Life From Child To Adult Social Work Essay

A human being can be good described as a societal being. During the passage of his life from childhood to maturity, he faces many challenges in life. This is usually apparent during his adolescent phase. At this phase of life, a individual ‘s growing is characterized by physical demands every bit good as emotional demands. The improper censuring and catering for these demands for the adolescence has inauspicious effects in their lives as it could easy take to drug and intoxicant maltreatment ( Drumm, 2006 ) .

Since I am working at a substance drug and intoxicant abuse-counseling topographic point, and recently we have been holding a batch of striplings coming in with drug jobs. The bureau presently does non hold groups merely for striplings, they have them for grownups, but I do non experience that is an appropriate tantrum for these striplings to go on destroying their lives. The societal demands for fondness, acknowledgment, sense of belonging every bit good as self-esteem and self-actualization ( Koontz & A ; Weihrich, 2006 ) .This can be efficaciously achieved through the formation of adolescence societal groups. In this group, the striplings are given an chance to be in an unfastened relationship where they can aerate their positions freely. This in bend will assist the workers to place accomplish their nucleus aims.

Benefits of Groups Intervention with This Population

There are several benefits, which the adolescence can profit from if drug maltreatment group would be set up in this community. This includes

Social group workers base their aims in run intoing the demands and wants of the striplings in the community alternatively of the diagnosing, they are good able to heighten openness since there is no unfavorable judgment and this helps the community since the beginning of this sort of group should get down with the understanding the felt demands ( Malekoff, 2007 ) .

Welcoming and accepting the whole individual and non the broken portion of him will assist the stripling to cognize that the groups have non come up to knock these adolescents but to accept them the manner they are.

Accepting all signifiers of verbal addresss and non merely the people who speak in a polite mode and this will promote them to prosecute them into these groups in regardless of their lingual differences.

Delegating governments to group members as this enables to accomplish the coveted consequences since you have made the striplings to go portion of the group. Hence, they have a sense of belonging for the group. This besides creates common apprehension and enhances the growing of the group ( Malekoff, 2007 ) .

Developing confederation with parents as the group should learn the striplings that parents every bit good as instructors are non their enemies and shows the demand for working collaboratively with them, and therefore making coherence within the members of the community.

Key values of utilizing group attack in covering with stripling

Active engagement of groups in the society enables the immature people to acknowledge their full potency personally. Although this can merely be achieved if the societal group creates:

Strong value base: This supports active engagement in the affairs associating to the community. This is because the stripling is in a place of acknowledging the relationship between the striplings and the society.

attitudinal set that Allows the group members define their state of affairss of their ain circumstance freely as this will assist in advancing the duty to the society by each and every stripling, and

Conceptual base that uses all verbal accomplishments every bit good as the non-verbal accomplishments which enables the members to believe in a critical manner as it allows brainstorming every bit good as utilizing all verbal and non-verbal accomplishments, and therefore making improved choice life ( Malekoff, 2007 ) .

The Key Challenges in Group Intervention in the Agency Context

Since drug abuse chiefly consequence from people who need coherence that can merely be achieved through the group scene, the societal work groups face many challenges while covering with the striplings. These challenges could include:

Measuring the extent of the norms, the functions every bit good as the position hierarchies that could assist the members feel socially integrated while at the same clip assisting the group to accomplish its ends.

Facilitating the norms and puting up the functions every bit good as position hierarchies, which give constructions in order to extinguish disorganized, helter-skelter, and insecure or even anxiety bring forthing interactions ( Koontz & A ; Weihrich, 2006 ) .

Facilitating norms, functions and the position hierarchy ‘s in-group that that could ease the members ‘ ability to exert their ain judgement and free will in order to carry through the set ends as the organisation has to find the extent of freedom and independency within the scope of acceptable codification of moralss.

Determining the most acceptable behaviour that would ensue to working in a cohesive mode the group, as the group should work in conformity with the codification of moralss.

Balancing the group needs every bit good as the communities ‘ demands while finding the attractive norms, functions every bit good as the position hierarchies for its members.

Determining and measuring the most rewarding method that will profit each member of the group every bit good as the group as a whole.

Key Challenges in Group Intervention in the Community Context

Social groups are besides affected by the community, and besides the society that sponsors the group. This may be affected in a figure of ways including

United States being a state that has diverse civilizations. The minority group might organize an involvement confederation run on deficiency of community services for minorities in the vicinity.

Community may protest against the societal group since members are accorded power harmonizing to the footing of their societal standing in the community, and their place in the bureau that funded and supports the group ( Koontz & A ; Weihrich, 2006 ) .

Since civilization is influenced by the environment of where the societal group is situated, societal groups tend to portion the traditions and heritage of this society and the interaction with them determines how they will affect the societal group. If the community does non interact with the drug maltreaters, neither will they interact with the societal group.

Sing the community values every bit good as their traditions before make up one’s minding on an action program. The image of the group may be judged by the presence of powerful single in the group and establish their statement within the context of value of the dominant community members within the vicinity.

If the mission of the societal group is in struggle with the community ‘s value, it is improbable to have support and therefore it should trust on struggle schemes in order to accomplish its aims. This could include being vision focused alternatively of being solution focused, and being cognizant that the procedures of alteration are the procedures of development and arise from uninterrupted interaction of diagnostic procedure. This diagnostic procedure may include some or all of the following

Making consciousness of the drug and intoxicant maltreatment job every bit good as how it has grown and the demand to forbear from it.

Implementing a future design procedure by developing visions and future programs of nearing the challenge ( Northen & A ; Kurland, 2001 ) .

Changing attitudes toward the job of deficiency of cooperation from the community.

Spreading new cognition to the community on the importance of forbearing from drug and intoxicant maltreatment every bit good as negociating with the community dominants, and

Implementation procedure to be done afterwards for non merely the negotiated solutions but besides reenforcing ends every bit good as the societal group ‘s marks and ( Stacey & A ; Graffin, 2008 ) .

Key Challenges in Group Intervention in the Client Context

These can be experienced in the early phases of group formation as the clients are expected to place themselves. These challenges could include

Designation: whereby the position consciousness can take to indifferences among members themselves every bit good as their leader.

Low feeling of safety every bit good as anxiousness,

Tension or struggle development due to gender, cultural, civilization every bit good as lingual differences in the group ( Parsloe, 2002 )

The worker should therefore assist the group to decide struggle by assisting the striplings develop norms that emphasize the importance of esteeming each other and happening a common land of associating with each other in a cohesive mode.

The Types of Group Approach Proposed

I would suggest the Time limited group and common assistance groups since they are long term groups in footings of continuance of service, the cognition gained by the striplings is through personal experience. The type of leader chosen is from among them, the focal point of meeting is common support of everyone, therefore doing each and everybody feel as portion of the group, and makes decision-making, the members of the group make up one’s mind ratings ( Northen & A ; Kurland, 2001 ) .

Planing Proposal for Traveling Forward

The group workers should first of all assess the grade of drug maltreatment every bit good as other maltreatment and adolescence jobs, and analyze the degree of the hazard factors in the community. The group should so measure the community ‘s preparedness for cooperation with the societal group in order to educate the striplings first earlier get downing on bar steps. The group should keep a meeting with leaders of young person organisation in the community, as this would help the group in deriving coordination programs and thoughts for short term every bit good as long-run programs.

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