The Issues Of Disability In Practice Social Work Essay

In this essay I am looking at a instance survey that deals with the world of disablement in pattern. We will be look intoing this illustration from the position of structural and cultural issues, including the personal effects. At the same clip, as in the pattern of societal work we instantly have to prosecute with the complex world and happen ways to travel an unsatisfactory ( here: discriminatory ) state of affairs frontward to better affairs for service users. However, in the terminal we may be surprised by our ain findings – how simple a solution for a one-off state of affairs may be, if all professionals involved are willing. This seems to be a non uncommon experience as I have on occasion heard from experient societal workers: The biggest issue may sometimes, as we will see, be what has been called a ‘weakness in concluding ‘ ( van lair Brink-Budgen 2000, 57 ff. ) Before we get to this decision we have to make up one’s mind on our analysis of the state of affairs foremost, though: We may or may non hold with Thompson ( 2006, 14 ) that ” good pattern is anti-oppressive ” . Yet it is hard to deny his averment, relevant for our instance survey here: “ A societal work intercession which fails to recognize the marginalised place of handicapped people in society runs the hazard of making the client more of a ill service. ” ( Thompson 2006, 15 )


As a societal worker, I would trust to be able to measure the state of affairs before the event. So I may include here some conjectural suggestions for this scenario subsequently. I begin, nevertheless, with an analysis of the given result. Thompson ( 2006, 26 ) with his Personal computers analysis ( 26 ) gives a theoretical account to analyze the specific state of affairs with, based on the apprehension that the personal, the cultural and structural degrees of societal fortunes are “ interlinked and invariably interact with each other ” .

Structural Issues:

It is clear from the instance survey description that Polly finds herself discriminated against due to her disablement. This is unacceptable. The school ‘s duty ( see ) includes facilitation of entree to the course of study. But, as Mark Priestley ( in Alcock 2008, 406 ) points out: “ The presence of anti-discrimination statute law and counsel has small impact without enforcement. ” Persons in assorted functions will hold to negociate this enforcement in our instance. The Equality Act 2010 offers the legal frame work. ( See ) .

From the description it appears that the excursions are non voluntary for the kids. Therefore all kids will hold to be supported to entree the museums. It is ill-defined how this would hold been arranged. Parents of different societal, economic and professional standing may hold trouble to set up conveyance for their kids and/or to roll up them from the museum alternatively of the school. ( This position of the affair has become clearer with a societal theoretical account of disablement that emphasises barriers to entree holding to be removed, instead than looking on the damage of a individual doing troubles for them and society. ) There may be an issue of bureaus working together to present the best possible instruction for all kids. The undermentioned inquiries arise: Make the school speak with the Local Education Authority ( LEA ) to fix the conveyance agreements? Did they include audience of a societal worker from the Local Authority? Even if Polly ‘s instance is non presently open to a worker from the relevant squad, it might hold been deserving looking at this possibility. This would hold to be the school ‘s duty. Of class, in pattern, weighing options, professionals may besides hold to look at short-run solutions such as what means and back up Polly and her parents have available to lend to an ad hoc solution if the readyings have failed to supply support for Polly: Depending on the local state of affairs and the parents ‘ assertiveness and cognition ( hopefully some of it gained through support by a statutory societal worker or instance worker from a charity in the yesteryear ) , they may be able to happen a solution to avoid that Polly is left feeling dejected, sitting in the school library. Situation shows clearly how the personal, cultural and structural are intertwined. Thompson ( 2006, 17 ) sees cultural premises ( here the household ‘s and professionals attitude and/ or political orientation as relevant for the issue at manus ) embedded in the broad structural issues. He even states: “ Bad religion ‘legitimates ‘ bing inequalities – it denies that we are able to advance alteration and respects unfairness as natural or unchangeable. The denial of freedom on a personal degree undermines the potency of freedom at the structural or socio-political degree. ” ( Thompson 2006, 28 ) This may play a portion in the professional context, in covering with the constructions or client petitions, and it can impact professionals and persons in their ain willingness and ability to react.

Polly ‘s household ( or defender ) will finally hold to negociate the different degrees and act as their girl ‘s advocator to do certain she is treated harmonizing to her rights, in the procedure assisting Polly to larn how to asseverate her rights as she gets older. Self-Advocacy can besides be supported by independent professionals or voluntaries, even to some extent by statutory workers where their function allows this.

Cultural Issues

The school or the parents may hold contacted the LEA. We hear in the instance study the LEA declined to assist as they merely provided conveyance to school. Who was the individual who said that? The societal worker might hold to clear up with the LEA whether there would be a practical job – no driver available for that clip and path. If the petition for conveyance for Polly to go to the excursions was nevertheless, dismissed by a Manager, they need to be informed that, as the excursions are non voluntary, on the occasions of the excursions school for Polly ‘s category happens at the museum. They are under duty to enable Polly to entree the course of study. ( See ) The fact that this was non acknowledged by the LEA, shows what has been called failing of concluding ( van lair Brink-Budgen, 2000, 64ff. ) This, in the present author ‘s sentiment, can be described as endemic.

It appears that non merely do the Equality Act 2000 and other statute law in topographic point to avoid such favoritism, deficiency enforcement, but they can be counteracted by defeatism by manner or discrepancies of failing in concluding ( mentioning to authorization, mentioning to the yesteryear ; round statements etc. ) .

These types of weak concluding seem to stem from attitudes brought frontward from a pre-modern society, i.e. from a clip when culturally and structurally society was much less flexible, people non citizens but topics. The fact that, all through today ‘s society leftovers of an out-dated consciousness ( or conscience? ) can be found still, brings us to the inquiry, how persons can on a personal degree Begin to get by and negociate complex and contradictory issues. It may good be the instance that we find people who, like Polly ‘s household, have to contend on a kid ‘s behalf, through this experience stand a greater opportunity to get the better of the culturally wide-spread restrictions of logical thinking or ‘bad religion ‘ as they will happen it easier to recommend for a little kid. We do n’t cognize the societal background Polly comes from and whether therefore it is more or less likely that her parents phone the Director or the LEA to demand their girl to be enabled to take portion in the excursions or whether they come into school to kick or remain at place stating her girl she did non necessitate those excursions anyhow, or versions of these options. Neither do we cognize whether their attitude or actions ( or those of any of the professionals involved for that affair ) are – if subconsciously – partially shaped by the fact that Polly is a miss and perchance expected to be less outgoing, and/or less interested in the museums than a male child would be expected to be. We do n’t even cognize whether Polly and/or her household or any of the professionals involved belong to an cultural minority. These could be factors that would add to the complexness of the appraisal and rating.

A critically-thinking societal worker will non merely look at the statutory demands ( here the LEA ‘s duty ) , but will instead besides consider originative ad hoc solutions, by ways of believing ‘outside-the box ‘ – such as either supplying conveyance for Polly himself, commissioning a support worker to raise Polly in and out of the coach and negotiate conveyance of her wheelchair on the same coach ( if applicable ) or in a suited vehicle one of the parents from Polly ‘s category may own/drive and that can be insured to take Polly. Alternatively, the societal worker may help in happening charitable or statutory support to pay for a cab ( and back up worker ) that can take Polly and her wheel chair ( and perchance a twosome of her friends? ) to the events. These are options, where feasible, that demonstrate good critical pattern in Thompson ‘s sense but merely on a first degree. Neither do they demo the household how to utilize the statement of the Law as it should be applied non does it authorise them to be after their ain self-asserting actions in the long-run. We shall come back to this line of thought in a minute.

Personal Issues

In this instance survey, Polly is described as feeling dejected and isolated. As a primary school age kid, she is really waxy and it is likely that the experience will remain with her and determine either rebellion or backdown in future. However, there is besides a potency for resiliency to be strengthened if the experience is evaluated with Polly ( and her schoolmates? ) in an age-appropriate manner, indicating out the unfairness and working out how to avoid repeat through active citizenship-in-action. As said before, it will depend on Polly ‘s household ( and instructors ) to assist her with that. Some of the instructors may themselves be affected by ‘bad faith ‘ or weak logical thinking. Possibly may therefore benefit from fall ining the Circle of Support to be suggested below.

Polly ‘s usual driver may either experience exploited or frustrated – whether they were or were non asked to supply conveyance for Polly. The director from the LEA may more or less consciously experience defeated or tense. As may admin staff from Polly ‘s school inescapably involved in the affair. CPD on outcome-focused ways of working may be indicated here.

Polly ‘s household may necessitate guidance how to get the better of a sense of impotence together with a defeat they will most probably have experienced before and will anticipate to see once more in the class of Polly ‘s upbringing and her farther life. They may yet hold to larn that these feelings can be utilised. This is what we turn to now.

Care Plan:

I use the term here in the widest sense. Not everything to be said here, would look in Polly ‘s attention program if it came to an appraisal of her demands before the event, or after it, for that affair. I do utilize the term because it may fall to the societal worker to develop such a program and study to his/her Team Manager sing some of the necessary steps that go beyond Polly ‘s assessed demands.

Hopefully, in a instance like this, the societal worker will be involved before the event of Polly ‘s exclusion. However, even if that is the instance, some of the rating may be similar. On a first degree, this rating may turn to the demand of the bureaus ( school, LEA and Social Services ) to work together in future. At this first degree at that place may besides be suggestions for preparation of staff sing the relevant statute law and how to use it, and/or developing in outcome-focused ways of working. However, experience indicates that these steps, of import as they are, may non get the better of endemic ‘bad religion ‘ . Somehow it appears that ‘bad religion ‘ or ‘weak concluding ‘ may instead forestall the transportation of larning from one episode to the following.

Recommending in assorted signifiers may be considered ( Adams 1996 ) . Equally far as advice, counsel and information ( including referral to voluntary bureaus ) are concerned, this could be done by the statutory societal worker ( sometimes referred to as Care Manager ) . Depending on the local policies, they may besides be able to advice about individualized services. If, for illustration, Polly ( in this instance: her household on her behalf ) was in reception of Direct Payments for her conveyance demands, it may be much easier for the household to set up conveyance when needed.

In our instance survey we do non hear who contacted the LEA on Polly ‘s behalf and she was earnestly affected by the event. It may hence be utile and advisable to believe about developing a circle of support for and with Polly ( ) .The construct has been pioneered together with other person-centred planning tools even for kids and grownups with Learning Disabilities. Using a facilitator who is experienced in utilizing these tools, such a circle of support can be an highly effectual tool of proactive support for a individual in a scope of countries of his or her life. The doctrine behind it ( ) can antagonize ‘bad religion ‘ and weak logical thinking through simple tools and through prosecuting a group of people ( with a assortment of backgrounds and parts around the individual who needs support. Other more traditional and more formal but needfully less trim beginnings of support such as, in this instance, the Disability Law Service ( ) can be accessed by the individual from the Circle who volunteers for this. As this group will convey together different accomplishments, it will besides be a great support for Polly ‘s household, so the parents do n’t hold to cover with the Governments on their ain. The people taking portion in a Circle of Support may alter their mentality as a consequence during the procedure that starts with the informal meetings to back up Polly. It becomes possible to woolgather with Polly about what she would wish to accomplish and so to work on get the better ofing the obstructions. This can assist to develop improved logical thinking. ( 2308 words )



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