Reflective Social Work Practice Social Work Essay

“ Social workers are knowing about and use the rules of critical thought and reasoned understanding. They identify, distinguish, evaluate and integrate multiple beginnings of cognition and grounds. These include pattern grounds, their ain pattern experience, service user and carer experience together with research-based, organizational, policy and legal cognition. They use critical thought augmented by creativeness and wonder. ”

I will critically analyze this infusion based on my ain pattern experience and measure the usage of theories, tools and techniques of brooding pattern to see if it supports the statement. I will get down by supplying a description of a instance survey drawn from my old arrangement to pull on the pattern experience gained and how this may exemplify my larning so far.

It is based on a 14 twelvemonth old immature miss who has been go toing a horse-riding charity to assist advance her well-being, self-esteem and societal accomplishments. For the intent of this assignment she will be referred to as A. In this peculiar illustration, it is A and myself who have met as I have been given the undertaking by my director to speak to her about her personal hygiene. My director felt this would besides assist in run intoing the standard required to manage complex state of affairss ( National Occupational Standards, Key function 6 ) . Other immature misss in her group have been seen speaking behind A ‘s dorsum about her and have non wanted to take part in group work with her because of this.

I felt discerning about the meeting as I had non yet encountered anything like this antecedently. Though I was reassured by my director that I would hold the chance to travel through the best attack with her before I met with A. Unfortunately due to clip restraints and my director holding to cover with a crisis she was unable to help me. Prior to the initial meeting with A I began to research on how best to cover with the state of affairs and program in front on how best to pass on with her. I wanted to make this without aching her feelings as she was a immature and waxy immature individual. This is besides known as 2nd order accomplishments when using be aftering schemes in what I as a worker am making, being cognizant and observant interactions, being able to feedback what has happened ( Kaprowska, 2005 ) .

Still experiencing unsure on how to take onto this peculiar subject due to my deficiency of experience, I realised that if my jitteriness is evident to A this may merely intensify her concerns as good. As a consequence I tried to maintain my anxiousness at bay. I asked if she had entree to shower/bath installations as a batch of the kids who attended the administration came from countries of want. At this point I realised I felt out of my deepness in holding this conversation, and on contemplation subsequently felt it conflicted with my ain personal beliefs. I did non believe her to hold any hygiene issues when I had worked with A in the yesteryear. This may hold shown when I finally got to the subject at manus and told her the truth. She may hold observed that I did non experience happy explicating why I am inquiring these inquiries when I myself did non portion the same position as my co-workers and others. I came off from the meeting with my assurance shaken, it was made worse when I learned from my director that A was disquieted and her female parent had in fact complained about me the following twenty-four hours.

I felt a great trade of empathy for this immature miss, as a professional I had made a committedness to guarantee her wellbeing. I was seeking to accomplish a all right balance between seeking to back up her whilst besides seeking to convey about societal alteration. A ground for this I realised was that A and I had a few similarities which may hold affected how I worked with her, the manner I perceived her and besides in the manner I related to her. I recognised that we both had experienced intimidation at similar ages. Upon contemplation I realised I had assumed her to be more vulnerable in my eyes because of my ain experiences which may hold impacted on the working relationship I had built with her ( Ojala and Nesdale, 2004 ) . Both A and her female parent were disappointed in me and felt strongly plenty to kick. I felt awful that I had caused A such hurt.

Trust is a primary characteristic in carry oning person-centred work. Originally developed in the field of psychological science by Carl Rogers ( 1951 ) where he outlined the individual centred therapy. If I was unwraping information to A about her hapless hygiene which was non something I entirely agreed with, so being transparent and honest became hard. A may hold observed my malaise with her in the meeting, and may hold lost religion in me and my work. I realise afterwards that I wanted this to alter, and so actively researched how I could prosecute in positive work with A.

Person centred work besides involves being able to detect the client ‘s wants and feelings and taking this forward in a positive mode. The theory proposes that both the worker and the client are equal, it besides challenges the impression of the worker being seen as an expert of cognition, and that the ‘expert knows best. ‘ In the meeting with A I had non truly questioned her ideas and feelings on the state of affairs, and hence had made the power kineticss between A and myself imbalanced and less in her favor. I had non taken her individuality as a service user into full history and accordingly may hold oppressed her unwittingly by non seeking to understand her positions and sentiments.

In the following meeting with A, I actively researched and utilised the individual centred attack to assist her feel valued and considered in the procedure. In accomplishing this I had learnt the spreads in my learning experience and attempted to further my cognition to profit my work with A. This can be seen that I am using the cardinal elements of critical thought as mentioned in Domain 6 of the Professional Capabilties Framework ( 2012 ) .

When speaking with A about her equitation ability and work with the group, I realised that her wants, ideas and feelings had possibly been neglected when supplying this service. Once I reached this decision I besides began to see that the administration that I was based in, it may hold been the instance that a individual centred attack was taken ab initio to get down with. However, when seeking to implement the attack to the full into pattern it seemed as if the people working with A may hold forgotten that the planning is non fixed and irreversible. Mansell and Beadle-Brown ( 2004a ) have stated that this is may be the ground why there is a lessening and prostration in being able to take programs frontward.

Furthermore similar to Carl Rogers ( 1951 ) and his humanistic position for individuality within individual centred pattern, Yelloly and Henkel ( 1995 ) suggested uniqueness as cardinal for effectual societal work pattern. With mention to A ‘s individuality which I had non originally considered, I had come to understand that I needed to do some self-disclosures about my apprehension of how I viewed her. I achieved this by pass oning candidly my ideas on how I had assumed that she would non be resilient plenty to understand the first meeting. I had labelled her as a ‘victim ‘ of strong-arming in my head when this is non how she saw herself. Possibly if I had realised this early on I would non hold meandered through the conversation of hygiene with no way, and stated the facts in a much direct and unfastened mode. I made my apologies known to A and explored more about her ideas on intimidation and its impact. This allowed me to stay consciously focused on her as an person and aware of my ain values about turn toing persons.

Support and organizational issues within the societal attention sector have meant that resources and figure of staff available to go to to service users has meant there is an acclivitous battle to run into the demands of the users ( Routledge and Gitsham, 2004 ) . These have besides had a significant consequence on the voluntary sector where I was based. My interactions with A were mostly unsupervised to get down with because of a deficit of qualified staff and resources. This meant the sum of clip and resources I was able to pass with any of the immature people go toing the service has to be made the most of. This may be why holding extremely skilled practicians is critical in the face of the current political context. In the face of a dual dip recession means holding to save now besides extends to societal workers as good ( Sanderson et al. , 2002 ) . Having adequate staff members to get down with would be helpful in supplying one to one work normally required for person-centred planning. Even when confronting such adversities, it may be important to hold a positive attitude and hold a good squad to work within to experience that the work you are bring forthing is non merely of a high criterion but besides done collaboratively. Kydd ( 2004 ) besides affirms that the solution may non ever lie in holding adequate resources but positive together to develop contributing and appropriate working environments. This may travel some manner to explicate how my director supported me in this peculiar incident and was able to supply valuable penetration into how to better our working relationship, by being present in future work with A. It is besides in line with the administration ‘s working policy ( Appendix A ) .

Transparency is important to finishing positive work with people in societal work. Congruence is an imperative facet of this where the worker and the service user have openness within themselves and with one another to further trustiness ( Platt, 2007 ) . Though this can merely go on if there is a echt desire to be honest with one another. That the professional will non keep up a facade and will be able to go to to what the service user is stating by remaining in the present and staying transparent. This may hold seemed like a natural construct but was rather hard to use when working with A. I did non desire to sabotage her experience of being bullied by her equals by conveying my ain personal experiences into the head. Yet I thought if I told her she may non experience rather so stray which is a common feeling in adolescents with complex lives ( Metzing-Blau and Schnepp, 2008 ) . Ultimately I realised my assurance had been shattered to the point where I began to oppugn about every piece of work I undertook with A, convinced that I would let down her and her female parent.

This led me to see other attacks or accomplishments I could break usage with A subsequently in my work with her. I came across cognitive-behavioural therapy which is an merger of both behavioral and cognitive subjects which emerged as a absorbing new construct in 1970s ( Rachman, 1997 ) . It addresses the thought and emotional facets together, and believes that behaviors can be unlearned. In this manner I hoped to be able to see how A conceptualises peculiar events in her life. Through this I recognised the manner A may see herself as she frequently expressed experiencing low, and deficiency of self-esteem and self-worth. A besides had a relentless wont to turn a apparently positive state of affairs into something negative. This enabled me to understand her experiences from a different point of position and uninterrupted contemplation helped me see how she may hold needed empowering.

A strengths-based attack was besides researched and utilised in my work with A, which has become favorable in both direct and indirect work with service users ( Rapp, 1997 ) . This attack appealed to me as it is more service-user led, and helps them see how their strengths play a important function in the face of their jobs or crisis that they may be confronting. It is rather different to other attacks in that it acknowledges a individual ‘s agony and damage as the consequence of systemic instead than merely psychological drawbacks. In utilizing this attack, this helped A to understand her ability to get by good despite the abrasiveness of her environing environment and day-to-day modus operandi of caring for her female parent. She was able to see her positive properties, how others besides recognised these which provided for a more balanced position of herself. This is besides in line with societal work values which places accent on assisting the user feel empowered and in control ( Value B, Topps, 2002 ) .

Since the incident I have had ample clip to reflect on my work with A and how I feel about it. Different techniques and tools are used to enable contemplation within the field of societal work, which can assist the manner we relate to work, place, civilization, and supported webs. Winter ( 1988 ) states that experience is non something that we ‘store ‘ as we would on a computing machine, instead we ‘story ‘ it.

Similarly maintaining a brooding diary is a utile technique in proactively encouraging critical contemplation if done right ( Kam-shing, 2005 ) . This was a requirement whilst on the class, which I was non acute on at the beginning. I felt it was rather a dashing experience showing my ideas and feelings and could non see the benefits of this. For the continuance of the arrangement, as my ability and cognition of contemplation improved with the aid of my pedagogue, I was able to understand how this would assist me in going an effectual practician. It helped to formalize my thoughts, trail of ideas and convey about a heightened sense of consciousness on my ain pattern.

This technique can be seen as embedded within a theory of contemplation developed by Schon ( 1991 ) . He called this contemplation in action ( whilst the event is happening ) and contemplation on action ( after the event has occurred ) . The diaries or larning logs were chiefly used after an event had occurred to understand our acquisition. This tool is available to measure the work I have undertaken and how my knowing-in-action may hold had an impact on the terminal result. Thus will be able to better on my accomplishments and ability to reflect-in-action and recognise if there is something more to be done to assist the service user. In my interactions with A and other users, I have besides recognised that contemplation on action is good in measuring my ain pattern and contemplation in action to implement those lessons learnt actively.

To be able to observe my ain errors and rectify these involves bring outing deeper acquisition. Argryis and Schon ( 1974 ) proposed that when we as people and practicians merely merely operationalize our ends instead than oppugn them we are merely using single-loop acquisition. When this incident with A occurred, I looked at the different facets such as theories, A ‘s behavior, the administration ‘s policies that had influenced my ideas and perceptual experiences and brought me to look at myself and the state of affairs with close examination and question the regulating variables to implement societal alteration be that within myself, the administration or A or all of these.

Kolb ( 1984 ) and his brooding rhythm helped me analyze the constructions to my contemplation. He developed four phases to his rhythm. These include concrete experiences, brooding observation, followed by abstract conceptualization which includes pulling decisions from incidents encountered and active experimentation. Active experimentation is the ability to larn from past state of affairss and seek a new attack. I think this is where I feel I continued my work with A from the really first incident in seeking to use different attacks to assist her. Using this attack besides made me gain that possibly even if the event itself may hold hurt A ‘s feelings it may hold raised consciousness about her hygiene and brought approximately independency. This is besides in line with Value B of the GSCC codifications of pattern ( Topps, 2002 ) and with Domain 6 ( Professional Capabilities Framework 2012 ) .

Group analyzing has been known to develop enhanced acquisition and contemplation. Bold ( 2008 ) suggests that holding a supportive group to speak through your cognition and experience gained can bring forth deeper acquisition and increase brooding competency. In utilizing group contemplation I found that holding a group to speak through my ethical motives, beliefs and premises that direct my work really utile in a public and collaborative scene. It provided the chance to look back at a past experience from multiples positions and raise inquiries. I had non realised the sedate nature of discoursing one ‘s hygiene would be so hard, with the aid of the group I was more cognizant of my concealed premises on this and how it could impact my pattern.

Research by Dahlgren et Al. ( 2006 ) highlights the importance of group contemplation and the function of a critical friend to advance authorization to both pupils and instructors. This may be because it allows for the pupils work in an informal scene and hence have more of a balanced working kineticss. This sort of democratic environment AIDSs reflective acquisition by progressing self-knowledge. In my group larning set I came off larning more about my ain premises about A being a carer to her female parent with mental wellness issues meant that she may non hold had installations to help good hygiene. The group besides helped me look at other accounts for what had happened. I came to understand that whilst the issues of A ‘smelling ‘ might hold been echt, it could hold besides been exacerbated by other staff and kids through their ain premises about her acquisition disablement, and position as a immature carer to a parent with mental wellness jobs. Their behavior and premises daily may hold impacted the manner I saw A even though I did non hold with their positions. I failed to raise this farther with my director when handed the undertaking of stating A, as I may hold besides assumed here that she would ‘know best ‘ .

Much later I was introduced to the critical incident technique developed by Tripp ( 1993 ) . To analyze incidents that have had a strong emotional impact on ourselves as practicians. It entails larning to look beyond merely depicting to derive deeper contemplation. I began to understand that my underestimate in what I had to state A, was my ain failure. This implicit in premise I subsequently realised arose from my supervising with my director who had assured me that unwraping this information to A would profit her. The feedback given from my group has helped me place countries of my contemplation where there may possibly be spreads and how I could better on these. I felt the feedback was accurate and enriching, it helped for me to understand how they saw my state of affairs with A and were able to offer alternate accounts for the results that I had non yet explored further.

Overall this assignment has aimed to show that there are a figure of factors involved in practising good societal work. This is highlighted by being able to show an consciousness of my ain values and doctrines, how my cognition in footings of theories can be applied to inform my ain pattern. I have learnt that using and measuring theories have furthered my pattern by arousing my apprehension and acquisition over clip. I have gained extra accomplishments together with multiple beginnings of cognition and techniques to better assist the people I have worked with. This sort of creativeness is what can convey about societal alteration and authorization. Reflection is an built-in portion of societal work pattern and different tools like diaries can augment deep acquisition and better hereafter pattern. What I may hold learnt from a state of affairs ab initio does non intend that these are the lone recommendations to take forward. Through continual contemplation and critical thought, it can assist to oppugn our opinions and that of others and see if more can be done to alter the face of societal work pattern.

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