Problems And Issues Caused By Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Domestic force to mentally handicapped adult females

Possibly the extent of the households of adult females with disablement greatly affect domestic force against them. Often, adult females with disablements ought to depend on several persons to help them in transporting out their daily activities. For this principle, their household is inexplicit to embrace non merely boyfriends, parents, other relations and hubbies, but besides health professionals and friends and. Health professionals can include counsellors, attenders, healer, translators, healers, housewifes, head-shrinkers, drivers, societal workers, drivers, instructors, physicians and nurses. Womans who reside in institutional surroundings and adult females who are deeply or multiply handicapped, are most susceptible to mistreat because they depend more upon a greater figure of persons, and are less-able to acquire off ( Curry and Johnston-Silverberg, 2001 ) .

Dicky ( 1988 ) estimates that adult females with disablements are at least 1.5 to 10 times more likely to be abused with comparing to non-disabled adult females, with respect to whether they reside in establishments or in the community. A adult female with disablement can see trouble to describe or get away maltreatment. Social attitudes towards persons with disablements are perchance a major factor in her augmented susceptibleness to force. They are assorted ways in which the community positions adult females with disablements: they are viewed as kids who lack intelligence ; are deemed as non-sexual and more frequently, they are non offered sex instruction, which can take to inability to distinguish between necessary or normal signifiers of touching, and opprobrious behaviour ; they are deemed as informants who are unqualified to the tribunals and the constabulary, particularly, in state of affairss where they have require aid or have difficulty in pass oning ; and they are non believed whenever they do describe an maltreatment.

Womans with disablements are non merely susceptible to domestic force because they are adult females, but besides due to the fact that they have a disablement. The opportunities of going disabled are increased as one grows old and this farther increases the opportunities of maltreatment. Nonetheless, maltreatment can take to disablement. An maltreatment that is physical can do physical harm. As Cattalini ( 1993 ) puts it, adult females have mentioned household force as doing loss of mobility, and loss of vision. All forms of maltreatment can go forth psychological defects and are emotionally upseting as a victim ne’er recovers.

The Abuser

The maltreater typically violates and occupies a place of power with fear to the victim. The maltreater of domestic force may: Use his authorization over the victim to get & amp ; acirc ; ˆ?consent & A ; acirc ; ˆA? for sexual contact ; likely to be believed than the victim, particularly if he holds a place of authorization ; endanger the victim with decease or force if she tells anyone ; utilize the trouble or disablement of the victim in pass oning to dishonor her narrative if she tells ; and efforts to warrant sexual-abuse by apologizing that he is helping the victim because no 1 else be sexually-interested in her. Domestic force against females with disablements can happen in many signifiers. It takes topographic point non merely in the more inactive signifier of disregard, but besides as an maltreatment and ill-treatment that is calculated: disregard in that the victim is denied nutrient and gets deficient medical or personal attention. The maltreater can utilize physical maltreatment such as: parturiency, assault, overmedication, inappropriate or unsmooth handling, inappropriate behaviour alteration ; inappropriate medical or personal attention, and overexploitation of restraint ( Johnston-Silverberg and Curry, 2001 ) .

The victim can see psychological maltreatment such as: menace of taking away her kids ; verbal maltreatment ; denied the right to do ain determinations ; bullying ; emotional want ; and societal isolation. Furthermore, the maltreater of domestic force may use fiscal development every bit good as sexual maltreatment to adult females with disablement. Fiscal development in the sense that the victim is denied ( by the maltreater ) control and entree to her personal financess and her fiscal resources are misused ; sexual maltreatment can be seen in facets like: a adult female being denied her gender ; denial of sexual education/information ( such as childbearing and birth control ) ; forced sterilisation or abortion ; verbal torment ; assault ; and unwanted sexual touching.

Treatments mentally handicapped adult females can utilize to assist them go productive members of the society

Domestic Violence Centers need to rede the society to do changes that are cardinal in their social attitudes. Persons need to appreciate these fluctuations ; to value handicapped persons as peers and who may go reliable spouses in our society. The society ought to better the current state of affairs for adult females with disablement ( who are victims of domestic force ) in that: adult females with disablements need to be trained, to be hired, and to work in these centres ; adult females in all societies need to work-together to organize an attack to undertake domestic force against adult females ; adult females with disablements need to be availed with appropriate self-destruction reding which caters the particular demands for them ; support services and passage houses need to be made accessible, and farther be sensitized to the wants of handicapped adult females ; disable adult females ought to be able to avail and entree classs ( such as sex instruction, self-defensive and assertiveness preparation ) ; adult females with disablements should be availed with community populating options ; protocols need to be designed to test possible voluntaries or employees ; and etiquettes need to be designed to cover with the maltreatment that takes topographic point in an institutional surroundings.

The Domestic Centre Violence aids disabled adult females through its tribunal protagonism support, exigency hot line, outreach plans and supervised trials. Most victims concur that guidance and chumminess at the Center help them to calculate out how to make things entirely both emotionally and financially. More so, reding Teachs them to be independent ( Shirley, 1991 ) .

Family function in domestic force

The household has a major function to play to help handicapped adult females who are victims of domestic force. It can make the undermentioned things to assist: Offer whatsoever, the buttress she needs, whether it is proviso of transit, assisting with child-care, hearing, or any other aid ; going portion of the solution ; paying attending to any circumstance that is opprobrious and being available to move and listen if their aid if of necessity ; working towards increasing handiness ; researching the vicinity and happening out the services that are accessible and available ; taking earnestly and listening to any person who says she is being abused ; and happening a safer manner to impound her from any state of affairs she consider as being unsafe


It is highly difficult for an abused and handicapped adult female to acquire rid of the state of affairs of maltreatment due to the fact that her self-pride is undermined through banging and she think that she is apt for her ain maltreatment. She may be to the full dependent on the maltreater for medical, fondness, physical, communicating and fiscal support, thereby, fright to describe. Even if she has the information, most beginnings of support are unaccessible. Her deficiency of options leaves her powerless. The household therefore has a major function to play in domestic force, and if the mentally handicapped adult females are decently treated or counseled, they can go utile members of the community.

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