The Legislation Policy Behind Professional Practices Social Work Essay

I will near this assignment from a political position. Firstly critically measuring the statute law and policy context behind inter -professional pattern and inter bureau working within the mental wellness services. I will discourse the cardinal pieces of historical statute law that have been most influential in societal work pattern today. I will Critically measure how professionals work together, taking into history a assortment issues with mention to the Modernisation Agenda. I will discourse the overall impact this has on the proviso of Health and Social Care services, with peculiar mention to the service users.

Second I will show a clear analysis of inter-professional working pulling on my ain personal experience within the mental wellness services, placing and critically analyzing cardinal issues of working inter- professionally and inter bureau from possible barriers to schemes to advance inter -professional pattern.

Legislative and policy demands over the past decennary have required wellness and societal attention bureaus to work together closely and collaboratively. The development of the NHS 1948 brought about the enormously ambitious program to convey good health care to all. For the first clip infirmaries, physicians, nurses, druggists, lens makers and tooth doctors were brought together under one umbrella administration to supply services that are free for all at the point of bringing.

The Seebohm study, 1969 was one of the most influential studies for Social services as it had the biggest impact on how societal services work today.

The study changed the kineticss and the construction of public assistance sections and wellness governments within Britain. It introduced the integrating of grownup and kids ‘s services by puting them under one umbrella of a incorporate local authorization which today we know as Social services.Social Workers became “ generic ” and irrespective of their preparation, were deemed to be qualified to manage any Case allocated to them. There were many benefits to this such as:

There were many deductions to this such as:

In 1997 one of the New Labour policies was the focal point on the Modernisation of all the authorities sectors. With this came the publicity of partnership working within different countries of authorities and the coaction of private and voluntary sectors, Gibbon ‘s described this new modern manner of thought as the 3rd manner and reflecting on this came the authoritiess first wellness service white paper, The new NHS: Modern and reliable which stated the terminal to centralised bid and control of the 1970 ‘s and alternatively there will be a 3rd manner of running the NHS, a system based on partnership.

( Secretary of State for Health, 1997, p. 10 ) .

The Department was reorganised with a Director of Social Services at County Hall, and in each Area Office ( i.e. Town in the County ) , one Area Manager and a Deputy. The new “ Social Workers ” were divided into generic squads with a Team Leader ] 1998, 1999 ) . New ways of undertaking the complexness of wellness and societal jobs have been seen as required in the face of demands from authorities, practicians and service users. ( Barrett et al. , 2003 ) “

The coaction of the emerging services meant that client public assistance was at the Centre point and there societal and wellness attention demands were met by professionals who could so offer an equal bundle of attention. ( Gallant et al.2002 ) pointed out how partnership had changed in the last five decennaries from an accent on an just, merely free society to the demand to enable citizens to go more self reliant and controlled over their wellness. ”

The UK National Health Service ( NHS ) has undergone immense reform with major investing to fund different ways of working, chiefly in community scenes, viz. place intervention, self-asserting outreach and early intercession squads ( Department of Health 2000 ) . Similar reform has besides taken topographic point for ague inmate attention documented in the Policy Implementation Guidance ( Department of Health 2002 ) .

Inter professional pattern is viewed as debatable to many as they feel the degree of expertness held by many professionals will go diluted and generic preparation may even vanish. Harley et Al ( 1992 ) identified five classs of barriers in joint working and planning in Health attention services, structural issues, procedural affairs, fiscal factors, and professional issues.

Findingss from high profile enquiries in the UK, such as the Scating

Report ( 2003 ) into the decease of the kid Victoria Climbie and the Ritchie enquiry into the attention and intervention of mental wellness patient Christopher Clunis ( Ritchie et al. , 1994 )

Information-sharing lessons from the

Victoria Climbie instance

Andrew Meiner of Cambio Healthcare Systems discusses the importance of interoperability and information sharing in supplying complete attention across the health care landscape.

February 2008

Five old ages ago, the Laming question into the Victoria Climbie instance found that despite probes by local council services, the NSPCC, the constabulary and the NHS into concerns raised by medical staff, there was a failure of communicating between the relevant organic structures to to the full supervise and turn to the state of affairs.

As we in the UK know, this had tragic effects. Nine twelvemonth old Victoria Climbie died in February 2000. Her carers were convicted of her slaying following a run of sustained abuse – which, although reported by medical and council staff on several occasions, went unbridled. The Crippling study found that the bureaus involved in her attention had failed to protect her and that on 12 occasions workers could hold prevented her decease [ 1 ] .

The inquiry is, to what extent were Victoria ‘s attention professionals let down by a deficiency of entree to critical information? The fact that hospital staff did non hold visibleness of a individual 360 degree patient record meant they were at strivings to find the hazard factors in the instance. If they had entree to such information, they may good hold been able to see forms of maltreatment emerging, and better helped to protect Victoria.

The importance of interoperability

The key to better 360 degree patient attention lies in an integrated, interoperable IT system. The challenge is in fall ining up critical systems right across the health care landscape. Presently, informations records in infirmaries and healthcare units across the UK are fragmented, and old systems incapable of presenting 360 visibleness of a patient ‘s attention are widely used.

Another job lies with administrations themselves, as excessively frequently systems are deployed merely at a departmental degree, which means, for illustration, that a pregnancy system and an A & A ; E system can be within the same infirmary without the two systems being linked. If a patient is admitted into A & A ; E and so sent to the pregnancy ward, the patient is tracked through two separate records alternatively of one.

The authorities ‘s program to associate all patient records in the UK through the Spine has the possible to work out these issues and authorise a patient to entree their record no affair where they are in the UK. If a tourist in Cornwall were to fall ailment, under the new system they would be free to walk into a infirmary, safe in the cognition that their old wellness history will be taken into history. Furthermore, in instances such as Victoria ‘s, forms of maltreatment would be easier to place and turn to.

While the national programme has been criticised for old ages, the recent HM Revenue & A ; Customs and DVLA informations loss instances have raised inquiries over whether authorities organic structures should be trusted with sensitive information. In our experience, incorporating big volumes of records across a population part can work. At Cambio, we have seen it first manus.

Cambio ‘s experience comes from deploying COSMIC, an IT platform designed specifically for the health care sector, across the county of Kronoberg in southern Sweden.

In Sweden county authoritiess preside over healthcare proviso, and the deployment of COSMIC across 2 infirmaries, 26 health care Centres, 4 mental wellness units and 25 dental attention Centres has meant that 180,000 dwellers have a alone patient record. The undertaking has been a success, and while political and societal conditions are different in the UK, much can be learned.

The Spine could either turn out to be one of the greatest innovations of the twenty-first century or the following Millennium Dome. Time will state. Either manner, Victoria ‘s decease five old ages ago serves as a reminder that the demands of the patient will be better served by greater handiness and integrating of patient records.

The authorities ‘s new ContactPoint enterprise is, for illustration, a measure in the right way. Five old ages on, the UK is still non at that place, but illustrations like Kronoberg show that there is hope.

Andrew Meiner, Country Manager UK, Cambio Healthcare Systems A

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