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Ye Deng (Ronnie)Response to “General Mills Has a Soggy Idea for Cheerios”
The Wall Street Journal published an article on Jan.20 titled “General Mills Has a Soggy Idea for Cheerios.” Written by Mr.Henry Miller and Mr.Gregory Conko, the piece argues how the recent General Mill’s decision of labeling Cheerios as containing no ingredients from GMOs only fuels rather than appease the critics.
They point out that “in any event, General Mills received no applause from critics”, claiming that almost no costumers will be willing to pay the inflated price for the reformulated product, using the support from Wired Magazine’s Marcus Wholsen, New York Time’s Mark Bittman and some typical anti technology activists like Green America. Also, the piece takes the fact that the genetic modification bioengineering have been used for decades and basically all oat varieties now planted commercially have been modified in some way, to further prove their opinion. Additionally, by citing a 2001 Food and Drug Administration guidance document, the authors point out that the “Not Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients” label is misleading, or even violates federal law.
The given evidence seem to be pretty solid: on one hand, they cited comments from authorities from magazines as well as antitechnology activists, on the other hand, they provides both scientific and legal facts. Nonetheless, the seemingly solid evidence cannot bear further analysis. The claim that “General Mills received no applause from critics” is more like an assertion than opinion, which is only supported by certain people. Without more detailed and statical information, it’s hasty to say that not many costumers are willing to pay more for the new Cheerios. What’s more, even though most of the oats cultivated today have been genetically modified, to some extent, there’re still some natural oats out in the nature. Therefore, there still lies a possibility for General Mills to produce…

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