The Drinking Age Should Remain 21 Essay

Adolescents will make merely about anything to suit in with the “popular” crowd. Drinking and partying are both viewed as cool or popular in the eyes of some adolescents. What does a teenage party consist of? Well. it will normally take topographic point in a house with no parental supervising. along with members of both sex. and a batch of intoxicant. The teens may so prosecute in imbibing games such as beer niff. impudent cup. quarters. presidents and A-holes. to call a few. As clip passes problem Begins. The misss may go more vulnerable to sexual activity than if they were sober. Some childs may go really ill and could perchance get intoxicant toxic condition. And to exceed it all off. others may acquire behind the wheel of a auto and effort to drive place. These are merely a few of the jobs that arise from minor imbibing.

It is frequently argued by teens that the imbibing age is excessively high. They believe that if they are eligible to vote. they may be sent to war. and perchance decease for their state at the age of 18 ; so they should be able to devour intoxicant. What some of these teens don’t know is that the imbibing age was 18 at one clip in some provinces. However. the United States authorities saw jobs with young person imbibing and they decided to raise the legal imbibing age to 21. As an extra inducement to implement the age significance. the authorities proposed to halt all federal support of main roads to the provinces whose imbibing age was less than 21. .

During the 1960’s and 70’s many provinces lowered the legal imbibing age from 21 to eighteen. In many of these provinces. paperss showed a considerable addition in highway deceases of teens between the ages of 18 and 21. When the legal age was converted back to 21. the provinces observed the figure of intoxicant related main road human deaths of the age group effected by the alteration and discovered that there was about a 13 per centum lessening in teenage human deaths. This clearly shows that there would be more traffic human deaths if the imbibing age were to be lowered to eighteen.

Alcohol related auto accidents are so the most ascertained job when sing take downing the imbibing age. This is non of any surprise. sing that auto accidents pose the greatest menace to the lives of teens. Research workers have blamed this statistic on hazard pickings. immatureness and rawness. and intoxicant. John Elson. from Time found that “in 1993. over 40 per centum of the 5. 905 traffic human deaths of 15 to twenty twelvemonth olds were alcohol related. ” That is 2. 362 deceases a twelvemonth. about seven deceases a twenty-four hours. which could hold easy been prevented if this group of teens wouldn’t have broken the jurisprudence and drank intoxicant. During an mean weekend. about one adolescent dies each hr in an car accident.

It is besides of import to recognize that teens are non the lone 1s out at that place driving rummy. MADD reports that in 2002. there were about 17. 419 people killed in intoxicant related accidents. which means that teens contributed to 30 per centum of those deceases. Young drivers are less likely than grownups to drive after imbibing intoxicant. but their clang hazards are well higher when they do make up one’s mind to acquire behind the wheel and thrust. This could be mostly in portion to the sum of driving experience grownups have compared to teens.

Drinking and drive is non the lone job with minor imbibing. The encephalon continues to develop throughout adolescence until the individual reaches the estimated age of 20. It is besides proven that the encephalon responds otherwise to alcohol during adolescence so during maturity. Alcohol affects many other parts of the organic structure every bit good. such as the nervous system. generative system. GI system. immune system. and circulative system. The affects that intoxicant may do on these systems could do decease. even with merely one drink. Beyond the wellness hazards of imbibing. instruction is another component affected by intoxicant.

Drinking intoxicant will non well lower your intelligence. but it may weaken your attitude towards school and school assignment. doing your classs to drop. There is besides a direct correlativity between childs with hapless classs and imbibing wonts. During a study taken by pupils. it was revealed that pupils with grade point norms of a “D” or “F” were found to imbibe twice every bit much as those who earned an “A” .

Alcohol can be linked to another prevalent job in our society today which is sexually familial diseases. Amongst all sexually active adolescents. those who average five or more drinks are less likely to utilize rubbers which place them at a greater hazard of undertaking STD’s. It has besides been found by Committees of Substance Abuse at Colleges that “sixty per centum of college adult females diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease were drunk at the clip of infection” . If we could cut down on the figure of minor drinkers we could besides cut down on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases by about two-thirds.

So with all of these negative affects of intoxicant. why do teens believe that imbibing is cool and that it is something they must make to suit in with the remainder of the crowd? The amusement industry is slightly to fault. More than one billion dollars each twelvemonth is spent on intoxicant advertizements. The mean American will see up to 100. 000 telecasting ads for beer before they reach the age of 18. Older teens. nevertheless. are non the lone group being targeted. MADD besides discovered that “out of 81 G-rated alive movies. about 50 per centum showed characters utilizing intoxicant. frequently without consequence” . Not to state that the telecasting is coercing teens to imbibe. but it is decidedly non assisting the state of affairs.

To wrap it all up. if you would wish to see more adolescents die each twelvemonth in car accidents. more adolescent gestations. a wider and more rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases. and more alkies in our state. so travel right in front and direct a missive to the authorities to suggest take downing the imbibing age. If you would instead see the following coevals turn up healthier. smarter. and more responsible. so leave the legal imbibing age where it is. There was a clip that the imbibing age was 18 ; it is estimated by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety that approximately 17. 000 lives have been saved due to conveying the legal imbibing age up to 21. Why lower it once more? Have you of all time heard the phrase “history repeats itself? ”

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