Examples of Essay Questions for Exam Essay

Chapter 1:

1 ) . Describe the four stairss taken in work outing a concern job. ( A procedure. non an event ) * Problem designation ( is to understand what sort of job exists ) . * Solution design ( is to plan solutions to the jobs you have identified ) * Solution rating and pick ( taking the “best” solution for your concern house ) * Implementation ( the best solution is one that can be implemented. including constructing the solution and presenting it into the organisation )

2 ) What is the difference between information engineering and information systems? Describe some of the maps of information systems. Information engineering is the usage of computing machine hardware. package and associated engineerings to treat informations and achieves company’s concern aims. Some illustrations of information engineerings include nomadic computing machine devices such every bit PDAs every bit good as online banking package. Information engineering can be thought of basically as a manner of execution and direction of computing machine information systems.

Information system is a computerized set of interconnected tools and processs that collect and store informations. and bring forth information. Main map of the information system is transforming the information into meaningful information and as a consequence back uping the determination devising procedure. An information system can be for case collection employees’ personal inside informations. bank history inside informations and the sum of hours worked and turning it into monthly paysheet and revenue enhancement payments. Another illustration is paying measures online where the information about payment petition such as sum. day of the month and history inside informations is collected. processed and sent to the right bank history.

3 ) The section concatenation you work for has had legion ailments about slow client service. Your co-worker. a gross revenues director. informs you that this happened at a old shop she worked for. and it was cleared up by engaging more gross revenues representatives. Should you take her advice? Why non? What techniques can you utilize in measuring the job?

The advice should non be taken. as it is a haste to judgement. which could intend that the incorrect solution is used. wasting clip and resources. You should inquire the co-worker to use critical thought. Critical thought is sustained suspension of judgement with an consciousness of multiple positions and options. It involves at least four elements: • Maintaining uncertainty and suspending judgement

• Being cognizant of different positions
• Testing options and allowing experience usher
• Being aware of organisational and personal restrictions


1 ) Identify the different types of systems used for the different degrees of direction in a concern. * Senior direction ( ESS executive support systems )

* Middle direction scientists and cognition workers ( MIS direction information systems DSS decision-support systems KMS cognition direction systems ) * Operational direction production and service workers data workers ( TPS dealing treating systems )

2 ) How can a good CRM system addition net incomes for a company? Cost decrease a strong point in Customer Relationship Management is that it is doing the client a spouse in your concern. non merely a topic. As clients are making their ain order entry. and are empowered to happen the info they need to come to a bargain determination. less order entry and client support staff is needed. More repetition concern

the repetition concern is coming from the delighted clients. who are turned from doubting clients into loyal advocators. More new concern If you are presenting the ultimate client experience. this will seed the viva-voce bombilation. which will engender more new concern. 3 ) Define and give an illustration of a cross-functional concern procedure within a house. Cross functional concern procedure is a specification may end in many different ways and some of those ways may affect failure. For illustration. the concern procedure for managing bringing of goods into the warehouse may ensue in complete devastation of all received goods.


1 ) Value concatenation analysis is utile at the concern degree to foreground specific activities in the concern where information systems are most likely to hold a strategic impact. Discourse this theoretical account. place the activities. and depict how the theoretical account can be applied to the construct of information engineering.

The value concatenation theoretical account identifies specific. critical purchase points where a house can utilize information engineering most efficaciously to heighten its competitory places. Precisely where can it obtain the greatest benefit from strategic information systems? What specific activities can be used to make new merchandises and services. enhance market incursion. and lock in clients and providers. and lower operational costs? This theoretical account views the house as a series or concatenation of basic activities that add a border of value to a firm’s merchandises or services. These activities can be categorized as either primary activities or support activities.

* Primary activities are most straight related to the production and distribution of the firm’s merchandises and services that create value for the client. Primary activities include: inward logistics. operations. outbound logistics. gross revenues and selling. and service. * Support activities make the bringing of the primary activities possible and consist of: organisation substructure ( disposal and direction ) . human resources ( employee recruiting. hiring. and developing. engineering ( bettering merchandises and the production procedure ) . and procurance ( buying input ) .

2 ) Select a popular merchandise or company that you are familiar with. such as Apple’s iPod. Apply Porter’s competitory forces theoretical account to that merchandise and/or company. Which of the four generic schemes is the company utilizing?

3 ) The text describes Michael Porter’s position of the Internet as slightly negative. What negative influences does Porter see? Describe several positive influences the Internet has on concern. Make these outweigh the negative influences?

Answers will change. Following is an illustration of a possible reply:

Porter sees the Internet as making of all time more intense competition. through leting new rivals to come in the market. and coercing competition on monetary value entirely. raising the bargaining power of clients. and stifling net incomes.

Positive influences of the Internet would be heavy telecommunications costs. making new chances for constructing trade names and loyal client bases. take downing costs of globalisation. You could besides see Porter’s negative return on take downing the barrier to entry as a positive for new companies.

The Internet’s influence being negative or positive depends in portion on the point of position from which the influence is being seen. For illustration. a telephone public-service corporation is impacted negatively by the outgrowth of Internet telephone. whereas other industries may be impacted positively either through the usage of this engineering or through prosecuting in Internet telephone as a concern.

1 ) Describe the five major classs of IT substructure and supply an illustration of each.
* SW—MC-office
* Data management—local country web
* IT services—Eberly IT support
2 ) List and depict the major tendencies in computing machine hardware. Which of these do you believe will make the biggest alterations in concern information systems. and why?
* Faster
* Smaller
* Cheaper
* Better

I think the biggest alteration is smaller. because it could do the cost cheaper and it is convenient for clients to take exterior.

3 ) Identify and depict some of the current tendencies in modern-day package platforms. * Turning usage of Linux and open-source package. Open-source package is produced and maintained by a planetary community of coders and is downloadable for free. Linux is a powerful. resilient open-source operating system that can run on multiple hardware platforms and is used widely to run Web waiters. * Java is an operating system and hardware-independent scheduling linguistic communication that is the taking synergistic scheduling environment for the Web.

* Web services and service-oriented architecture. Software for endeavor integrating includes endeavor applications and middleware such as endeavor application integrating ( EAI ) package and Web services. Unlike EAI package. Web services are slackly coupled package constituents based on unfastened Web criterions that are non product-specific and can work with any application package and operating system. They can be used as constituents of Web-based applications associating the systems of two different organisations or to associate disparate systems of a individual company.

* New package techniques such as Ajax and RIA for enabling Web applications. and tendencies for uniting Web applications to make new merchandises ( mashups ) . * New ways to believe about Web applications. in the tendency of Web 2. 0. which emphasize services over packaged package. swearing users as co-developers. tackling corporate intelligence. utilizing lightweight development methods.

* Software outsourcing. Companies are buying their new package applications from outside beginnings. including application package bundles. by outsourcing custom application development to an external seller ( that may be offshore ) . or by leasing package services from an application service supplier.

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