Failure Analysis/Organizational Change Strategy

Failure Analysis/Organizational Change Strategy
November 7, 2013Failure Analysis/Organizational Change Strategy In today’s unstable economy a lot of companies started to be innovative in their business approach. Over the past five years, after the economic recession, companies faced challenging situation which cause a lot of business to close, some still struggles to cope up and only a few managed to survive. This is mainly due to descending trend in the business cycle depicted by a debility in manufacturing and employment, which in turn lesser household income and spending (, 2013). A good example is Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Based on the company’s annual revenue report, between fiscal year 2007 to 2011 the company lost ? 19, 103.2 billion in revenue (Kishimoto. S, 2012). This paper intent to evaluate the variables that may led to almost proximate to being insolvent and how the company muddle through the tough times and be at their position now. Multiple research and comments from business analyst will be discussed and evaluated to come up with the best recommendation that may answer the question of: what the company should have done to avoid this situation and how to prepare for upcoming years. Furthermore, identifying and correlating the fundamental principles of organizational business structures and strategist with the company’s concerns will greatly help save the company’s time and money.
Fuji Photo Film Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1934, with the intent of being the first Japanese producer of photographic films. The company modify its name to Fujifilm Holdings Corporation in 2006 as the respond to the corporate strategic transformation. Today, the company has a market brand in multinational photography. Imaging solutions such as optical devices, photography equipment, supplies and services are just one section of the company (, 2013). Between 1980 up to the 20th century, the company…

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