Social Marketing of Child Adoption

Adoption provides a really of import map in the Indian society with really old tradition of following kids. In really old yearss, child acceptance is normally done within the household and normally is covered by the societal patterns. But as the clip evolved, acceptance started beyond the immediate household and was later legalized. Child acceptance is a procedure where the individual adopts rearing for the kid who is non his family, and transportations the rights and duty from the existent parents.

One of the supreme plus of the state are kids. Nations holds the duty for their proper upbringing, so Children ‘s programmes should happen a of import portion in programs for the human resource development so that kids turn up to go respectable citizens ; The kids of state should be fit physically, mentally watchful and should be healthy morally. They should be endowed with proper accomplishments and the needed motive as needed by the society. Equal chances for development to all kids during the period of growing are the purpose, as this will function larger intents of cut downing inequality and increasing societal justness.

The Need:

In 2007, there were 25 million orphans in India, harmonizing to UNICEF.A However, merely 3,332 acceptances ( 853 international, 2479 domestic ) took topographic point in 2006. This clearly shows the province of kid acceptance in India. With such high figure of orphans, it consequences in considerable addition in the inequality and the societal justness along with the national resources spent.

With turning Indian economic system and with addition in the buying power of the persons and with the addition in the wealth of the in-between income households in India, it provides the important measure towards more possible to follow kids from the orphanhoods. Besides the addition in the adult females authorization and inclination to populate as “ singles ” has the possible to increase the child acceptance by them.

Target Market:

With turning wealth and the increasing inclinations to populate entirely, the mark market for child acceptance is singles and the twosomes without kids. The figure of single adult females and work forces, who chose to populate as singles, is 7.3 % of entire population. This has been well increasing over last decennary and the research clearly shows that these singles tend to be much wealthier.

There is increasing inclination for the twosomes without kid to travel for biological solution ; child acceptance should go one of the options for them to take. Besides the perceptual experience that the households and the groups they belong will non comprehend it as positive thing.

Therefore the mark market for child acceptance is singles and twosomes without kid.

Communication Objective:

The communicating aim is attitudinal alteration and to alter the perceptual experience. One of chief ground for kid acceptance is being less is the negative attitude of the parents and their environment towards this. The primary ground for the negative attitude is perceptual experience that alteration in the life manner needs to be made and the feel that their households will non positively react to the kid acceptance. This negative attitude demands to be changed to increase the cases of child acceptance.

Child Adoption Procedure:


Standard larning hierarchy:

The kid acceptance procedure follows the standard acquisition hierarchy where the to be parents forms belief by accretion cognition sing the behaviour and the other effects that child acceptance will hold. Then the rating of the belief happens and the feeling about the acceptance procedure is created. Finally based on this rating and the feeling that is developed, behaviour happens which is to follow the kid or non. Normally the households seek out batch of information, carefully weigh the options and the consequence of kid acceptance and so come to the thoughtful determination.

Degree of committedness:


The to be parents should be made to internalise the positive attitude that is created towards the kid acceptance and this should finally go portion of the value system of the parents. Once these attitudes are formed they tend to be profoundly seated and are really hard to alter as it becomes really of import to them.


One of the most of import hinderances for the kid acceptance is that the ego needs to be changed for the upbringing of the kid. This is even more so with the adoptive kid as there is no biological connexion between the kid and the parents. The thought of self construct takes a whipping in following the kid. Self construct summarizes the beliefs a individual holds about his ain properties and how he evaluates the ego on these qualities.

Bridging the spread between the egos:

For twosomes without kids, the society needs them to bridge the spread between their current province and the province of parentage, which acts as a motive for them to seek ways to achieve parentage.

The perceptual experience of the alteration of ego is really of import singles as there is no force per unit area on them to bridge the spread and hence there should be much higher accent on the emotional facet on them to recognize the demand for the parentage.

Extended Self:

The extended ego are external objects that one consider to be portion of him. The four degrees of extended ego and the force per unit area it places on the mark section is as below

Individual Self: The single ego are their personal ownerships in self definition. The demand could be high for the twosomes but non so high for the singles on the demand for the kid.

Family degree: Includes a consumer ‘s abode and the trappingss in it. Not high demand on both the section

Community degree: Designation with the community. This places high demand for kid for the twosomes and the singles every bit good.

Group degree: Attachment to societal groups. Since the persons tend to take group harmonizing to their province this does non put high demand for the kid for twosomes every bit good as the individual.

Attitude alteration:

Amplification likeliness theoretical account assumes that one time a consumer receives a message he begins to treat it. Depending on the personal relevancy of the information, he will follow one of the two paths to persuasion. In instance of kid acceptance, he will follow the high engagement treating path, which is the cardinal path to persuasion.

Central Route to Persuasion:

When the consumer finds the information in a persuasive message to be relevant or somehow interesting, she will carefully go to to the message content. In this instance she is likely to actively believe about the statements the seller nowadayss and bring forth cognitive responses to these statements. The message should be carefully decided and presented since if a individual generates counterarguments in response to a message, it is less likely that she will give to the message, whereas if she generates farther back uping statements it is most likely that she will follow.

As discussed earlier, in instance of high engagement, foremost we carefully organize and measure beliefs, and the strong attitudes that consequence guide the behaviour. The deduction is that message factors such as the quality of statements an advertizement represents, will find attitude alteration. Prior cognition about the subject consequences in more ideas about the message and besides increases the figure of counterarguments.

Hence in instance of stand foring the message for the kid acceptance the specific mark section, it is really of import to concentrate on the content of the message and the quality of the presentation to hold desired impact on that peculiar section.

Behavior Change Model:

Behavior alteration is a procedure of identifiable alterations through which the people move along. There are five identified phases for the behavior alteration.

For most people, alteration in the behaviour happens over a period of clip, traveling from the pre contemplation phase, which is being uninterested, incognizant and unwilling, to consideration of alteration, the contemplation phase. Then the readying phase semen, which is make up one’s minding and fixing to alter. Then the action phase follows where the alteration happens and so the efforts to keep the alteration over a period to clip happens.

The phases can assist us in placing appropriate alterations to do the positive behaviour alteration go on towards the kid acceptance. It is critical to place the phase in which the individual is in order to do the necessary alteration to do him travel along the downward way towards the behaviour alteration.

It is critical to measure the preparedness of alteration of the individual for proposed intercession. Besides of import is seeking to travel the individual excessively fast along the way might take to job. For the parents non even believing of kid acceptance, which is the pre contemplation phase, so there is no usage in supplying specific child acceptance policies and other specific inside informations on the kid acceptance. It will non hold any consequence on the parents and might even turn them against kid acceptance. Hence it is critical to place the phase in which the parent is in and so germinate suited scheme based up on place there are in.

Story Board:

The aim of the run is to do people believe that all the kid requires is love and committedness and they besides provide moral support in sharing merriment every bit good as the unhappiness.

Main Characters – Man ( aged between 30 – 40 ) , Office traveling and individual. Name – Surface-to-air missile

Adopted Child ( aged between 5 – 10 ) ,

Scene 1:

Sam is working on his desk on a large undertaking and it seemed like a feverish twenty-four hours.

Suddenly he is called inside his foreman office, who is the VP of the organisation.

Sam enters his foreman office with batch of vacillation.

Boss tells him that he has been promoted to higher station and will hold higher duty.

Sam is really emotional and goes to place.

Scene 2:

Sam enters his house and calls for his kid.

He hugs and kid and they both portion an emotional bond with jumping and playing about.

Scene 3:

Sam goes with his kid to trekking run in a wood.

They set up collapsible shelter and travel for angling together.

The kid truly likes the trip and says him “ you are the best- pa ”

Then rain starts pouring.

While they sit in their auto, they watch the collapsible shelter being washed off by the rain.

The kid is thrilled and says “ This is cool pa and I love this ”

Impact on the attitude:

As the kid acceptance is a high engagement procedure, the rational entreaty is more of import to convey about the attitudinal alteration and hence the thought of demoing the love and care the kid and the parent can portion by following the kid. Child acceptance will give both the kid every bit good as the parents the love, moral support required.

The attitude towards the advertizement is influenced by feelings evoked by the advertizement, the temper that the receiving system or the spectator is in, his general attitude towards the advertizements, his perceptual experience about the credibleness and the dependability of the advertizement and many other general factors. Positive feelings towards an advertizement, in add-on to making higher degree of attitude towards the alteration, can besides impact the callback value of the construct.

The impact of the advertizement on the viewing audiences towards the attitudinal alteration besides depends on these factors.


In a state with over 1 billion people, 25 million might look like a little figure. But playing the Numberss game is counterproductive and possibly indurate. We need to travel beyond feeling beleaguered to experiencing outraged by the unacceptable agony of these kids. Because behind the Numberss are immature people whose lives are at interest, a coevals that ‘s being denied its hopes, aspirations and rights. Hence the attitudinal and perceptual experience alteration has to be brought for more child acceptance for the public assistance of the state every bit good as these kids.

As the felicity doubles with sharing, common love and the attention between the parents and the kid can travel a long manner in public assistance of the society. The love that the kid in the Foster attention was deprived, should be provided by the others in the society.

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