Promoting Mental Health And Well Being Families Social Work Essay

Harmonizing to the World Health Organisation mental wellness is a province of wellbeing in which the person realises his or her ain abilities, can get by with the normal emphasiss of life, can work fruitfully and productively, and is able to do a part to his or her community.

Harmonizing to the North Western Health Board ( NWHB ) mental wellness affects our feelings towards others and it besides effects how at easiness we are with ourselves. Mental wellness besides affects some of our mundane accomplishments, such as interacting with others around us ; keep relationships with people, whether it is intimate relationships or household relationships. Mental wellness can besides impact the manner we deal with certain events in our lives. Changes such as mourning in a individual ‘s life or losing or get downing a occupation can hold different have a different consequence on different people at different points in clip.

Harmonizing to Barry & A ; Jenkins there are three degrees at which the protective and hazard factors work. These three degrees are known as Individual, societal and structural. Harmonizing to the NWHB each degree is supported and reenforcing each degree, therefore beef uping them. By beef uping human existences we are seeking to increase assurance and develop their abilities and accomplishments, such as interaction with other people and developing accomplishments to assist prolong relationships.

Protective factors

The undermentioned protective factors are based on an single degree. Some of the protective factors are holding good header accomplishments, holding good societal accomplishments

Good Coping Skills

If a individual is good at covering and managing certain state of affairss in life, this can be a immense aid in relation to battling mental unwellnesss. If a individual can pull off to cover with a certain state of affairs which they may be sing without acquiring excessively worked up or allowing it acquire them down, this can hold a positive consequence on their life. If a individual can be optimistic about a state of affairs and seek to look on the bright side of things and gain that they will come out the other terminal and that things will acquire more positive and that they may hold a brighter hereafter in forepart of them, this can merely hold a positive consequence on person ‘s life.

Social Skills

A individual that has the ability to suit into society and acquire to cognize people no affair where they go will hopefully ne’er truly experience isolation. Take for illustration a individual traveling to a new country that does n’t cognize anybody that lives in the country. If they have the accomplishments to incorporate themselves into that society and acquire to cognize the community they will more than probably be welcomed by members of that society. If a individual makes themselves known within the community and gets involved in things traveling on within the community, isolation will non be a job for them. For person that may be sing isolation this can hold immense knock on effects on their mental wellness. If a individual feels that they are entirely and hold cipher to turn to, this can take to mental unwellnesss such as depression.

I will now discourse some of the protective factors which are based on societal degree. Some of these are positive experiences of early fond regard and positive fond regard to household.

Positive Experiences of Early Attachment

If an single whilst turning up and while they were kids had positive experiences throughout their childhood, in relation to how near they were to their parents and if they had a good relationship can hold immense effects on a individual later in life. If a individual has had a bad relationship with their parents this can hold a immense knock on consequence later in life. If a individual feels that they were non accepted by their parents as a kid this may take to somebody enduring from depression as they may non experience wanted or accepted into society. They may experience that cipher is at that place for them. If they have had a bad relationship with their parents, they may besides happen it rather difficult to develop an confidant relationship with person, as they may be afraid of holding such a close relationship with person, as they have ne’er experienced a relationship like this before throughout their life-time.

Attachment to household

How near an person is to their household is based on a societal degree harmonizing to Barry & A ; Jenkins. How close one may be to their household can hold effects on one life. If a individual knows that they have their household around them no affair what and that they will be at that place for them through the good times and the bad so the individual knows that they are non on their ain on life. They know that their household will stand by them no affair what. People experience so many jobs in life, so it is good for an single to cognize that no affair what they have a group of people around them that love and attention for them, and will back up them through life ‘s challenges.

Supportive Social relationships

Supportive relationships, whether it be household relationships or intimate relationships is another beef uping factor which can protect mental wellness. If a individual knows that person is ever there for them, through the good times and the bad and to assist them transport heavy loads which they will come across throughout life, is a immense aid to them. I think right now throughout society, a big figure of people are transporting heavy loads in relation to unemployment and measures to be paid. If a individual knows that they have person to tilt on and to assist them along the manner in life this can be a immense weight lifted off their shoulders. If a individual has person that is back uping them, this means that they have somebody to speak to and discourse any jobs that they may be sing. Something every bit simple as merely sitting down and speaking to person about the jobs you are sing in life can assist protect a individual ‘s mental wellness. A job may non look as bad after discoursing it with person. As the expression goes a job shared is a job halved.

I will now discourse some of the protective factors at a structural degree. Some of these protective factors are economic security and employment.

Employment & A ; Economic Security

As we all know we are presently sing a terrible financial crisis in this state. A batch of people are presently unemployed. Harmonizing to the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed ( INOU ) statistics in October of this twelvemonth 420172 people were unemployed. This is a immense proportion of people in our society that are unemployed. Unemployment is a serious issue and is more than likely one of the prima causes of mental wellness jobs in today ‘s society. For those that are presently unemployed they are fighting to pay measures and meet refunds on mortgages. This can be a really distressing clip for people and can take to mental wellness jobs. It can sometimes take to people taking their ain lives as they are unable to cover with the mundane worlds of life and can see no other manner out. In a recent article published by the Irish Examiner in June of this twelvemonth stated that the economic system and the current province that it is in is interconnected to the rise in immature work forces taking their ain lives. The newspaper article took figures from the Central Statistics Office ( CSO ) from 2009. The study stated that 443 males took their ain life in 2009. This figure had increased by 15 % from 2008. Approximately 40 % of these work forces were out of work and 32 % of them had antecedently worked in the edifice industry, harmonizing to Ella Arensman from the National Suicide Research Foundation ( NSRF ) . It is clear to see there is a strong connexion with work forces taking their ain life and unemployment.

I will now discourse some of the hazard factors in relation to mental wellness. Some of these hazard factors are school failure, societal isolation and maltreatment and force.

School failure

Harmonizing to Barry & A ; Jenkins School failure is one of the hazard factors in relation to mental wellness. School failure is based on a structural degree. School failure can hold negative impacts on people lives when it comes to looking for employment subsequently in life. School accomplishment may non look of import but as people get older they realise how of import it is. If a individual fails once more and once more when it comes to seeking to acquire a occupation this may hold immense effects on their mental wellness.

Social Isolation

If a individual is sing societal isolation it can hold immense effects on their mental wellness. Take illustration an aged individual that may hold lead a really independent life ends up in long term attention. This may take to loneliness. If a individual is in long term attention they may be really dependent on person to look after them and assist them with their mundane lives. This can be a large alteration in a individual ‘s life and could perchance take to depression in the long tally.

Maltreatment and Violence

Maltreatment and force can hold a immense consequence on a individual ‘s mental wellness. Emotional maltreatment such as strong-arming as we have seen over the last few hebdomads can hold terrible effects on a individual ‘s life. Over the last few hebdomads legion immature people under the age of 18 have taken their ain lives because of intimidation. Obviously the intimidation had a immense consequence on their mental wellness and they could see no other manner out.


From my essay it is clear to see that there are legion beef uping and hazard factors in relation to mental wellness. We as a state and as persons should be concentrating on the protective factors. In a study published by the Health Service Executive ( HSE ) it mentions that the World Health Organisation stated in a study that General Practitioners spend 30 % of their clip with patients that are covering with a mental unwellness. This makes it clear to us that there are a immense figure of people are covering with a mental unwellness. Harmonizing to the HSE Ireland has tried to increase people ‘s consciousness of mental wellness and alter their attitudes towards it. They have done this by developing paperss such as A Vision for Change 2006 which is based on mental unwellnesss and mental wellness. A papers titled ‘Reach Out 2005 ‘ has being developed in relation to forestalling self-destruction. These paperss may alter people ‘s perceptual experience of mental unwellness and they may non look at it in such a negative visible radiation. There is a immense stigma attached to mental unwellness, so hopefully in clip this stigma will no longer be. Mental wellness can hold serious effects on people ‘s lives. Peoples should non experience ashamed if they have a mental unwellness. They should non hold a stigma attached to them because of this mental unwellness. Peoples need to be more unfastened minded and non look down on people who are sing an unwellness in relation to their mental wellness. Hopefully in clip the supports that people need will be readily available to them when they need it. A mental unwellness can be life altering, so for people to cognize that they have supports available to them on their doorstops can do a immense difference and can assist them get the better of their mental unwellness.

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