The Kite Runner Review Essay

In The Kite Runner. by Khaled Hoseini. ( Riverhead Press. New York. 2003 ) the chief character Amir moves to America from Afghanistan in hunt to bury his yesteryear. He goes on a journey of salvation in which gives him a opportunity “to be good again” . Through Amir’s journey he has to acknowledge his wickedness and so he has to seek for salvation in order “to be good again” . Amir. who lived in Afghanistan with his male parent Baba and two retainers Ali and Ali’s boy Hassan. grows up playing with Hassan and making everything with him but battles naming him a friend.

Hassan was a Hazara and Amir a Pashtun which in history Hazara’s and Pashtun’s did non acquire along. “The funny thing was. I ne’er thought of Hassan and me as friends either. Not in the usual sense. anyhow? we taught each other to sit a bike with no custodies? Because history? I was a Pashtun and he was a Hazara? and nil was of all time traveling to alter that” ( 22 ) . As Amir struggles to truly truly call Hassan a friend he is face with jobs. Amir has a job being able to stand up for him self and others.

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Amir would run into his first trial of bravery or cowardliness. and “Assef was the boy of one of my father’s friends? you knew about Assef and his celebrated stainless-steel brass brass knuckss. hopefully non through personal experience? His word was jurisprudence? ” ( 38 ) . Amir and Hassan would run into Assef. Assef threw abuses at Hassan and Hassan merely stood there and did non state anything. “Afghanistan is the land of Pashtuns. It ever has been. ever will be. We are the true Afghans. the pure Afghans. non this Flat-Nose here” ( 40 ) . Assef put on his brass brass knuckss and was traveling to give Amir a whipping but Hassan was non a coward and stood up to Assef.

“I turned and came face to face with Hassan’s catapult? ? Please leave us entirely. Agha. ’ ? He searched Hassan’s face intently? This isn’t the terminal for you either. Amir. Someday. I’ll make you face me one on one” ( 43 ) . Amir was non able to stand up to Assef and showed his cowardliness. Amir would acquire one more opportunity to stand up for Hassan. In the winter of 1975 during the biggest kite tourney in 25 old ages. Amir had a opportunity for salvation. It came down to the terminal of the tourney and when it was eventually over Amir has won the tourney.

As the last kite fell from the air Hassan took off trailing it. “Hassan! I called. Come back with it” ( 67 ) ! Amir goes to look for Hassan “I found no mark of Hassan” ( 69 ) as he searches for him he eventually finds Hassan “Hassan was standing at the unsighted terminal of the back street in a noncompliant stance? Barricading Hassan’s manner out of the back street were three male childs? in the in-between Assef? “ ( 71 ) . Assef had his brass brass knuckss and was throwing abuses at Hassan. Assef continue to diss Hassan and wanted the kite. Hassan stands strong and will non give the kite up.

“Amir Aga won the tourney and I ran this kite for him. I ran it reasonably. This is his Kite” ( 72 ) . Hassan so picks up a stone and acquire ready to fling it at Assef as Amir stands there and has the opportunity to step in a save Hassan “I opened my oral cavity. about said something. Almost. The remainder of my life might hold turned out otherwise if I had. But I didn’t. I merely watched. Paralyzed” ( 73 ) . Hassan so fling the stone and hits Assef and that twenty-four hours would go forth Amir looking for salvation. Amir watches Hassan get raped by Assef.

Amir non cognizing what to make stop up running from his jobs which he ends up traveling to America to seek to bury about his yesteryear. In America. as Amir settles into his new life he ne’er forgets what go on in the winter of 1975. Amir moves on with his life alumnuss from high school and so gets married. He still was seeking for salvation and everything that he did nil had made him bury the yesteryear. Until he realizes that he had to travel back to Afghanistan and confront his jobs. “I have to travel to Pakistan” ( 191 ) .

Amir goes back to Afghanistan in hunt of salvation and finds out from an old friend Rahim Khan that Hassan has been killed and needs to deliver Hassan’s boy. Amir struggles with the thought of traveling into a unsafe topographic point in hunt for Hassan’s boy Sohrab. Amir still did non cognize how to cover with his jobs alternatively of confronting them one on one he ran from them. “What did they make with Sohrab? … I heard he’s in an orphanhood? ” ( 220 ) . Sohrab needed Amirs aid but Amir could non acquire the bravery. “Why me? Why can’t you pay person here to travel? I’ll wage for it if it’s a affair of money” ( 221 ) .

Here Amir is given the opportunity once more to derive bravery but he has non been able to larn from his experiences. “ ? one clip. when you weren’t about. your male parent and I were speaking? I remember he said? a male child who won’t stand up for himself becomes a adult male who can’t stand up to anything. I wonder is that what you’ve become” ( 221 ) ? Amir thought about it and still did non hold the bravery. “Maybe Babe was right” ( 221 ) . All Amir thought approximately was what he had in America and he did non desire to put on the line all of that to salvage Sohrab.

Amir eventually realizes and had the bravery that this is what he needs to make to derive salvation. Amir now gets the chance to confront his job one on one and it came when he went to salvage Sohrab from the Taliban. He would be face to cover with Assef in order to salvage Sohrab. Amir took a whipping from Assef but as he was acquiring round up Amir eventually came to peace. “I remember this: His brass brass knuckss? how cold they felt with the first few blows? I don’t cognize at what point I started express joying. but I did. It hurt to express joy? What was so amusing was that. for the first clip since the winter of 1975. I felt at peace” ( 289 ) .

Amir eventually was able to stand up for himself and took it like a adult male. Now that Amir had earned his salvation he now how bravery and learned how to cover with his jobs. Through Amir’s journey of salvation you learn that in order to cover with your jobs you need non run from them but confront them one on one. Amir as he grew up was stuck with his job that no affair how far he ran from it he would ne’er be able to get away it until he was able to travel back to the root of it. Amir was able to happen a manner “to be good again” .

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