The Children’s Act 2004

The Children’s Act 2004

The Children’s Act introduced in 2004 aimed to turn to concerns about the protection of kids. As such, to a important extent it built on the commissariats of the 1989 Children’s Act. Above all, the chief motive for set uping a new act associating to kids was a series of high profiled instances affecting maltreatment against immature kids. Furthermore, many people felt that the commissariats of the 1989 act failed to to the full unify the assorted different administrations that are involved in the protection of kids. [ 1 ]

The intent of this essay is to analyze the purposes and commissariats of the 2004 Children’s Act. Above all, we will see that the 2004 act aimed to convey about a series of alterations that would let for greater cooperation between assorted different bureaus and administrations. This alteration has besides taken topographic point across the broad general country of societal policy in Britain. The name given to this procedure of greater cooperation is collaborative partnerships. [ 2 ] The thought behind this new enterprise is that if differing groups involved in societal service proviso work together so there will be greater possibilities for safeguarding the security and involvements of kids. However, before I go into item on this capable allow us foremost analyze the grounds and instances that brought about the 2004 Children’s Act.

Ultimately, the purpose of the 2004 Children’s Act was to construct on the old statute law passed in 1989 and further the possibilities for effectual kid protection. However, another farther motivation factor was the slaying of Victoria Climbie in 2000. Nine-year-old Victoria was abused and murdered by her defenders in her London place. The populace and media call following the instance was tremendous. Furthermore, it was widely felt that the instance had highlighted serious jobs within the kids protection service. Above all, it was felt that different bureaus had failed to move in unison in the months and old ages prior to Victoria’s slaying. As such, a series of new thoughts and attacks were adopted towards the protection of kids. [ 3 ]

This new want to supply better and more effectual protection can be seen in the signifier of two moves. First, the constitution of the Every Child Matters programme and secondly the passing of the 2004 Children’s Act. Every Child Matters was launched in 2003 and aimed to guarantee that all kids irrespective of the fiscal or societal background would be able to accomplish their full potency in life. [ 4 ] Furthermore, Every Child Matters was set up in an effort to let for greater cooperation between changing bureaus and administrations involved with kids. The puting up of Every Child Matters was a preliminary aimed at puting the footing for the Children’s Act of 2004. The Children Act itself aimed to set in topographic point a legal model, which would supply better protection for kids and greater degrees of efficiency in the administrations charged with child protection. Local governments were to have more support and advice on how to transport out better service for kids. There were besides alterations to the jurisprudence with regard Foster places, caring and babysitting services, and acceptance services. However, although all these issues are really of import commissariats within the act, the ultimate intent was to make far greater degrees of cooperation and multi bureau action in relation to the protection of kids. [ 5 ]

Above all, the Victoria Climbie instance had highlighted the extent to which there was small cooperation between different bureaus in footings of kid protection. Furthermore, it was now realised that there were a considerable figure of administrations and bureaus that could play a function in child protection. Naturally, local authorization kid protection services were seen as the most of import bureau. However, it was clearly critical that kid protection services needed to work in close coaction with other bureaus. Therefore, bureaus such as the constabulary, school governments, societal services, physicians and charity administrations now all work together in order to supply better protection for vulnerable kids. Because each bureau has a alone function to play in relation to kids it is hoped that such collaborative partnerships will bring forth better services for kids. [ 6 ] For illustration, if a societal worker feels that a peculiar kid is in possible danger, they can name upon the expertness and sentiment of a assortment of other professionals such as the child’s school teacher or physician. Therefore, with everyone working together for same purpose possible jobs can be highlighted and dealt with in a much more effectual mode.

Now although the 2004 act and Every Children Matters has brought about important alterations to the manner in which kid protection services operate, there have however been serious jobs. For illustration, it is sometimes hard to convey different bureaus together in combination when they have antecedently non worked in coaction. [ 7 ] Besides, different bureaus may hold really different ways of understanding a peculiar state of affairs, such as that of a societal worker compared to a police officer. Very late such jobs have been highlighted in the signifier of another tragic and atrocious instance. The instance of babe P shows above all the extent to which coaction between multi bureau administrations can interrupt down with awful effects. Doctors, constabularies and societal services failed to work together efficaciously plenty to protect babe P and hence the instance shows the possible jobs that could go on in the hereafter.

In decision, the chief grounds behind the 2004 Children’s Act have been discussed. Above all, it is clear that both the act and the Every Child Matters inaugural came approximately because of sensed weaknesss within the kid protection service as highlighted in the instance of Victoria Climbie. Above all, authorities has attempted to ordain a system whereby bureaus involved with kids work in coaction to accomplish better degrees of protection. However, although such moves are positive the instance of babe P highlights the extent to which there are still serious jobs. Ultimately, it will take a considerable clip for such moves to work efficaciously.

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