Summaries Of Situations That May Arise Social Work Essay

The group nominated for this subject treatment is the aged people, who are 60 -plus old ages of age. There may be a figure of grounds that can explicate why this group are at hazard. The aged most suffer from multiple unwellnesss and disablements which impacts on their well-being and attention. The scope of wellness issues can change within this group. For illustration ; they can include but are non limited to ; depression, dementedness, hearing loss, hapless vision, bosom disease, cardiovascular disease. There are a figure of countries in which the aged people may have inadequate attention and experience helpless. The organic structure closes down as we get older the aged patients are non to the full cognizant of what is go oning around them and so are vulnerable because they are accepting of what is go oning to them and non oppugning why it might be go oning. They are highly reliant on their carers.

In sketching possible illustrations of the abuse of professional power by wellness attention professionals, the conversation will now detail instances to demo how this can go on. In turn toing this issue the treatment will concentrate on two countries of involvement which include calling orientated wellness professionals and the societal political. The impression of calling oriented workers is and thought that talks about self involvement. Because they frequently put themselves before the patients and follow their ain dockets. They may created an environment that is non productive and contributing to outdo wellness attention pattern. Because they impact on work patterns of their co-worker which effects the quality of attention. This is abuse of power because one time they have it they will make what of all time it takes to keep their authorization at all cost to the hurt of the aged.

From another point of position the aged maybe at hazard because they may non ever be cognizant of what is go oning around them. The aged tend to anticipate what is go oning to them and non inquiry why it might be go oning. Depending on their status they are highly reliant and depended on their carers for both emotional and physical and societal support every bit good as the intervention in attention. Carers or wellness professional may take advantage of financially making this transportation of financess or taking monies out for the patient, and by chance reassign financess in there owe history. Physically ; patients may acquire mistreated by acquiring hit and pushed around. Philologically ;

In footings of bar this treatment will besides include ways in which some state of affairss can be avoided in the hereafter. There are a figure of countries in which an aged individual may have inadequate attention. I will now discourse what I believe to be the most of import of these countries. The first is that of the appropriate usage of medicine. Problems in the bringing of medicine may happen in a figure of fortunes such as non administered the medicines when documenting, side effects may happen with the aged people as their medicines need to be taken at certain times, with or with nutrient A wellness professional nursing an aged individual must ever retrieve to follow the five rights ; viz. , the right patient, right medicine, the right clip, the right dose, the right path and what is really been prescribed for them. If this does n’t take topographic point the patient can acquire side effects such as giddiness, irregularity, disquieted tummy, sleep alterations or other reactions due to their unwellness or disablements.

In footings of the societal and political the aged have been for old ages have been under-represented and non recognised. In footings of alteration it as taken many old ages to turn to the instability of power dealingss between service bringing the attention of the aged. ( Australian Domestic & A ; Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2005 ) ( Australian Domestic & A ; Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2005 )

Now traveling to the point of bar, the treatment will now concentrate its attending on ways to turn to these concerns. There is a figure of ways to forestall the maltreatment of the aged. For illustration take the attack put in topographic point by North West Melbourne Division of General Practice ( 2010 ) who present a clinic sheet sing aged maltreatment. In sum uping the article it talks approximately ways to forestall maltreatment and all its signifiers. It is a good present article which talks about marks and symptoms besides includes a profile of maltreatments and directions programs which includes guidance and other signifiers of support. It is a good thought out attack to the direction and bar of maltreatment. It is a attack I would lief used. For mention please see attachment 1.

There are many instances that can be sited that show illustrations of ill-treatment and attention by wellness professionals towards the aged. For case take the article by Debra Shipman and Jack Hooten ( 2009 ) , entitled ‘Staff background cheques: safeguarding vulnerable grownups ‘ . This article talks about protecting and looking after the involvement of older people. For illustration it highlights the patient maltreatment among other issues which include background cheques on wellness attention installations and those they employ. Importantly the article make a mention to patient attention and statute law and topographic points wellness attention intervention of the aged on the political docket. For illustration, Shipman & A ; Hooten ( 2009, p.24 ) makes this point rather clear when they province that, “ Surveies conducted by independent research workers have been good in assisting society understand the magnitude of maltreatment ” .

In term of turn toing the state of affairss which have been arise in the above the treatment will now concentrate on seting forward and proposing possible schemes to cover with these state of affairss. Health professional pickings clip off when work acquire nerve-racking. As they need to director clip and emphasis in the workplace. Have a mentoring programme for workers every bit good as regular in service preparation provided, which provides staff with current accomplishments. Besides there are ways for patients to remain more in contact with what is traveling on around them by remaining socially connected, remaining active and remaining mentally active and keeping independency every bit long as possible.

Finally the treatment will pull attending to such statute law and professional codifications of behavior associated with the attention and protection of the aged.

Take for case the undermentioned statement made by the College of Registered Nurse of British Columbia ( 07/10/2010 ) , in an article called Nurse- Client Relationships which reads, “ In the nurse-client relationship, a power instability exists. It is normally the nurse who is in a place of power and the client who is dependent and has less power. The nurse has a wide scope of competences that clients need

Including cognition, authorization, influence and entree to favor information about clients. The client has less ability to command state of affairss and so is at a disadvantage. ” This is called vulnerable or at hazard. The significance of vulnerable is the power instability nowadays in a professional relationship places the receivers of quality attention is non maintain in a place of exposure and of possible exposure to development or maltreatment if that trust is non respected. Here is a illustration of vulnerable ;

You are a individual female parent fighting to convey up a few childs up. You are besides one of three nurses in a distant country. As a squad, you are supplying alleviative support to a widow who has a live-in carer. Because you live nearby, you visit more frequently than the others. When she dies you learn she has a big estate and has left you $ 100,000. She has no relations and has left the remainder of her estate to charity. Your supervisor says you can non accept the money and your co-workers have all voiced strong sentiments.

Whether a patient leaves you a little sum of money or a significant amount, you can non accept it. Furthermore, the nurse-client relationship is terminated. This is transgressing the codification of behavior for nurses.

In trade with the issues of statute law and professional codification of behavior involved with the aged group. The treatment on this point will be based on the ( ANMC, 2006 ) list 10 points sing national criterions. To maintain your registry nurses are to obtain capableness and maintain professional criterions of your public presentation, is assessment obtaining and retaining your licence. Here are some of the most of import points which are listed in the 10 criterions ;

Conduct statement 1.

Nurses work in a safe and skilled mode.

Meanss that the nurses are personally accountable for the safety and the quality of attention for the patient, besides maintain cognition and accomplishments clinical. Nurses know they are merely to work within their range of pattern. Know to reach the nurse in charge if the quality of attention towards a patient is non maintained.

Nurses and wellness professionals have regard for people that kept their owe cultural beliefs which come from many cultural, groups.

Conduct Statement 4.

Nurses respect the self-respect, civilization, ethnicity, values and beliefs of people having attention and intervention.

Nurses have to be cognizant that different groups of people have different beliefs and values. Nurses need to protect the involvement of the patients and their beliefs. Nurses need to non be judgemental on people ‘s beliefs and cultural backgrounds ever have a good attitude and be professional in the work topographic point. Nurses can accommodate to alter to accommodate the patient.

Conduct statement 6.

Nurses provide impartial, honest and accurate information in relation to nursing attention and wellness attention merchandises.

When nurses are supplying attention it is most of import to state the patient the advantages and disadvantages of a intervention or medicine and allow the patient make their owe chose. Nurses need to supply a accurate service or services of the quality of attention. Nurses need to be honorable with patient ‘s sing the quality of attention of them. Nurses besides need to rede patient ‘s respect the cognition of merchandises and interventions if needed.

Conduct statement 7.

Nurses support the wellness, wellbeing and informed determination devising of people necessitating or having attention.

Nurses assist in measuring the best intervention of quality attention for their patients, they do recommending to nominated household members and back up their wants if demand be.

In decision of this assignment it is of import to convey to your attending to quality of attention as a must for our aged people. And gain how the aged possibly vulnerable and at hazard of maltreatment by wellness professional to derive professional power. Therefore we have to be cognizant of this and take stairss to avoid this and educate our aged about their rights, wellness attention suppliers have a protocol to stay by in relation to the vulnerable of the.

And about the statute law and codification of behavior to protect them. There are companies that protects the vulnerable and aged here is merely one ( Darwin Community Legal Service, 2009 ) . This organisation supply a diverse of services for case some of the services provided are:

Activities in your community

They support and advocate

Entree to quality of attention

Be treated with degnity and regard


This is one organisation if they knew where to entree theses tools it they would cognize more.

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