Smart Card Advantages Essay

Compared to conventional informations transmittal devices such as magnetic-stripe cards. smart cards offer enhanced security. convenience and economic benefits. In add-on. smart card-based systems are extremely configurable to accommodate single demands. Finally. the multi functionality as payment. application and networking devices renders a smart card as a perfect user interface in a nomadic. networked economic system.


Smart cards integrated encoding and hallmark engineerings that can implement issuer’s and user’s demands for the highest grade of security. Using encoding. contents and informations can be firmly transferred via wired and wireless webs. Coupled with biometric hallmark methods which rely on personal physical properties. smart cards are used in administering authorities public assistance payments in order to cut down frauds and maltreatment. Health attention cards allow physicians to entree and manage patient’s medical records and insurance information without compromising privateness. Personalized web entree cards allow safer and easier direction of diverse webs without a important costs for entree control.


Smart cards will unite paper. plastic and magnetic cards used for designation. automatic Teller machines. duplicators. toll aggregation. wage phones. wellness attention and public assistance disposal. Universities. houses and authoritiess rely on smart designation cards since they can incorporate more elaborate informations and enable many services to be integrated. Health attention cards. for illustration. cut down papers processing costs by leting immediate entree to personalise patient information stored in smart cards. Most other smart card uses combine designation map with specialised intents as in military PX cards. government’s Electronic Benefit Transfer cards. and university ID cards that are besides used to pay for nutrient and photocopies.

Economic Benefits

Smart cards cut down dealing costs by extinguishing paper and paper handling costs in infirmaries and authorities benefit payment plans. Contact and contact less toll payment cards streamline toll aggregation processs. cut downing labour costs every bit good as holds caused by manual systems. Care costs for peddling machines. crude oil dispensers. parking metres and public phones are lowered while grosss could increase. about 30 % in some estimations. due to the convenience of the smart card payment systems in these machines.


A smart card contains all the informations needed to personalise networking. Web connexion. payments and other applications. Using a smart card. one can set up a individualized web connexion anyplace in the universe utilizing a phone centre or an information booth. Web waiters will verify the user’s individuality and show a customized Web page. an e-mail connexion and other authorized services based on the informations read from a smart card. Personal scenes for electronic contraptions. including computing machines. will be stored in smart cards instead than in the contraptions themselves. Phone Numberss are stored in smart cards alternatively of phones.

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