Social work as a practice

Social work as a pattern is of recent beginning and efforts to run into the demands of people particularly those in urban countries. In kernel, it is a professional activity of assisting persons or communities enhance or reconstruct their capacities to a societal operation and to make social conditions favorable to their ends. It aims to better the quality of human life every bit good as show committedness towards societal justness ( Ryan and Hughes, 1998 ) . Persons, households, communities and organisations are able to achieve their full potency by seeking societal work related services. The demand for such services has been extended to provide for kids as they are presently confronting challenges that hinder their proper development. This has become the chief focal point of this papers.

First of wholly, as mentioned above, societal work is aimed at bettering the supports of people and prosecuting them constructively to achieve their full potency. This cuts across all coevalss including kids. Several grounds have contributed to my desire in working within the Public Child Welfare system. The system is driven by the purpose to advance the safety, wellbeing and permanence of kids every bit good as households ( Ryan and Hughes, 2006 ) . Most kids experience state of affairss such as being deprived of parental attention, abuse runing from physical, sexual, emotional to pretermit, matrimonial struggles, stigma related issues, unfavourable socioeconomic conditions ( Weaver et al. , 2006 ) that expose them to scenarios such as choosing for harlotry.

Qualities Of A Good Child Protection Services Worker

For one to be a Child Protection Services worker, one has to run into the basic demands which include a Bachelor ‘s grade in societal work or a Maestro ‘s grade in societal work, maintain significant cognition of current personal businesss refering to kids ‘s public assistance and be able to use the cognition acquired into structured scenes.

One should be cognizant of the moralss and values which describe in item the codification of behavior. A committedness to the moralss and values of a Child Protection Services worker should be to the full adhered to, be able to use basic assisting accomplishments where one is able to react to single, group and community demands, battle accomplishments, observation accomplishments, communicating accomplishments, empathy accomplishments, opposition intercession and assessment accomplishments. With these strengths I am able to transport out my responsibilities as Child Welfare Protection Officer efficaciously and expeditiously.

Challenges To Effective Child Welfare Service Provision

However, even with the above strengths, several challenges exist that via media service bringing on the portion of the kid public assistance services worker. Ryan and Hughes ( 1998 ) expound on these challenges to include ; hapless public perceptual experience of the Child Welfare Social worker. Service bringing is compromised by high staff turnover every bit good as deficiency of competent forces in the societal work establishments ; exposure of households with complex demands therefore necessitating clip edge complex solutions. This can non be tackled by the few workers available ; hapless working conditions result in the workers holding to bear with increasing caseloads without proper wage and flexible modus operandis ; increased caseloads with complex demands. These root in portion from the exposure of households where breadwinners are unable to supply sufficiently for their dependents. Complexity of these demands requires complex actions in their solutions which farther demands clip to work out them ; decrease in the figure of surrogate attention rearing. Increased caseloads face a backlog of Foster attention rearing as less persons subscribe up into surrogate attention systems due to increased disbursals and bureaucratisms involved.

Proposed Changes To Better The Public ‘s Perception Of Public Child Welfare Services

In order to better the public perceptual experience of public kid public assistance services, equal preparation and employment should be done to increase the figure of competent forces in these establishments. This would efficaciously take into history the demand to better service bringing to provide for increasing instances related to child public assistance ( Weaver et al. , 2006 ) .

Second, institutional alterations that encompass policy development and execution demand to be adequately addressed to guarantee systematic co-ordination in procuring resources for affected households and kids. Further more, compensation should be incorporated to advance Foster attention rearing o that surrogate households do non experience overburdened in taking attention of the adoptive kids. Staff should besides be compensated in state of affairss where they have incurred excess disbursals of both clip and money in their quest to turn to implicit in issues brought to them.

Permanence Planing

Weaver et al. , ( 2006 ) defines permanence planning as a steering rule intended to minimise the issue, entry and clip spent in place attention. It includes both legal and societal attempts aimed at procuring feasible households for kids. It further describes where a kid will populate after surrogate attention.

Foster Care System

Foster attention system refers to a system where a child is taken up in a health professional ‘s place. Such a health professional is certified by the province and is referred to as a surrogate parent. The province and a kid public assistance establishment engage in legal determinations impacting the child while the surrogate parent contributes to the day-to-day attention of the minor and is compensated for widening such services by the province. This system is largely short term in nature as the minor awaits lasting acceptance or reunion ( Ryan and Hughes, 1998 )

Career Prospects

Five old ages after my graduation, I intend to go a societal worker with a prejudice in kid protection services. I will concentrate my attending chiefly in child labour and female venereal mutilation instances for the first three old ages. I will so set up an organisation whose chief authorization would be to turn to the above issues.


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