Carers would go on and update until a ulterior day of the month when I returned to the squad. I recognised that ‘A ‘ may necessitate clip to believe about these restrictions therefore I gave him several yearss before re-contacting him to set up the following session. On reaching ‘A ‘ he informed that due to other committednesss his carers would non be able to take part in the initial few Sessionss. A day of the month and clip was so agreed for me to roll up ‘A ‘ from school and so return him to his arrangement. I besides informed ‘A ‘s ‘ carers, school and maternal grandma further guaranting their cooperation, reassurance and support.

In order to demo being dependable and reliable ( GSCC 2.4 ) I ensured that I met ‘A ‘ at the in agreement clip and topographic point. On the auto journey I was cognizant of the restrictions of exposing active hearing accomplishments due to deficiency of oculus contact and reassured him that I was listening by nodding my caput, uhhurring and the effectual usage of rephrasing. There was a figure of undertakings to be undertaken such as shopping to buy a bit book and letter paper to help ‘A ‘s ‘ LSW. followed by a visit to ‘A ‘s ‘ maternal grandma at her place, where ‘A ‘ had been on legion old occasions, hence advancing an environment where he would experience safe and relaxed. ‘A ‘s grandmother presented a figure of exposure which we placed in chronological order. This gave ‘A ‘ the chance to inquire a batch of inquiries and explicate to the best of his cognition the people in the exposure, where they were taken and the feelings that this evoked. It besides gave the chance for ‘A ‘s grandma to state narratives which linked into the exposure, some of which were rather amusing and which sparked ‘A ‘s imaginativeness as he became more funny inquiring more inquiries. ‘A ‘ so asked his grandma why his female parent was unable to look after him ; she informed him that she was unable to look after him “ all of the clip ” so hence, his female parent had felt it better that he was looked after by person who could. I assessed the state of affairs and asked ‘A ‘ if he could retrieve how he had felt at the clip, he replied that he had felt “ Sad ” but he “ was all right now ” . Although I was cognizant of the demand to discourse the state of affairs as it is frequently the fortunes environing the separation instead than the separation itself which can do injury ( Aldgate et Al, 1989 P 89 ) : I was besides cognizant “ that kids may necessitate to cleaving to a idealized version of events until they are ready to look more closely at what went incorrect ” ( Barnes, 2008 p48 ) . I concluded that while ‘A ‘ needed further consciousness of inside informations and that the first portion of the session had gone good, by reading his facial look he was experiencing stressed and hence I changed the topic. As ( Thompson 2009 p115 ) suggests sometimes facial looks are intentionally used to convey a message such as when person is dying. ‘A ‘s ‘ grandma suggested that we end the session at this point and allow ‘A ‘ have sometime with his older stepbrother playing on a Playstation. I subsequently returned ‘A ‘ to his carers and we all spent some clip discoursing the session. A 2nd session was agreed for the same clip the undermentioned hebdomad, unluckily the carers were once more unable to go to and other day of the months could non be agreed.

During the 2nd session ‘A ‘ asked his grandma why she had adopted his half brother and none of her other grandchildren. His grandma explained that she the adjustment that she lived in merely had two sleeping rooms and that she was non in good wellness. ‘A ‘ started to shout and was comforted by his grandma. On the manner place in the auto I discussed the session with ‘A ‘ and he stated that he wanted to go on LSW even though it was at times upsetting and that overall he was basking the work. The session had an emotional impact on me, I have a kid of the same age and I used a supervising session which followed to lucubrate on the experience.

I besides reflected with my line director that ‘A ‘ may hold benefited from earlier LSW while at his old arrangement. It may hold aided the development and apprehension of how he came to be in attention.

All Sessionss were recorded within the bureau database ( and in line with the Date Protection Act ) which ensured answerability and ensured that other co-workers were updated and cognizant of ongoing engagement.

As there is no legislative, national or bureau policy or counsel relating to LSW with kids who are looked after I relied upon research and a individual preparation session to finish the book. I think that the bureau would profit from holding all staff go toing formal regular preparation Sessionss on LSW to guarantee that workers are appropriately equipped to set about the undertaking. I recognise that ‘A ‘s ‘ Social Worker has a busy instance burden and clip restraints and the carers have other committednesss, nevertheless I feel that holding full engagement in LSW would hold helped in bettering their relationship. On contemplation, holding cognition of other alternate resources such as Video Diaries and Digital Life Stories would hold given ‘A ‘ more pick and options which could hold improved the experience of finishing LSW. Feedback from the immature individual involved identified that the procedure overall was a positive experience which allowed engagement in the determination devising procedure.

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