First Amendment Is the Cornerstone of the United States Essay

On July 4. 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed liberating the 13 American settlements from Great Britain. making what would go the most powerful democratic state in history. The United States of America’s way to success is filled with test. mistake. and infinite forfeits. The establishing male parents envisioned a state that was governed by the people non by a oppressive male monarch. On December 15. 1791 a really important papers was added to the Constitution of the United States known as the Bill of Rights. Most Americans are mistily familiar with the Amendments that construct the Bill of Rights.

However. the Amendments were created to protect the “people” from future authorities dictatorship. This Bill of Rights. like the Constitution. is a unstable papers that was meant to ever be adapted to the times of the state. The Bill of Rights included the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. I believe the of all time germinating First Amendment to be the most of import because it protects our freedom of address and the imperativeness. faith. the right to piece or petition the authorities. These single rights are the basis of our state and ease a state free of subjugation.

Freedom of address defined as the right to talk without censoring or restraint by the authorities. [ 1 ] Even though United States is considered to be a successful democratic state. nevertheless there are minutes in our history that defined us through freedom of address. There are several illustrations throughout history where the usage of freedom of address allowed our state to germinate socially. August 1963. Martin Luther King on the footfalls on Lincoln Memorial gave one of the most of import addresss of the twentieth century. “I have a dream” . It is considered by many bookmans to be responsible for coercing President John F Kennedy to go on his battle for civil rights. which led to the transition of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under President Lyndon B. Johnson [ 2 ] . Without freedom of address I believe that our state would hold slipped into a socialistic manner authorities long ago.

What has caused the bulk of struggles throughout the universe in history? The most prevailing ground for struggles throughout history is faith. In many states around the universe. faith is influential and plays a critical function in the political system. However. in the United States be free of spiritual constitution and holding spiritual diverseness have non allowed for spiritual struggles to intensify. I would hold to conceive of if the initiation sires had non included the freedom of faith in the first amendment that our state would hold non survived.

The right to piece is defined as the right to keep public meetings and signifier associations without intervention by the authorities [ 3 ] . The right to assemble screens a assortment of locales that most Americans take for granted. The right to piece allows us to run into in public to discourse a assortment of subjects. take portion in protest. belong to groups or associations. and pattern faith openly in public. There are multiple illustrations throughout our states immature history were the right to piece has accomplished positive and negative progresss in our society.

Without the right to assemble African Americans would non been able to protest motivating the Civil Rights Act. employees would non hold been able to protest insecure working conditions and unjust rewards. and more late the tea party organizing to convey to light political concerns. However. there are cases of negative assembles such as the Ku Klux Klan which was against the civil rights ; more late the Westboro Baptist Church who protest funerals of military veterans and are anti-homosexuality rights. Even though there are negative with the right to piece the positive will ever outshine the negative.

The right to petition the authorities for a damages of grudges gives citizens the right to buttonholing. letter-writing. e-mail runs. attesting before courts. registering cases. back uping referenda. roll uping signatures for ballot enterprises. peaceable protests and picketing: all public articulation of issues. ailments and involvements designed to spur authorities action qualifies [ 4 ] . The right to request to me is one of the chief grounds the settlements went to war with England. The settlements felt laden and had no say in what way the state was headed. The sires wanted to guarantee that the people had the right to look into an over avaricious authorities. The right to request allows the people to hold a voice in taking what way our state takes.

I believe First Amendment to be the most of import because it protects our freedom of address and the imperativeness. faith. the right to piece or petition the authorities. We as American citizens frequently take these single rights for granted. We are born into a free democratic state and have ne’er experienced socialistic or communist subjugation. Without the First Amendment. our state would hold non survived. and I believe that we would hold conformed into the exact thing that we were contending against in the Revolutionary War. In order for our state to go on to be comfortable. the First Amendment must be protected and ne’er taken for granted.


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