Group Influence: Surface Navy Association Essay

For this paper I decided to sit with a group that I know. but I choose to remain off from because I did non desire to be portion of that “mold” Harmonizing to Myers. an group is “two or more people who interact with and act upon each other” ( Myers. 2010 ) . However. the Scopess of a group spread further. Behaviors within the group affect the other and. events within the group affect all members. and behaviours affect the success of the group. I picked the Surface Navy Association because the group kineticss within the organisation displayed integrity. and I besides saw people conforming to what they felt was the norm. This type of group shows a heavy grade of societal influence. Which occurs when an we interact with other people or group. The impacts of this interaction may be positive or negative on the person.

Hawaii subdivision of the SNA is located in Honolulu. Hawaii. This organisation is comprised of the local military members enlisted and officer. The organisation is comprised of about 1500 members ; made up of retired and active military US Navy and other braches of the armed forces that hold and involvement in the Surface Military. SNA was incorporated in 1985 “ to advance greater coordination and communicating among those in the military. concern and academic communities who portion a common involvement in Naval Surface Warfare and to back up the activities of Surface Naval Forces” ( Surface Navy Association. 2014 ) . Meetings for the association are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Hale Koa hotel. They hold their meetings in a conference room. but the scene is really laid dorsum and unfastened.

Seating for members is non fixed ; he or she is free to sit in any available place. SNA is really diverse in the ages of members. which range from 21 to 70 old ages of age. Members are chiefly male ; a little per centum is female. and ethnicity of this group scope from Caucasian. Asian. Hawaiian. African American and many others. However. there is a hierarchy within this association. There are officers. which consist of an president. frailty president. secretary. financial officer. The highest attending officer normally the president or frailty president facilitates the meeting. The meeting starts off with a conversation of anything that is go oning that will impact the military so moves to a pre-set docket. The docket consists of the proceedingss of the last meeting being read. the president’s study. the financial officer study. and the awards study. The other members are allowed to notice and pass on about the information being stated during these studies nevertheless they are non allowed to advert any new information.

Once these studies have been read and discussed. the other members of the group have an chance to discourse issues or concerns they have with any subject or how they choose a victor for a certain award. Primary subjects discussed in the meeting were the old month’s SITREPS ( military or SNA intelligence ) . approaching events. and rank issues. The members of the group exchanged information based on old state of affairss as related to current state of affairss. and they give advice and unfavorable judgments for the old month’s activities or deficiency at that place of activities. Members were unfastened to information exchange and did non take any unfavorable judgment in a negative mode. Communication was unfastened so that all members could pass on with one another. All members had the chance to interchange remarks or concerns about any of the subjects covered.

Psychologist Irving Janis coined the term groupthink. the term relates to the group’s desire for conformance and its determination devising procedure. Groups that usage groupthink are more concerned with the conformance of the group that the members may do wrong determinations in order to continue the harmoniousness. Janis had three demands he believed that groupthink would necessitate in order to be developed. These demands were that the group was cohesive. the group was isolated from dissenting positions. and the group had a leader who signaled the determination they favored ( Myers. 2010 ) . Surface Navy Association did run into of these demands. and I about felt bad that it took a school assignment in order to see what this group was truly approximately.

While the group did look to be chiefly a united group. there were times of dissension but they were settled rapidly. This discord was met in a positive manner to assist the members learn and grow. The group did do determinations that benefited non merely the group as a whole but benefited the members as persons and the community. Based on the definition of groupthink. SNA was vulnerable to it. but at the same clip the group was concerned with doing informed determinations than to maintain harmoniousness within the group.

Conformity is when altering or following behaviours or attitudes are consistent with the societal norms of a group ( Wood. Wood. & A ; Boyd. 2011 ) . Surface Navy Association has societal norms. or criterions of behavior expected of its members. These norms include behavior while stand foring this organisation and besides any military unit they are with every bit good as behaviour in general while out in town because members of this association for the most portion are good known within the military. These criterions include basic behaviours such as forbearing from condemnable activity and moral behaviours. While most members adhere to these criterions in his or her mundane life in general. all members are expected to conform to the criterions. There are penalties for the members who do non conform to these criterions. These penalties include rejection of rank and even them describing any behaviour to their bids.

The affect of a group may hold a important influence on an person. However. surveies have revealed that societal interaction can escalate single emotions ( Barsade & A ; Gibson. 2012 ) . These societal interactions can impact both the individual and the group outcomes. Social facilitation is an of import quality of the group experience. Social facilitation is the positive or negative consequence on an individual’s public presentation attributed to the presence of others ( Wood. Wood. & A ; Boyd. 2011 ) . SNA group gives it members a sense of fibril and gives them a opportunity to give back to people still in the military and to besides portion what they have been though to people that are believing about fall ining the armed forces and besides to assist give penetration to what military forces go though.

The members within this group understand the importance of the undertakings they must execute in order to demo what good military forces can make. Due to this apprehension. the members work together as a squad instead than as persons. The member of this group are unified and appears to be every bit near as household. and members are together in this group demo their desire to assist others in the military community.

In the terminal groups are portion of everyone’s life no affair how much you try to avoid them somehow you one time or are portion of a group. Groups aid to help us in assorted different undertakings and state of affairss throughout our lives. Groups have their ain criterions. regulations. and organisation. and can hold a negative or positive impact on your life. The Surface Navy Association strives to hold a positive impact on all people both members and citizens. This organisation helps to salvage lives by supplying an mercantile establishment for retire and active responsibility military people to hold people to speak to that understand and besides accomplishments they are recognized for. The members have learned to work together to accomplish the ends of the group. and they have conformed to the criterions set Forth in order to keep rank and have become a incorporate group because of the attempts of the members.

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