Reviewing A Case Study Of Eric Cunningham Social Work Essay

Eric is a 13 twelvemonth old, white male who is presently populating in a residential installation ; he is of normal intelligence and has no underlying wellness jobs other than fleshiness, he spent the first four old ages of his life populating with younger sister in the attention of their male parent after his female parent abandoned the household when he was aged 2 ( Cunningham, 2001 ) . Eric ‘s place life consisted of changeless disregard and maltreatment against himself and his sister every bit good as his female parent before she left, after traveling into province detention Eric and his sister were sent to three impermanent arrangements before come ining a long term Foster place ( Cunningham, 2001 ) .

His Foster female parent stated that in the early yearss of remaining with her he would openly talk about his maltreatment and loss, although the statements were frequently confusing and inconsistent – following this, old ages after his initial arrangement in her attention Eric said that he witnessed his male parent killing his female parent and that his male parent was sent to prison where he died ( Cunningham, 2001 ) .

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The Foster female parent reported that after several months Eric ‘s behavior changed and he became progressively agitated, with frequent explosions of aggression, she said his behavior was inconsistent and noted that he appeared peculiarly angry towards her ; and as the old ages went by Eric began damaging and stealing her properties ( Cunningham, 2001 ) . This exhibited behavior shows marks of aggression to people, and devastation of belongings.

Eric ‘s behavior became so riotous and violent ; which included fire-setting, physically aggression and self-destructive ideation that his Foster female parent feared for his and her ain safety so he was so removed from her attention ( Cunningham, 2001 ) . Eric was placed in several impermanent Foster places and group places which due his aggressive and non-compliant behavior with his equals and health professionals he has spent the last seven months in a extremely restricted residential installation which he will stay in until his behavior allows for him to travel into a less restricted arrangement ( Cunningham, 2001 ) .

These behaviors identified by people in Eric ‘s life have described lineations behaviors of three out of the four groups for naming behavior upset harmonizing to the DSM-IV ; Eric has displayed aggression towards people, devastation of belongings and craftiness and larceny based on what has been observed in the instance survey this would back up an appraisal of behavior upset.

There are several events which occurred in Eric ‘s early old ages which have influenced him and would hold contributed to his behavior. For the four old ages old to Eric being put into province detention ; Eric was abandoned by his female parent, suffered from changeless disregard and maltreatment from his male parent every bit good as witnessing sexual maltreatment from his male parent towards his sister ( Cunningham, 2001 ) . He was so passed around through three impermanent arrangements before being topographic point in a long term Foster place ( Cunningham, 2001 ) . Eric was so removed from his long term Foster place after 5 old ages which resulted in him being moved around a batch of the following four old ages through different impermanent Foster place and group places. Henggeler et Al. ( 2009 ) states that there are cardinal cause and correlativities to which antisocial behavior in striplings develop, which occur on five degrees ;

The immature individual

The household

Their equals

Their school, and

The vicinity.

Eric ‘s behavior harmonizing to these degrees had developed on a household degree ; as a immature kid Eric had hapless supervising, inconsistent or slack subject and hapless relationships between himself, his parents and his sister. Besides one time in province detention Eric would of besides had inconsistent subject as a consequence of being around so much, and would non hold developed relationships with health professionals ( Henggeler, 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Dunnachie ( 2007 ) two interventions which would be considered to be effectual in turn toing Eric ‘s behaviors are Multi-Systemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy. Multi-Systemic Therapy is believed to be the most effectual intercession for immature people with behavior upset ; this attack recognises the multi-determined nature of serious antisocial behavior ( Dannachie, 2007 ) . The intervention consists of multiple intercessions ; the different interventions include utilizing techniques such as:

Systemic and structural household therapy ( such as connection, reframing, passage, paradox, the assignment of specific undertakings )

Parent preparation, matrimonial therapy

supportive therapy related to interpersonal jobs

Social accomplishments constituents

Social position preparation

Behavioral methods ( such as, eventuality catching ) and

Cognitive therapy techniques ( such as, self-instructional preparation )

Equally good as a instance by instance direction with the healer who takes a function as an advocator between the outside bureaus ( Dannachie, 2007 ) . Multi-Systemic Therapy is consistent with Bronnfenbrenner ‘s ( 1979 ) theory of societal ecology, one of the primary premise of Multi-Systemic Therapy is that the striplings antisocial behavior is motivated by the interaction of the hazard factors which are linked with the multiple systems in which the young person is embedded, hence in order for Multi-Systemic Therapy to be effectual, the intercessions have the capacity to turn to a comprehensive aggregation of hazard factors on an single footing along with edifice protective factors ( Henggeler, 2009 ) .

Functional Family Therapy aims to accomplish a alteration in forms of interaction and communicating in order to motivate adaptative household operation ; this is based on societal larning constructs with a focal point on specific stimulations and responses which have to ability to bring forth alteration ( Dannachie, 2007 ) . To get down with the blaming ascriptions established in the households are identified ; the behavioural, cognitive and emotional outlooks, inappropriate ascription and systemic procedures that are in demand of alteration are outlined and addressed utilizing chiefly cognitive methods ( Dannachie, 2007 ) .

By utilizing Multi-Systemic Therapy or Functional Family Therapy the causative factors in Eric ‘s household would be addressed ; in Multi-Systemic Therapy through looking at and reflecting on his upbringing and looking at the different therapies in which would let him to research and happen ways of covering with the feelings he has towards his household and work on ways to travel past the behavior he ‘s exhibiting. Functional Family Therapy would assist turn to the causative factors within Eric ‘s household by utilizing societal acquisition constructs the thought that both the effects of behavior and an person ‘s beliefs about those effects determines personality and working with Eric towards accomplishing self-efficacy ( Carlson, 1997 ) .

Eric needs person in his life who is consistent and honest with him in order for him to construct positive relationships with person in his life, Trotter states that for effectual work with an nonvoluntary client at that place needs to be ; clear honest and frequent treatments about the functions of the worker and the client this would be influential for Eric as it would assist him open up the lines of communicating with the worker and assist him to experience comfy within the state of affairs ( Trotter, 2006 ) . Trotter ( 2006 ) besides suggests worker focal point on modeling and encouraging pro-social looks and actions by the client. This has the potency for Eric to see and see how life could be for him ; as he has non had a changeless beginning of pro-social modeling in his life. And to join forces problem-solving, concentrating on the client ‘s definitions of jobs and ends, this would be effectual with Eric as it would be a utile tool in leting him to reflect on his behavior and expression at ways in which he wants to alter instead than Eric merely being instructed on altering behavior ( Trotter, 2006 ) .

Trotter ( 2006 ) so talks about attacks that sometimes work ; the worker client relationship would be as facet of strength-based instance direction which would be utile to utilize while working with Eric. The worker-client relationship consists of seven elements including ;

Concern for clients

Committedness to and credence of duties towards clients

Credence of the client as a individual – non as their actions

Expectation or belief that people can alter

Empathy or apprehension of the clients feelings and point of position

Genuineness and congruity, and

Appropriate usage of authorization and power ( Trotter, 2006 )

This component of strength-based instance direction would be really utile working with Eric as he does non look to hold anyone in his life who he has a bond with ; and this would let him to experience accepted despite his mistakes and could assist promote him to get down to look at altering his behavior.

Eric ‘s behavior over clip has rebelliously developed into more antisocial and riotous behaviors. Eric appears to be missing holding a supportive role-model in his life he has spent a batch of his clip being moved around surrogate and group places where the longest clip he has spent in one topographic point is five old ages. Clearly being in a extremely restricted residential installation is non turn outing to be a successful intercession for Eric and he would possible turn his behavior around with some strength-based instance direction in concurrence with some Multi-Systemic Therapy or Functional Family Therapy.

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