Evaluation Of Support Services For Young People Social Work Essay

“ Young people should be at the head of planetary alteration and invention. Empowered, they can be cardinal agents for development and peace. If, nevertheless, they are left on society ‘s borders, all of us will be impoverished ”

Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General, 2007

The power of young person in conveying about planetary alteration is so undeniable. However, in order to ease the young person to go effectual agents of alteration, authorising them today through proviso of adequate and effectual services is inevitable. It is with this sentiment that the authorities of UK has strived to offer a scope of effectual support services for the young person. The authorities recognized and acknowledges the fact that immature people in a bulk of instances, are capable to adversities and jobs in their mundane lives, which may curtail their true potency and have a important negative impact on their well being. Hence in order to emancipate them from such confines, it is indispensable and extremely recommended to do commissariats which afford them the ability and entree to run of good quality support services. Bringing the disadvantaged young person back to mainstream society by inclusionary policies aimed at rehabilitation of such young person ; offering them increased chances for wellness and instruction ; paid employment ; and affecting the local governments and other bureaus to do such alterations faster and more effectual, at all degrees, has been the chief docket of the recent authorities policies. This paper seeks to discourse and research the authorities initiatives with respect to proviso of support services to immature people and measure their deductions on the young person.

Purposes and Aims

The chief purpose of this research paper is to place the demand for support services available for the young person across UK, assess the quality and scope of services offered to them, measure their impact and results, and understand its deductions.

– To reexamine literature on the support services available to kids and immature people populating in residential attention places where the chief sources are the mark groups i.e. kids populating in residential attention places and having support services

– To reexamine other facets related to the service provided such as the response of the kids having such attention, their perceptual experience towards the services received, the scope of services received and their influence / impact etc

– To offer advice on the province of support services being provided and recommendations for betterment


Young Peoples:

For the intent of this survey the term immature people refers to persons between the age group of 13 – 19 old ages. This age group is selected on the footing of the definition provided by the authorities ( DCSF, 2010 ) .

Support Servicess:

Harmonizing to Tolfree ( 1995 ) : Instituitional residential attention is defined as: “ a group life agreement for kids in which attention is provided by compensated grownups who would non be regarded as traditional carers within the wider society ” ( In Ansell 2005, Pp. 220

Young people who are looked after by local governments constitute a really little proportion of all immature people in the county about 0.5 % ( Wolkind and Rushton, 1994 ) The term support services, for the intent of this survey, includes: services offered by the authorities in association with local governments and other private establishments such as: household support, services related to instruction for immature wrongdoers ; information, counsel and advise offered by professional carers ; services for drug wrongdoers ; rehabilitation services for displaced young person ; every bit good as services targeted at societal inclusion and community engagement.

Research Questions

The cardinal research inquiries sought to be explored and investigated as a portion of this survey are listed below:

What is the demand for supplying support services to immature people?

What are the assorted support services offered to immature people?

What are the assorted deductions of such support services?

Restrictions and Ethical issues:

A Numberss of restrictions to th?µ informations c??ll?µcti??n ?µx?µrcis?µ hav?µ b?µ?µn n??t?µd. Th?µ tim?µ c??nstraint is w?µ hav?µ limit?µd tim?µ . As with all rating, this survey has restrictions. There were some paperss differences in the processs adopt?µd with immature and childr?µn. Diff?µr?µnt groups of immature people w?µr?µ involv?µd in th?µ rating. The engagement of one group of participants through all rating phas?µs may hav?µ provid?µd mor?µ coh?µsion, facilitat?µd gr?µat?µr r?µfl?µction and r?µsult?µd in mor?µ compr?µh?µnsiv?µ conc?µptualisations of immature w?µllb?µing by household and professional.

However, raises a farther ethical issu?µ ; although inform?µd cons?µnt was obtain?µd from participant/guardians, professionals, with participant ‘s proff?µr?µd th?µ chance to retreat at all points of contact. Engagement in analysis may b?µ qu?µstion?µd as without acad?µmic analysts, r?µs?µarch may produc?µ nil mor?µ than laic und?µrstandings ( Hard?µn ?µt al. , 2000 ) .

Research Methodology

For the intent of this survey, a qualitative, descriptive “ Desk based Research ” methodological analysis is used. Data is collected from primary every bit good as secondary beginnings, and observations are made on the footing of a critical reappraisal. The intent of taking qualitative desk based research methodological analysis for this survey was the comparative significance and relevancy of such a method in pulling critical illations about the topic under consideration.

Harmonizing to Housden ( 2006 ) :

“ A desk research is a information that has already been gathered for some other intent, held by / within other organization/s. ” ( Pp.77 )

Descriptive research helps in detecting the state of affairss in which the topics under survey survive. In this instance, the topics under survey are immature people / young person and the chief purpose is to detect and measure the type of services offered to them and its deductions. Exploratory research helps in understanding the mode in which the mark subjects get along in a given state of affairs, the major issues refering them and the relevancy of such issues impacting their mundane lives ( Engel, Schutt, 2009 ) .

Since the chief research inquiries probed in this survey trade with the type and scope of services offered to immature people across UK, and its deductions and result, such a research methodological analysis would be disposed in functioning the intent and hence aid in satisfactorily achieve the coveted results. The assorted cardinal primary beginnings referred as a portion of this survey are mentioned below:



Relevance to analyze


Department of kids, schools and households. Government of UK

The information provided on this site will assist in accessing the scope of services provided / intended to be provided by the authorities.


A dedicated web site for young person

Government of UK

This contains information related to the mark topics, and offers critical informations for analysis. It besides includes statutory and other counsel patterns introduced by the authorities, which can be used for critical analysis and comparing.


National Youth Agency

It offers information and information related to youth, the issues and concerns faced by them, of import studies, and the function of local governments in helping the young person in turn toing such concerns


Integrated Youth Support Servicess

This website contains information and counsel on cardinal issues refering the young person, assorted organisations involved in supplying support services to immature people, studies, research and critical counsel etc. which can be used in the survey to deduce logical decisions.

Structure of Evaluation:

Evaluation is an mundane experience for most immature people. Young people who ever want to develop cognition for action and alteration, whether through plan rating, community appraisal, policy analysis, or other surveies. It is based on the belief that people have a right to take part in the establishments and determinations that affect their lives, and that rating is a vehicle for engagement. ( Barry Checkoway & A ; Katie Richards-Schuster, 2010 ) .

This research was carried out Bradford urban country northern portion of UK one of immature support service in local authorization. With the boundary of any metropolis or town, yet geographically distinguishable from each other utilizing a assorted gender squad of r?µs?µarch?µrs. This rating was conducted semi construction interview methods between 13-19 old ages old immature people. A group of ?µight figure of immature aged 13 to 19 old ages in immature people took the engagement of the rating. The research was described with the same account of rating questionnaire. What is the demand for supplying support services to immature people? What are the assorted support services offered to immature people? What are the assorted deductions of such support services?

The immature people has felt that even though they liked their research questionnaire, it was rather a unfastened inquiry, and it easier to research if it was broken down in to smaller more specific strands. It was three inquiries which immature people they would hold themselves to reply. Along with this the immature people requested that it would be a good thought to seek and include the experiences of other immature people both with and without a acquisition disablement ( David, J. Garner 2008 ) .

The term of disablement covers a broad scope of particular educational demands, which includes those of immature people diagnosed as sing different conditions: attending shortage and hyperactivity upset ( ADHD ) ; austim, Tourette ‘s syndrome, profound and complex disablements ( Quershi, 1994 ) . Because larning troubles have become a considerable cause of concern as recent attention in the community enterprises have brought more people with hard behaviors in to societal context in which their safety and that of others may be important attention issues within the society ( Mansell, 1994 ) .

This rating squad is a little group who collaborate, in the procedure, from inquiring inquiries and garnering information to doing sense of the findings and taking action in the community within Bradford country. An ideal squad includes immature people who represent the community and work together good, with or without big aid. The procedure continues when people formulate an rating program, which is like a list of “ stairss to take ” or “ things to make. ” In its simplest signifier, the program identifies who will make what by when.

This rating operates in communities which are non “ mono-cultural, ” with people holding similar societal and cultural features, but “ multicultural, ” with important group differences among them. It will non be long before the bulk of people in the UK will be of African, Asian, and Latino descent, and diverseness will be a fact of life.

Diverseness strengthens the quality of rating. It represents the community, generates a wider scope of positions, and develops more cognition than is possible with merely a few voices at the tabular array. If democracy is about the engagement of the people, and the people are going more socially and culturally diverse, so participatory rating is about beef uping diverseness, and its methods should re know group differences and construct Bridgess across group boundaries ( Participatory Evaluation with Young People,2010 ) . During the engagement immature people decided on a scope of different activities they could make together to experience more relaxed and confident taking up to sharing their sentiment and positions.

The large challenge now for the Youth Service is to enable immature people to further develop their accomplishments, assurance and cognition so they can lend to more effectual direction of the Service through holding a existent say in the quality of facilitation and services on offer ( Reid, H. L. 2002 ) . It besides be concerned that local authorization they needs to be balanced between provide the degree of support which enables the immature people to populate in community being intrusive and normative in their day-to-day decision-making ( Mansell, J 1994 ) .

Literature Review

Increasingly immature perceptual experiences are b?µing r?µcognis?µd as supplying a uniqu?µ vi?µw of th?µ universe, an insid?µr ‘s vi?µw or ?µmic p?µrsp?µctiv?µ that can positiv?µly contribut?µ to immature c?µntr?µd policy and practic?µ d?µv?µlopm?µnts ( Darbyshir?µ ?µt al. , 2005 ) . About two tierces of the immature of the immature people had thought about taking their ain lives and 40 % had tried to when aged between 15 and 18 at the clip they were go forthing attention ( Saunders and Broad, 1997 ) . There are besides legion surveies of immature people in auto, and the grade of attending paid to their demands varies well from survey to analyze. On the other custodies it is clear that facet of immature people ‘s demands can be overlooked or underestimated including their physical and wellness demands ( Simms and Halfon,1994, Mc-Cann et Al. 1996 )

The demand for supplying attention and support services for older kids and adolescents have been stressed in several surveies of all time since the 1980s in UK every bit good as in other states across the Earth ( Packman and Hall, 1998 ; Triseliotis et Al 1995, Wells and Biegel, 1991 ) . Europe and UK differ and the grounds for immature people come ining the attention system and the sort of attention provided for them and influenced by geographics and history. However irrespective of such attempts to raise consciousness for support services the predicament of immature people continued to stay critical with really small supervising afforded to them, along with a entire deficiency of effectual support services aimed at back uping immature people from hard-pressed backgrounds ( Fisher, Marsh and Phillips, 1986 ) . There state of affairs changed significantly, with the debut of Children Act 1989 which introduced a scope of reformatory steps and helped in conveying about a renewed accent on the value of household and support services for immature people ( McAuley et al, 2006 ) .

Assorted research documents have stressed on the demand for development of appropriate policies aimed at supplying support and supervising to immature people, which may assist them in pull offing their personal and professional lives. The demand for execution of a robust model which includes the proviso of personal advisors, carers and youth support workers in UK has besides been stressed from clip to clip by research workers, academic bookmans and policy shapers likewise ( Hulbert 2000 ; Reid and Nix 2001 ; Reid 2002 ; Westergaard, 2003 ) . Research grounds shows that immature people today are in far greater demand of effectual support services than of all time before, since now they are exposed to greater wellness hazards, drug maltreatment, teenage gestations, mental wellness jobs and other critical issues which emerge during adolescence, which were antecedently unheard of or uncommon ( Coleman and Hendry 1999 ) .

It is on history of such turning demand for supplying equal and effectual support services that a scope of such dedicated services have been launched across the state, targeted at young person and comprising of inclusive services aimed at heightening the lives of the young person.

The fact that today ‘s young person are tomorrow ‘s leaders can non be denied, and sing the predicament of young person in UK, where a important bulk of young person from diverse socio-economic every bit good as multicultural backgrounds lay on the peripheries of ‘mainstream ‘ society, the absence of such dedicated attempts could be a cause of national concern. The authorities through a series of green documents targeted at heightening the well-being of kids and immature people in UK has initiated a series of policy steps which includes authorising immature people by guaranting the proviso of efficient services ; supplying them with better information, advice and counsel to assist them do informed picks ; supplying better and more individualized support services particularly to those with greater demand and promoting the young person to take part in volunteering thereby increasing their engagement in their communities ( DCFS, 2010 ) .

Although the Children ‘s Act brought about important transmutation in the scope of services provided to and available for kids, the predicament of immature people / youth remained more or less unchanged. However, the debut of the green paper on Youth Matters, in July 2005 ( Youth Matters, 2005 ) followed by Youth Matters – Following Stairss in March 2006 ( Youth Matters: Following Stairss, 2006 ) triggered off a series of radical alterations in footings of the support and attention services available for immature people. The cardinal purpose behind establishing an inclusive young person support service was the evident deficiency of effectivity of the bing services in the UK. Harmonizing to Youth Matters, the local young person are non efficaciously included in the current system since the services offered are non tailor made and hence of small or no usage to those for which they were developed. Besides, the organisations offering the services lack proper construction and coordination and therefore neglect to work imaginatively and creatively ensuing in loss of valuable resources ( DFES, 2010 ) .

Similarly another important paper published by the authorities in July 2007 on Aiming High for Young People ( CWD Council, 2007 ) , stressed on the demand for and function of supplying statutory counsel on positive activities, every bit good as laid down statute laws clear uping the function of authorities every bit good as the local governments in concentrating on resources which would assist vulnerable and deprived immature people and including them in determination devising procedures.

Furthermore the authorities besides launched targeted young person support services which aimed at presenting reforms led by the Children ‘s trusts, and focused on working in partnership with local governments and other bureaus to develop common attacks for immature people which may assist in measuring their demands and supply them with timely and effectual support services, therefore deciding their issues quickly, before they go out of manus ( DCSF, 2008 ) .

To offer single immature people in their leisure clip chances of assorted sorts, complementary to those of place, formal instruction and work, to detect and develop their personal resources of organic structure, head and spirit and therefore the better equip themselves to populate the life of mature, originative and responsible members of a free society. ( Ministry of Education 1960: 36 )

‘To encourage immature people to come together into groups of their ain choosing is the cardinal undertaking of the Service ‘ , they argued ( 1960: 52 ) . If the figure of immature people being looked after is worsening the hazard of injury or maltreatment is non. Closer proctor needed between educational governments, societal services sections and reding services so that single plans of instruction and preparation and societal accomplishments can be developed alongside support for psychological and emotional development ( Utting, 1997 ) . Sometimes it is hard to collaboration work between different bureaus. Organization or local authorization working in isolation will be less effectual in assisting the immature individuals, since a disconnected attack will heighten confusion and isolation. Wherever possible, statutory and non-statutory organisations need to work together with local authorization as an inter disciplinary squad ( societal exclusion unit, 1998 ) . To do a better society all of demand to work together teacher, professionals, carers and the household demand to assist in placing what these early mark may be and in taking appropriate action to back up immature people to do society better.

Findingss / Results: Drumhead

– The research indicated the focal point of the authorities in supplying targeted services for immature people in assorted countries such as wellness, instruction, employment, household support services etc.

– The literature reappraisal revealed the deductions of such services on immature people in footings of positive results such as increased engagement in communities, improved relationships with equals and parents, increased motive, enhanced communicating, better wellness, among others

– The policy initiatives undertaken by the authorities indicated a strong desire to affect immature people in critical determination devising processes thereby guaranting their wellbeing and all unit of ammunition development, and therefore the ultimate attainment of their cardinal aims

– The plans initiated by the authorities were found to hold a strong positive impact on the immature people, interpreting into clear benefits for them.

4. Decision

There is a turning organic structure of research focused on measuring the services provided by the authorities for the development of immature people. Activities and steps ensuing in positive and touchable results are hence of extreme significance to both – the research workers every bit good as the policy shapers. Such a research would hence assist the regulating organic structures in measuring the quality of services provided, its perceived significance by the mark audience and its overall deductions in procuring long term and far making benefits to the young person. Young people have had educational troubles, there is grounds suggests that a important figure of immature people coming to reach with homelessness bureaus in the UK have experienced some sort of job ( Evans, 1996 ) . However, instruction and preparation may be needed for immature people to acknowledge the early warning mark of exposure.

Servicess which are aimed at re-engaging young person who have been out of instruction and who are identified as “ at hazard ” is a positive step which will assist the curtail the exposure of such groups and assist them in alining into the mainstream society. Such services are chiefly aimed at young person rehabilitation and seeking their active engagement in their several communities. The current policies non merely purpose at simply developing policies but besides prosecuting the young person in determination devising thereby doing them more involved in their ain lives and promoting them towards taking effectual and better lives. This is believed to pave manner for making strong extremely motivated persons and leaders who can assist in developing a stronger and better state.

Young people Services have an of all time more of import portion to play in the Government ‘s docket to eliminate societal riddance, along with debut of Connexions to assist immature people identify larning and work chances and measure up for employment and preparation, many of the alterations in work pattern and bringing have been profound and far making. Bradford Youth Service has made a committedness to direction preparation for immature people, to enable the service to take full advantage of Best Value, OFSTED action programs and the development of Connexions ( Schutt, R. K. , 2009 ) .

As employment chances for the unskilled have decreased, more immature people will go unemployed and are attracted to big metropoliss for hunt of wok like Bradford. Because employment is critical psychological function to play in people ‘s lives ( Harker, 1997 ) . Without the chance to work, a immature individual can go hopeless and despairing, and may fall back to others means including condemnable activities, in order obtain money ( P. Aggleton and J. Hurry, 2000 )

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