Sexual Abuse Within The Family Social Work Essay

One of the most common grounds that an maltreater becomes a sexual maltreater is because they were one excessively. “ 50 – 70 % of sexual maltreaters were themselves subjected to physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment as kids ” ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ) . Sexual abuse “ refers to sexual activity with a kid who is being used for sexual stimulation by the other individual, normally an grownup ( Myers et al. , 2002 ) . It is more common for work forces to be child sexual maltreaters than adult females, but “ Interestingly, female wrongdoers are more likely than male wrongdoers to prosecute in maltreatment with another culprit ” ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ) . There are several other grounds as to why maltreaters become who they are, some have to make with the fact that the male needs sexual satisfaction ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ) . Women autumn into this factor besides but to the extent that. I do hold to emphasize that all sexually abused kids do non go the maltreater when they are older. There are several theories as to why maltreaters do what they do, but one of the first that may be criticized is that of Nicholas Groth. Groth stated that with ( incarcerated ) sexual male wrongdoers that they fell into two distinguishable groups the first being fixated ( emotionally stuck in childhood with regard to their sexual involvements ; and so there is regressed ( holding sexual involvements that revert back to childhood due to the emphasiss of their life in the grownup universe ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ; as stated by Groth, 2002 ) . Sexually mistreating a kid is something that has non ever been looked down upon, back in the Roman yearss it was something that was expected of male childs who were traveling to go warriors. For misss they were thought as of pieces of belongings and were used how the adult male saw fit. As we know “ sexual assault to kids has been a portion of our history and nil was done until late in the nineteenth century ” ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ) . I truly think that for parents to believe that it was O.K. even in those yearss makes me ill to my tummy, I can non hold on the thought procedure of that clip.

Another theory is the dependence theory “ in this dependence the nut develops a faulty belief system that leads to impaired thought. He denies, rationalizes, and blames others for his actions and ideas. He becomes preoccupied with his phantasies and ritualise his behaviour ” ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ) . As with any dependence it will necessitate changeless attending of the culprit in order to assist them get the better of this impulse to molest or mistreat a kid sexually. I personally do non believe that there is an dependence to sexually mistreating a kid, I feel that it has something to make with a job in their thought procedure. For case if you take a current sexual kid maltreater who says that they do it because it makes their life complete, I would believe that as a kid they were besides abused and neglected to the point where they were non taught what was right and what was incorrect. I want to believe that there are chemical and neurological instabilities that make a individual sexually abuse a kid.

Avery, L. , Massat, C. , & A ; Lundy, M. , all of which stated in a survey that most culprits were male parents. Out of 54 kids runing in age from 6-18, 34 were sexually abused by their male parent that is a astonishing 62 % ( 2000 ) . Even though most theoreticians now think that there are more mother culprits out at that place but concealing behind the caretaking function ( Crossen-Tower, 2008 ) . Throughout history we have seen several different responses to why people chose to mistreat a kid whether it be physical, mental, emotional, neglect, maltreatment and or sexual. Sexual maltreatment by a household member happens more than stranger sexual maltreatment to a kid.

Non-offending grownups are grownups who do non partake and largely do non cognize that a sexual maltreatment job is in their household. They are either unwilling to accept it or non willing to travel against their partner. In either instance the mother/father ( largely the female parent ) was to fault for non taking attention or protecting her kid ( Rippey Massat & A ; Lundy, 1998 ) . History has been the chief ground that we can look back and see that the non-offending parent is non ever to fault. For case what if a married woman was being all in twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours and twelvemonth after twelvemonth, all the father/step male parent ( or whoever ) has to state the daughter/son is that they will kill the other parent. She/he would non cognize, but they could surmise that it might be go oning but if non or they could non turn out it they might really do life worse for them and their kids.

As non-offending parents are looked at and found to be the supportive and nurturing parent, surveies have shown that we need to do certain we help these parents/adults so we do non result negative waies for them. For case we do non desire to knock the parent/adult that they are partially to fault for non assisting the kid. This could in turn make life worse for them and perchance do them desire to harm themselves or others around them. I look at it this manner, if the non-offensive parent/adult is willing to go forth and take action against the maltreater they deserve a opportunity at doing life as close to normal for them and the abused kid. I personally know friends and household members who ne’er would hold thought that their kid was being abused in that manner. When they found out their whole universe came crashing down, some turned to drugs and intoxicant themselves because they were non merely fault in societies

The theory that makes the most sense to me is the multi theory, in this theory there are several factors that attribute to why the maltreater does what he does. “ Multifactor theories include theories that suggest that legion variables account for a culprit ‘s leaning to mistreat ” ( Crossen-Tower, 2009 ) . In this theory there are four different factors as stated by Finkelhoraˆ¦ ( as cited in Crossen-Tower, 2009, p. 201 ) and are as follows ; ( 1 ) the culprit must be motivated to mistreat, ( 2 ) the internal inhibitors that would state most people non to mistreat must non be working, ( 3 ) the external inhibitors that usually protect kids must non be in topographic point, and ( 4 ) the kid ‘s opposition must non be sufficiently strong. My ground for wishing this theory is that it explains the neurological affects that the individual has and is what make the most sense to me. For case I believe that in order for a individual to sexually mistreat a kid must hold something that is incorrect chemically or neurologically.

As a societal worker I feel that I would wish to work in the human service field but non straight with households who have backgrounds in sexual behavior. From a personal base I have been in this state of affairs and it hits excessively close to place for me. I feel that if I was to work with kids in this portion of the field I would be excessively judgmental and that I would make whatever it took to do certain the maltreater had the harshest result possible. My ultimate end is to do certain that each kid has a loving and lovingness place that is free of any type of maltreatment. During my research I have found that even though societal workers are reared as negative people who tear households apart, but we all have the ultimate end of doing certain people ( but largely kids ) are safe and out of injury ‘s manner. I feel that sexual traumatization forwards some abused victims to go the maltreater themselves. I truly want to do certain that there is a procedure that stops this type of uninterrupted traumatization in order to salvage our newer and approaching coevalss. “ Holosko ‘s ( 2009, p. 450 ) manner of looking at leading within the societal work profession further emphasizes the complexness, from his point of position the history of societal work in North America includes many selfless leaders who acted out of compassion for vulnerable persons ” ( as cited in Emilsson, U. ( 2011 ) . I personally agree with Holosko ‘s point of position because most societal workers have some ground like this to go a societal worker.

When we are looking at any type of sexual activity we are ever confronted with the most ghastly and negative things about it. In this paper I have tried to explicate why maltreaters have become who they are. I have besides tried to explicate how non-offending grownups have been treated in the yesteryear and how they have since been helped by the societal work professionals. In the terminal I have found that even though we have this impulse to assist kids whether it is through sexual or physical maltreatment, the most of import thing is that we have the love and dedication to make what is right by them. Just retrieve that the kids are our hereafter and if we can educate them and allow them cognize that it is okay to speak to person who will listen outside of their immediate household. Childhood sexual maltreatment is go oning more than of all time and we need to do certain that all inexperienced person is protected.

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