Individual Growth And Development Social Work Essay

( 1 ) What is meant by EITHER the ‘Type A ‘ or ‘Type D ‘ form of fond regard behaviors?

Forms of attachment behavior illustrate a different adaptative scheme adopted by kids to remain near and connected to the attachment figure no affair what type of caregiving they receive. ( Howe, 2011, P. 43. ) Insecure/avoidant type A ; kids on the surface appear less dying when separated from their health professional they learn and develop a manner of ego trust. ( Applegate & A ; Sharpiro, 2005, p.67. ) Therefore kids who develop type A avoidant form of fond regard learn through experience to internalize their feelings of anxiousness and hurt as this behavior is more likely to obtain a response from the health professional. This could happen through early experiences of a kid, these experiences can “ take to the development of the internal working theoretical accounts extremely organised but mostly unconscious societal knowledges integrating positive or negative beliefs about ego and important others ” ( Shemmings, 2004, pp. 299-314 ) .

( 2 ) How might knowledge of EITHER ‘Type A ‘ or ‘Type D ‘ fond regard be utile for a practician?

Howe, ( 2005, pp. 215-216 ) tells us that type A avoidant kids header and adapt by excepting fond regard based feelings and behaviors from witting processing, as such they can non get by with their ain rousing. Displaies of failing in themselves or others makes them dying avoidant and rejecting. Howe ( 2005, pp. 215-216 ) explains that a kid with type A avoidant attachment behavior may at first appear quiet and good behaved, and they may get by good when separated from their health professional and externally demo small emotion nevertheless internally have feeling of anxiousness and emphasis. Recognizing and understanding this behavior informs the practician as to whether a kid is at hazard of ill-treatment and supports determination devising and interactions. The assessment procedure expressions at three spheres of the kid ‘s development, the parents or health professionals capacity to react suitably to their demands the wider household and environmental factors. DOH ( 2000 ) .

( 3 ) Analyse an issue for societal work values raised by fond regard theory and/or research.

Theory of attachment gives the practician a yardstick on which to do their appraisal of the caregiving from an attachment figure. The grownup fond regard system can be triggered when under menace this could be physical or psychological events. Secure attachment grownups may pull on positive elements from their internal working theoretical account whereas when an insecure fond regard system is activated a individual may see a sense of exposure resurface ( Howe 2011, p.55 ) . A parent seeking to come to footings with and care for a kid with a disablement could respond in a manner suggested by Barrnett et Al ( 1999 ) cited in Howe ( 2006, p. 751 ) parental reaction to a diagnosing could be as a consequence of unsolved feeling in coming to footings with their kid ‘s diagnosing or to make with the parents relationship history and fond regard position. These unsolved feeling could cut down the parent ‘s sensitiveness to react to the kid ‘s demands and topographic point a handicapped kid at hazard of developing an insecure fond regard. It has been found that kids with development holds postural, vocal and facial postural behavior can do it hard for female parents to read their signals and demands taking to increased hurt and anxiousness for the kid ( Howe, 2006, p. 750 ) . A kid with decreased cognitive operation and development holds may non suit into the classs developed and used by Mary Ainsworth so for the practician there is no yardstick for attachment appraisal. As a practician it may non be appropriate to do opinion or have premises based on this theory.

( 4 ) Describe an interesting research survey and what this survey has helped you understand about your form of fond regard at some point in your life ( e.g. babyhood, childhood, adolescence, maturity ) .

Scott, Rhoadas & A ; Whitton, ( 2010 ) describes and discusses the function that committedness plays in bracing romantic fond regard including kineticss that can impact the strength of committedness and fond regard. 16th May 1987 I married my hubby. In understanding this committedness, Scott, Rhoadas & A ; Whitton, ( 2010 ) highlight the cultural emblems of committedness they besides define this committedness as the purpose to be together in the hereafter. This is reflected in what I now see as the cultural pattern of battle, a signalling to others our committedness.

The four grownup fond regard manners follow on from the four childhood forms based on Mary Ainsworth ‘s survey of infant behavior ‘the unusual state of affairs ‘ an appraisal made of behavior in babies following the separation and reunion of their parent or attachment figure ( Howe, 2011, p. 58-60 ) . Secure B in babies would be secure- independent in grownups. Avoidant A in babies would be disregarding in grownups. Ambivalent C form in babies would be pre-occupied in grownups and disorganised D form in babies would be unsolved – disorganised in grownups ( Howe, 2011, p. 58-60 ) . The grownup fond regard interview developed by Mary Main in the 1980 ‘s is a tool used to research people ‘s attachment relationships utilizing a series of inquiries this recognises these four forms as a comparing to the childhood forms ( Howe, 2011, p. 58-60 ) . Research would bespeak that holding a unafraid fond regard in childhood would travel on to hold a secure fond regard in maturity ( Howe, 2011, p. 58-60 ) . I consider I had a unafraid fond regard to my Mother nevertheless grownups are able, as are kids of holding more than one attachment figure. Scott, Rhoadas & A ; Whitton, ( 2010 ) made me reflect on my relationship with my sisters we have moved through life at similar phases the birth of our kids, matrimonies, our links were maintained and nurtured by our Mother. I considered the foundations of fond regard set within internal working theoretical accounts as kids and how this allowed us to accept alteration, header and support each other when needed. Surely they have all been changeless across my lifetime. Most attachment research highlights the working theoretical account Bowlby ( 1974 ) cited in ( Kobak Rodgers & A ; Haven, 1991, p. 862 ) suggests that the working theoretical account must accommodate to alter this could be during the preparation of a relationship embracing information about ego or others. Securely affiliated person would see others as accessible and reactive to their demands ( Scott, Rhoadas & A ; Whitton, 2010 ) . This would corroborate the relationship I have with my sisters and hubby. Zeifman and Hazan ( 2008 ) cited in ( Scott, Rhoadas, & A ; Whitton, 2010, pp. 247 ) see that fond regard develops from romantic fond regard based on features outlined by Bowlby ( 1969 ) propinquity, care, separation, hurt, safe oasis and unafraid base. Having made a committedness Thabaut & A ; Kelly ( 1959 ) cited in ( Scott, Rhoadas, & A ; Whitton, 2010, pp. 243 -244 ) suggests that for relationships to develop it is dependent on mutuality and non merely on personal features. I consider my relationship and fond regard to my hubby to be much more than a romantic fond regard ; that overtime it has developed into a unafraid fond regard, one in which there is non a loss of ego but one which as persons we can research and hold single ends nevertheless at clip of emphasis are at that place to offer support. Scott, Rhoadas & A ; Whitton, ( 2010 ) suggests that an investing is made I would hold with this after 25 old ages of matrimony we have invested a batch non merely materialistically but emotionally.


Part 2

( 1 ) What is meant by resiliency?

A individual ‘s ability to be resilient is influenced by biological, psychological and environmental factors ( Colby, 2011, p. 17 ) . These factors which for many bring hardship can besides be the protective factors which practicians may wish to back up to advance resiliency. Protective factors could include a positive fond regard figure ; this could be a member of the drawn-out household or relationships with equals or the wider community in which they live ( Colby, 2011, p. 17 ) . Colby ( 2011 p. 17 ) goes on to state that get bying schemes can better conditions of hardship these could be job resolution, being relentless or inquiring for aid. For some header schemes could include the pickings of drugs, giving up or turning away ( Colby, 2011, p. 17 ) . Lerner, et Al ( 2012 ) province that “ resiliency is a construct denoting that the relationship between a individual ‘s individual and a individual ‘s ecology has adaptative significance that is the relationship involves a tantrum between features of the person and characteristics of his or her ecology ” . Lerner, et Al ( 2012 ) goes on to state that when faced with challenges people can accommodate. Resilience is hence a relationship between multilevel and incorporate development systems.

( 2 ) What resiliency did you observe in the older individual that you interviewed, which have helped them react to their fortunes?

Having completed an appraisal with Mrs C prior to the interview I was cognizant that her relationship with her brother is of import to her. I think it must be considered at that clip that non much idea was given to the psychological effects of evacuating kids. The aim at that clip was to salvage lives ; the theory of fond regard and the effects of separation non considered. This was a shared experience of Mrs C and her brother, possibly she might hold seen it as her responsibility to look after him, holding met them both this support is non out of responsibility but a positive fond regard bond the relationship back uping resiliency in them both. Mrs C at a immature age was familiar with loss in her household. Having been from a fishing household she was cognizant that the work forces in the household did non ever return. Possibly this was the foundations which allowed her to come to footings with decease and loss. I feel we need to see gender it was the work forces who lost their lives at sea the adult females left to transport on and attention for the household covering with heartache frequently internally with small or no public show. Mrs C may hold learnt from their header schemes. This is reinforced subsequently in the interview when Mrs C tells how her brother found it hard to back up in the alleviative attention of their female parent. Mrs C had already lost her male parent when she was twenty now during the unwellness and subsequently decease of her female parent she was to give birth to her first boy followed by the loss of the household place. Mrs C ‘s experience of old heartache and her “ you have to acquire on with it attack ” helped her trade with loss. The manner in which decease is seen and dealt with has changed in society at the clip of Mrs C ‘s female parent decease it was possibly non considered unusual that she be cared for at place by the household. Many traditions such as holding the asleep remain at the place overnight before the funeral the community shuting the drapes are seen as Markss of regard. I stopped the interview at one point to pass clip looking at household exposure ; this reminiscence procedure and holding a ocular record of her loved 1 ‘s can back up the grieving procedure and guarantee that loved 1s remain portion of the present. This is based on my past work experience with older people in residential attention and twenty-four hours attention scenes with service users who have a diagnosed dementedness.

( 3 ) Many behaviors have both pros and cons. What might be the cost of the peculiar signifier of resiliency shown by the older individual that you interviewed?

Protective factors for Mrs C would be the community in which she lives and her household, for illustration the fond regard she has with her hubby and brother. A form develops through the coevalss in that she cared for her female parent her late aunt and so her grandchildren, leting the household to entree paid employment. Following an appraisal of demand the household diminution societal attention services and program to back up Mrs C and her brother. Mrs C chose to remain at place with her female parent alternatively of prosecuting her calling in nursing she was required to assist out financially. Mrs C subsequently married, with the kids to care for she worked portion clip. Consideration needs to be given to whether her determination was influenced by cultural and societal context of the clip. Few adult females were in paid employment, they were non expected to work and if they did it was short-run before matrimony and kids ( Quinault ‘s, 2001 ) and ( Evans, Kelly, & A ; Hayes, 1999 ) . When sing pros and cons of this determination the con would be the chance to go on instruction and a calling way in nursing this might hold presented a hazard to her self-esteem and self-worth.

( 4 ) What peculiar resiliency has your life-experiences given you?

Having studied fond regard and its significance to child attention I consider my sisters and I all had a unafraid fond regard to our female parent, surely she was one of our protective factors during hardship. We witnessed domestic force between our parents taking to an insecure fond regard to my male parent of the ambivalent type surely the features described by Howe ( 2005, pp. 35-36 ) “ parents of ambivalent kids are preoccupied with their ain uncertainnesss and whether anyone is available for them ” he goes on to state that “ they hold a fright of being ignored abandoned ” . As kids we were diffident what his response would be. My parents divorced when I was 12 I now see this as the adaptative procedure a alteration which allowed develop into secure grownups. I went on to hold a relationship with my male parent encouraged by my female parent nevertheless in maturity I was estranged from him for over 20 old ages resiliency giving me the assurance to do this determination. This was ne’er resolved and he passed off last twelvemonth. The whole household suffered injury when my 2nd oldest sister suffered a shot I was 14 at that clip, she was non expected to retrieve. I considered my female parent to be a strong adult female who showed great resiliency being a parent gives me an apprehension of how she must hold felt during that clip. This could be attributed to her holding positive parenting from her parents who were besides a great influence in our lives. The Health Professions Council ( 2012 ) article 5.2 provinces that practicians should “ Understand how an person ‘s individuality is informed by factors such as civilization, economic position, household composing, life experiences and features, and take history of these to understand their experiences, oppugning premises where necessary ” . I feel my experience will back up my pattern and in run intoing the HPC ‘s criterions of proficiency for societal worker.

Part 3

Measure a research survey which has interested you sing the growing and development of one of the undermentioned groups: A ) older people, B ) people with disablements, C ) striplings, or D ) asylum-seeking kids. See what is helpful for informing societal work pattern and what might be flawed in the survey.

Dunkerley et Al ( 2005 ) presents happening of a survey of kids seeking refuge in Wales completed on an empirical footing. Professionals took portion in interview and concentrate groups these included societal services, wellness, instruction and the voluntary sector. The intent of the research by Dunkerley et Al ( 2005 ) was to place any quandary or tensenesss in relation to the capable affair. Dunkerley et Al ( 2005 ) introduces the issue of asylum searchers as one which has changed across western society. The position now being that those necessitating a topographic point of safety free from persecution are human waste frequently of condemnable irresponsibleness refuge searchers seen as receivers of public assistance instead than lending to society ( Dunkerley et al, 2005 ) . This is frequently a topic of political argument seen as a manner of driving elections and act uponing electors. ( Dunkerley et al, 2005 ) .

Issues raised by Dunkerley et Al ( 2005 ) are dispersal, co-ordination and ethical quandary. The system of dispersion is seen as a peculiar job for kids who while in the National Asylum Support System ( NASS ) are dispersed around the UK. The response from participants was that “ these kids are frequently in oblivion and have been in oblivion all along anyhow ” ( Donkerley et al, 2005 ) . For the kids a move means go forthing a community, friends and school which they will hold built up acquaintance and modus operandi ( Donkerley et al, 2005 ) . Asylum seeking kids who have experienced injury may expose a secure fond regard merely demoing marks of disorganized fond regard when in state of affairss which remind them of traumatic events ( Shemmings & A ; Shemmings, 2001, p 43 ) . Attributed to the parenting they had prior to trauma ( Shemmings & A ; Shemmings, 2001, p 43 ) .

Health professionals including physicians and nurses were concerned that many necessitating ongoing medical intercession frequently holding entered the system they, would so hold to get down this procedure in a new location ( Donkerley et al, 2005 ) . There was specific links to child development in that it can take two old ages for to entree address therapy. Piaget ‘s theory of cognitive development Tells us that kids of different ages solve jobs otherwise he proposed they go through four phases ( Robinson, 2007 pp. 82-85 ) . Piaget felt that kids learn by actively building their ain universe utilizing duplicate processes the first pickings in the external universe and doing this an built-in portion of oneself ( Robinson, 2007 pp. 82-85 ) . Piaget identifies four phases Sensory-motor intelligence period ( birth to about 2 old ages ) , Preoperational period ( 2 – 7 old ages ) Concrete operations period ( 7 – 11 old ages ) Formal operations period ( 11 old ages + ) ( Robinson, 2007 pp. 82-85 ) . Owusu-Bempah Howitt ( 2000 ) & A ; Woodhead ( 1999 ) Cited in ( Robinson, 2007, p 87 ) argue that Piagetian trial can non be conducted outside the western universe they suggest that western universe kids undergo a more rapid cognitive development than African equals. However Daniel et Al ( 1999 ) cited in ( Robinson, 2007 ) tells us that societal workers can pull on this theory to back up pattern kids should actively seek to understand the universe in which they live if they are non making so it could be a cause for concern. Erikson ‘s psychosocial theory believed that worlds experience eight major psychological phases or struggle over their lifetime ( Sigelman, & A ; Rider, 2006, p. 38 ) . Whether a phase is successfully resolved or non the person is pushed biologically to the following phase, it was besides Erikson ‘s belief that an unsuccessful phase will act upon how other phases progressed ( Sigelman, & A ; Rider, 2006, p. 38 ) . The eight phases Trust vs. misgiving ( birth to 1 twelvemonth ) Autonomy vs. shame and uncertainty ( 1 to 3 old ages ) Initiative vs. guilt ( 3 to 6 old ages ) .Industry vs. lower status ( 6 to 12 old ages ) Identity vs. confusion ( 12 to 20 old ages ) Intimacy vs. isolation ( 20 to 40 old ages ) Generativity vs. stagnancy ( 40 to 65 old ages ) Integrity vs. desperation ( 65 old ages and older ) ( Sigelman, C & A ; Rider, E, 2006, p38 ) . Erikson places prominence on societal factors and the ability to get the better of early battles. So for refuge seeking kids it becomes more hard to understand and do sense of the universe in which they live this so impacting on their cognitive development and move through development phases ( Sigelman, & A ; Rider, 2006, p. 38 ) . The research conducted by Dunkerley et Al ( 2005 ) was specific to Wales ‘s workers in the local authorization support services found that many refuge searchers had no apprehension of where Wales was geographically and were non provided with information before manus. Section 2.2 of the asylum support policy bulletin 31 Dispersal guideline tell us that “ as a general regulation, social workers should apportion adjustment in countries outside London and the South East ” Section 5.1 provinces that “ Many refuge searchers province that they wish to be allocated adjustment near, or with, relations or friends. When sing such affairs, social workers should hold respect to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. ” ( Home office, 2009 ) . Dispersal was introduced to alleviate the force per unit area on local governments in London. NASS was to back up services in bunch countries ( Home office, 2009 ) . A concern for the kids and their development was that they may non hold topographic points at schools who could learn English as a 2nd linguistic communication ( Lynch & A ; Cuningham, 2000 ) .

The voluntary sector raises the issue of co-ordination they often provide support which should be provided by other bureaus ( Dunkerley et al, 2005 ) . Mistakes in disposal undertakings frequently meant that appropriate adjustment or services were non provided for illustration. “ We have had day of the months of birth that have been out by 10 old ages ” ( Donkerley, et Al, 2005 ) . Respondents felt that statute law and alterations presented challenges in maintaining up to day of the month with in-migration jurisprudence many of the procedures compromised there rules of pattern showing them with ethical quandary. “ A undertaking worker in a local authorization refuge squad expressed considerable anxiousness about holding to evict households who have been refused the right to stay ” ( Donkerley, et Al, 2005 ) . HCPC, ( 2012 ) Standard 5.1 province that the worker should be “ cognizant of the impact of civilization, equality and diverseness on pattern be able to reflect on and take history of the impact of inequality, disadvantage and favoritism on those who use societal work services and their communities ” . The apprehension of a civilization different from our ain can be a challenge for the worker we must retrieve that every person is alone ( Nader, Dubrow & A ; Stamm, 1999 ) . The chief issue raised by ( Donkerley, et Al, 2005 ) is that of dispersion which is embedded in policy and statute law.

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