My Grand Type Essay

After taking this trial I was really surprised by my expansive type. My expansive type was “Upward Mobile Analyst-Technical Expert. ” This was a surprise to me as I have ne’er looked at the parts of work that I enjoy as the proficient side to things. Overall I do agree with this appellation as I ever want to larn every bit much as possible about the occupation at manus. Besides I do like to typically cognize a batch of information about a occupation before I attempt to finish the occupation. I would besides state that it is really much my personality to hold many of the traits listed.

I feel that many of the personality traits described were right in line with my personality and who I am. One of these traits was that I have a positive attitude about things. I tend to ever seek to look at the positive things instead than the negative in any given state of affairs as I am ever trusting that by making this I will be able to carry through more. Besides I am an ambitious individual who ever tries to carry through ends and is non afraid to try to seek new things.

Another thing that was said in the analysis that I agree with is that I am non typically good at working in groups and that I do non typically bask working in groups as I do non like to hold to trust on anyone else in order for me to make a good occupation. I did hold that I am able to show and pass on good with others when occupations are being discussed and that I have the cognition to cognize how to pass on suitably. There were many parts of the personality profile that I felt were right about who I am nevertheless there were besides parts that I did non experience matched how my personality is.

Some of the things that were mentioned in the profile that I do non hold with are when the profile stated that I was the type of individual looking to “climb” the corporate ladder as I am non interested in traveling up when I go to work but instead merely travel in and make my occupation. I besides did non hold with the fact that the profile stated that I am frequently bored during meetings. Even if I were bored during a meeting I would still try to demo regard and be interested in what was being discussed. I truly believe in being respectful in all state of affairss.

I did non experience like this was expressed in this portion of the personality profile as it talked about how I would necessitate to larn how to non pique other during meetings. I besides do non hold that I have a higher sense of larning through ocular perceptual experiences. I really typically happen it harder to larn when there is a batch of information discussed visually as I tend to larn better either hands-on or by listening. Although I did non hold with some of the things that were mentioned about my personality type they did dispute me to believe about the perceptual experiences that others might hold of me.

Some of the things that I did non experience were accurate about my personality type did coerce me to believe about how others could comprehend me. For case even though I might be seeking to pay attending and act interested in something when I am non. I do believe sometimes my organic structure linguistic communication far outweighs what I am stating and causes me to hold a negative reaction from others. I have learned that my organic structure linguistic communication is an country that I need to go more cognizant of and concentrate more on in the hereafter.

Besides some of the other things that I learned were that I could be confident if I wanted to travel up the corporate ladder and non be so afraid of failure as I have the type of personality that could stand out in this country. I am traveling to take a batch of the things that I learned about myself and work difficult to do certain that I am utilizing appropriate organic structure linguistic communication in assorted state of affairss. I am besides traveling to work hard to larn how to believe in my ain abilities and to non ever doubt or back guess myself.

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