The Application of Study Loans Essay

The chart shown that as increasing for survey loan among pupils. The old ages of applications for survey loans is from 2004 until 2008. This chart is excessively closely related between the applications for survey loans and the ground for using for survey loans. The applications for survey loans are including male and female pupils.

There are many grounds for pupils who wants to using for survey loans. First. the comparison twelvemonth from 2007 boulder clay 2008. It is show that were increase. This is because pupils wants to be independent if they get the loans. They think that they will non tease parents for desiring to be independent in the chase of our ain hereafter without make life hard for anyone. The same clip. the money they get. can be used with thrifty.

Second. the twelvemonth difference between 2004 to 2005. It is show that the figure of pupils were addition. This in bend is caused by pupils unwilling to work and analyze. Additionally. reduced application rates because pupils are non willing to work and analyze. Such a instance because the pupils do non desire to work and at the same clip want to larn. For them. it’s difficult to beguile work and survey. That is why pupils need using for survey loans to go on their instruction.

Third. the twelvemonth 2006. it is show the figure of pupils is remain changeless. This caused economic downswing. Parents retrenched and need money for other intents. Thing like that. excessively. who had to use for a loan cause pupils to go on analyzing. Such a instance. can assist pupils who need the money to go on his surveies and buy the survey.

In a nutshell. based on the chart show that many ground in application for survey loans. Beside that. parents do non hold the agencies and other factors besides the grounds for using for survey loans for pupils who require.

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