The Great azeroth race

The Great Azeroth Team Racing Series.
Chapter 1: Beginner’s Luck
One bright sunny day in the awesome world of Azeroth. A great man named Charles Stonearmor and his fast friend Steven Ironfist was extremely practicing hard for the Azeroth world race. During practice they were talking vigorously over what motorbike, car, flight and horse to use in these four parts this great race. The men determined it was their best bet to for the motorcycle would be an Alliance Tank Tread Cycle, the car was an Alliance hearth car, the flight was an Alliance Sky Golem, and the horse was a Hearth Steed. There are four tracks on three continents and five teams one was Team Orcs, one was Team Gnomeregan, one was Team Goblins and then there’s me and Mackalst.
Chapter 2: The Race
“Mackalst and Mikster to the first round qualifiers” said the awesome announcer on his loud microphone. “It’s Team Mage-Warrior vs. Team Orc Shaman-Mage!” Me and Mackalst were to flip a coin to see who drives first since last time he said he is the “best racer” in all of Azeroth. Yeah, like he won five races in both Eastern Kingdoms, Pandaria, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and Kalimdor. I’ll just let him dream on. So we flip the copper coin “If it lands on a gem I drive and if it lands on the one you drive!” and what do you know it lands on a one! “Hey no fair!!!” said an overconfident Mackalst. The first round We were on tank-tread-cycle.
I won the race by a mile.

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