Family Domestic Violence Assessment Social Work Essay

Mrs. Chan has a household of four including a boy and a girl. She foremost came for aid because of the bad father-son relationship in her household. During the interview, she disclosed the fact that she has been suffered from domestic violent for about one twelvemonth.

Four interviews were conducted by the worker. The intent was to assist measure the state of affairs and put up an intercession program to disregard domestic violent in the household and make a harmony household atmosphere.

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Background information

The client, Mrs. Chan, is a homemaker and her hubby runs a food market shop. They have an 11-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. The fiscal position of the household is equal.

Problem appraisal

Client ‘s perceptual experience of the jobs

During the interview Sessionss, Mrs. Chan explained her positions on the job.

Mrs. Chan worried about the bad father-son relationship in the household. For illustration, they seldom speak to each other. The boy ‘s school work was acquiring work and had unusual behaviours.

Mrs. Chan told the worker that she was abused by her hubby and tolerated it for about one twelvemonth. She had mentioned if her hubby took out a knife, she could non stand it. When this happened, the client worried about she and her two kids ‘s safety.

Work ‘s perceptual experience of the jobs

Harmonizing to Family-Centre Approach ( Waldegrave, 2005 ) , the household system would be disturb if there is one job in the household. It suggest to concentrate on one job and to recover the balance measure by measure. The worker observed that the household have several jobs. The household members tolerated them but non tried to work out them, they lacked of focal point on the jobs.

Domestic violent

Mrs. Chan suffered from domestic violent since last twelvemonth. Mr. Chan abused Mrs. Chan and even took out a knife to menace. The worker observed that the client and her kids ‘s safety were at hazard.

Spousal relationship

The unresolved domestic violent would trip the other job in the household ( Waldegrave, 2005 ) . The worker found that Mr. Chan was non respectful plenty towards Mrs. Chan. He abused his married woman and did non see her physical injury and injury. Mrs. Chan tolerated it for a long clip and ne’er asked for aid. Tolerate is non assist for job resolution.

Father-son relationship

The household is the cardinal resource for the nurturing of kids and parents should be supported in their attempts to care for their kids ( Waldegrave, 2005 ) .

The domestic violent affected the father-son relationship. The kids witnessed the male parent beat the female parent, this arouse the hate of them towards the male parent.

During the interviews, the worker found the client had suffered from domestic force for a long clip. She had many concerns and difficult to make up one’s mind the agreements, for illustration, fiscal concern and kids ‘s school issue.

Agreed position of the clients and the worker

The client and the worker agreed that safety is the first concern. We thought that Mrs. Chan and her two kids ‘s were in a unsafe state of affairs. The domestic violent led to other job in the household, such as the father-son relationship and the boy ‘s behaviour job. Based on Mrs. Chan finding to alter, it was hope that the domestic violent could be dismiss and a more harmonious ambiance would be create in the household.

Precedences of jobs

Domestic violent

Spousal relationship

Relationship of male parent and boy

Intervention stage

The Inter-Agency Committee on Collaboration of Services for Families Where Wife Assault Occurs ( 1990 ) suggest that unless the batterer acknowledged his violent behaviour and finished his ain intercession program, the worker should non convey the twosome together for reding. In this instance, the client and her household member were separate for different single intercession.



Ensure safety

To disregard force in the household

Improve spousal relationship

Improve male parent boy relationship


Create harmoniousness and supportive ambiance in the household

Schemes and principles

Residential Services for Abused Womans

Lowenberg and Dolgoff ( 1996 ) developed an Ethical Rules Screen which place the protection of safety as the most of import rule. So the worker ‘s first concern was the client ‘s safety. Refuge centres provide impermanent adjustment to females and their kids in face of domestic force or household crisis. The societal worker would mention the client for the Harmony House for safety concern. She can hold a safe topographic point to remain and believe about what to make next.

Domestic force support group

Many adult females think that stating others or describing to the constabulary of the force is betrayal and unpatriotic to the hubby, she is besides interrupting the trust and friendly relationship between the two ( Towns, Adams and Gavey, 2003 ) . Harmonizing to the instance, Mrs.Chan was loath about stating the abusing job at first and informed that she had ne’er told others before. So it is good for her to pass on with others in the same state of affairs and face the job non digest it. This interaction would profit her determination devising.

Emotional direction and interpersonal relationship workshops

Mrs. Chan indicated that Mr. Chan was non good at commanding his emotion and got hot pique. These workshops are conflict declaration preparations that help mistreating work forces cover with their emotions in a healthy mode. The workshops emphasize empathy, forgiveness, and apprehension. Through the class of the workshops he will be able to command choler.

Reding with the kids

Kolbo ( 1996 ) suggest the negative effects of witnessing domestic force on kids ‘s emotional and behavioural development. The domestic violent behaviours had bad consequence on the kids. The boy worse in survey and detest his male parent. It is necessary advocate the kids for farther intercession.

Apply household therapy

Use hazard appraisal to measure two of the twosome are ready for the household therapy, and the safety monitoring is ongoing. In the status that the hubby was witting that his force was irrational and the married woman was willing to advocate with the hubby. The family-centre attack believe that households who seem hopeless can turn and alter ( Boone, 2002 ) . All household member is responsible to the harmoniousness of the household.

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