Stephen hall 2/4/14 I AM LEGION
Am I legion? I don’t really know but I know after listening to this group’s new rap/dubstep ep I think so now. They didn’t really promote it that much thinking it wouldn’t be a smash hit album. But after everybody heard about it they went crazy, it was sold out in stores, and soon enough the collaboration for fun turned into tours all over the country in less than a month. I loved it because the lyrics flowed and were actually meaningful, also the frequencies were great and had your mind all over the place, and last the bass drops in the songs were just amazing.
I was just looking up music when I found the album I AM LEGION; it drew me in because of the artists that collaborated on, and all their other albums were really good. So I listened to it and as I did, I loved it! The lyrics actually meant something which is a lot when it comes to music, who wants to listen to a bunch of random stuff put together? Also his flow with the beats are spot on it sounds great, and it makes you feel good. But they also speak about real things, and sometimes it has you thinking what’s going on in the world. Another reason why this album was a really good ep is because; the frequencies they used are on tune there not all over the place. Some people just throw in sounds that make no sense or that are just random, and it ruins the song. But they made sure everything was tuned well and that it sounded good, and they more than exceeded the amount of beats per minute that they needed to put it into the dubstep genre. That in itself is hard to do and they pushed it. The last and reason I like their new ep is the bass drops they are spectacular! They are excellent and the bass hits really hard. They are very vicious and insane because they are at certain decibels that we shouldn’t be able to hear. But they made it…

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