Henry Morrison Flagler Essay

Born in Hopewell. New York on January 2. 1830. Henry Morrison Flagler was a successful industrialist who co-founded Standard Oil Company. the most exultant monopoly of the 19th century. Henry’s male parent. Isaac Flagler. was a mobile Presbyterian curate who became a member of the racial equality motion in Ohio. After the separatioan of his parents. Henry. together with his female parent. Elizabeth. and his younger sister decided to travel to Rock Hill. New York. Flagler moved to Bellevue. Ohio at the age of 14 together with his stepbrother. Dan Harkness. At the age of 23. Henry Flagler married Harkness’ cousin. Mary Harkness.

They had two girls and a boy. Unfortunately. their 2nd girl died at a immature age of 3. Both Flagler and Dan Harkness decided to open a joint distillery concern. At the same clip. Flagler continued to run another business- grain concern. Furthermore. Flagler moved to Saginaw. Michigan in 1863 to put in t5he salt industry. Unfortunately. he lost approximately 100. 000 US dollars after the salt industry’s autumn in the post-Civil War. With his lost in Saginaw. Flagler decided to return to Bellevue. Fortunately. he partnered his friend. Rockefeller and Samuel Andrews in their oil refinery concern in Cleveland.

Flagler and Rockefeller became really close friends and advanced concern spouses. Leadership in Standard Oil. State of Florida and City of Miami As an effectual and advanced leader. Flagler was a immature adult male whom people liked. As an energetic man of affairs. he had no consciences to do him dither over the moral quality of a contract which was profitable. As for Flagler. the lone justification for his actions is success- doing money in peculiar. As a spouse and responsible man of affairs. he was non a close adult male and non a dreamer. However. he knew when to close his oral cavity and the importance of fiscal dream.

In Florida. Flagler was known for transforming the province to a flourishing province in the US. He developed assorted land in the province and bought the bing railwaies to transform it to Florida East Coast Railway. With the railroad. Flagler’s advanced head brought the province to prominence in footings of touristry. He developed Florida’s east coast metropoliss into tourer finishs which resulted to more occupations. Aside from that. utilizing a proposed rail rates discount to farm concerns. many merchandises like orange and Citrus paradisi were optimally produced in the province.

As an efficient enterpriser. Flagler did non halt from developing the full State of Florida. In 1893. he acquired Palm Beach and built the Royal Poinciana Resort Hotel. During that clip. Royal Poinciana became the largest resort hotel in the universe. With these touristry development and railway system constructed. rich people began to acknowledge and at the same clip travelled down the east seashore to see parties. golf. yachting. swimming and fishing. He was besides responsible for the creative activity of the metropolis of West Palm Beach. Flagler continued to construct his railway South which resulted to the development of Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

As a generous leader. he donated money for the building of many schools. infirmaries. and churches. He was besides responsible for the alleviation given to the husbandmans after winter. And every bit low as he is. Flagler made most of his contributions anonymously. Organizational Leadership Henry Morrison Flagler shows an illustration of a transactional leader who clearly creates a construction required to be followed by their subsidiaries. This lone means that all his subsidiaries are all responsible for their assigned work given that the Flagler gave the proper instructions and demands for the work.

Flagler besides shows his leading manner through the usage of wagess and penalties. As a man of affairs. he had the passion for money. and in a hard-supporting experience. had learned the rules in doing it. He showed no palling minutes in spread outing their oil business- he is speedy to see an advantage and speedy to obtain it. Flagler’s leading accomplishments were proven to be helpful in his success. Among these accomplishments are: sing the demands and singularity of the group and knowing and understanding the resources of the company.

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