Decision Managing And Risk Taking Social Work Essay

Decision devising in kernel is merely taking between two or more options, it is a procedure whereby the terminal merchandise is a determination. Decision shapers need to take into history the context in which the determination is being made. There are five factors to see when doing a determination:

Legal demands – This gives professionals powers and responsibilities and service user ‘s rights and precautions.

Policy determinations – Administrations can implement their ain policy from the authorities statute law this manner they can orient it more towards their service and utilize this it to implement a tighter standard in which service users are eligible to back up ( O’Sullivan ; 1999 )

Agency determinations – The bureau decides what is best for the administration as opposed to the service user. This could besides hold an impact on hazard pickings as an bureau would instead take less hazards than a societal worker as the bureau could potentially hold more to lose.

Work of other bureaus – working within a multi bureau squad is an of import portion of societal work, this can do struggles when doing determinations as each bureau will hold different values sing what the best determination will be.

Societal context – It is of import to include the societal context in to determination doing particularly when it comes to resources, for case in the instance survey there is no point holding one option as taking a long vacation together if the resources are n’t at that place. Mental wellness issues besides need to be included within the determination devising procedure, the instructor states that Delia is rather down and low in temper. Delia may be low in temper because as Beverly in the instance survey provinces she is the ‘scapegoat ‘ of the household. Having Delia moved in to a surrogate place may do her feel disliked within the household. Delia seems to hold aggressive inclinations, this would necessitate to be included in the determination if she were to travel into surrogate attention. Possibly it would be better if Delia was n’t placed with other vulnerable or really immature people. Society will besides hold negative attitudes towards the household, foremost because Delia is in her adolescence and they are seen as ‘troublemakers ‘ and secondly because the Mum is n’t get bying. It is besides of import to see the society and environment in which Delia grew up as she could hold learned these behaviors from person such as her parents, hence this may take to a different signifier of intercession.

Different degrees of client engagement

Each service user can hold different degrees of engagement for a assortment of grounds. The degrees of engagement are:

Bing told – This is the lowest signifier of engagement

Bing consulted – This is where your sentiments will be appreciated but non greatly considered in the concluding result

Bing a spouse – this is a high degree of engagement and means that you will be involved at all phases of the procedure

Bing in control – As the highest degree of engagement you will be in control over everything that happens and all the determinations that are made

First, Delia is the primary service user as the determination will hold the most impact on her, and Delia should be a spouse in the determination devising procedure because of this. By being a spouse this means that the determinations will be jointly made and she will be more committed to the alterations and be more satisfied with the result of the determinations. This would do the result more successful, and besides convey a sense of accomplishment to Delia hence increasing her assurance and ego regard.

Julie should be consulted as it would be ideal to acquire her sentiment on the state of affairs as she will cognize what is traveling on, but the determination wo n’t impact her every bit much. As she is rather immature she may non hold the ability to be of higher engagement. Although if household therapy were to get down Julie would be a spouse as it is best for the whole household to be equal in the determination for it to be most effectual.

Angela, who is Delia ‘s Mum should be a spouse in the determination doing procedure as she is besides a primary service user. The result of the determination will hold a immense impact on her, although it will be progressively hard for a determination to be made as Angela and Delia would wish the consequences to be different. Although their end end is preponderantly the same, they have differing sentiments on the best class of action.

Robert is a primary service user as he has parental duty of Delia. The highest degree of engagement would affect him being consulted. His positions and feelings will be utile when coming to the determination but the statements are finally between the female parent and girl. It could be utile to hold him as a spouse so he could be more of a go-between between them sing he necessarily wants what is best for them both. If Delia is placed in impermanent Foster attention so Robert would necessitate to be made a spouse in this determination as he has full legal parental duty.

Although Delia and her Mum are the primary service users, it would be debatable to set them both entirely in control of the determination due to the fact that they are both emotionally attached. It is ever hard to hold more than one stakeholder as holding full control over the determination particularly when they would all potentially have differing methods and schemes to make the nonsubjective end.

Power issues when the interest holders run into together

There are assorted different power issues when meetings are held, these could be:

between the service users/ carers and professionals

different bureaus and professionals

power issues between different household members

Everyone nowadays should experience empowered to talk and state what they are experiencing without experiencing intimidated or censored in any manner. There is a danger that determinations will hold already been made before the existent meeting phase as people may hold already made certain premises before they have heard all sides of the narrative and considered all options. For illustration in Delia ‘s instance Delia and the Social worker could hold already come to a decision that it is best for Delia to remain at place before anyone has even heard Angela ‘s input.

There would be a power difference between the household members as they all have different positions on the state of affairs and outlooks on what outcome they would wish. Delia and her Mum will hold the biggest power difference as I feel that Delia will hold the highest degree of engagement and the Mum as a function of authorization will take control over the state of affairs. This may go forth Robert and Julie as perceivers instead than participators in the determination devising procedure.

Framing the determination state of affairs

Decision Frame

Decision under consideration:

Whether Delia can be accommodated at the Foster place for a clip out period and household therapy when she returns place, or Delia staying at place with crisis intercession to assist the household decide the issues confronting them.

Cardinal Factors

( cardinal factors in Delia and her households state of affairs )

Delia is 13 and traveling in to adolescence

Mum happening it hard to get by with Delia ‘s behavior

No history of maltreatment or disregard in the household

Problems with Delia ‘s behavior seem to be confined within the household

Delia is unhappy and somewhat depressed

Delia wants to acquire away

Dad believes that Delia ‘s behavior is rather normal of a miss her age

Mum provinces that Delia is aggressive towards her

The societal worker believes that Delia has become the whipping boy for the household

Mum is stating if Delia does n’t travel she will

Family therapy is n’t instantly available

Arguments between Angela and Robert

No One for Delia to remain with temporarily

Decision Goals

( The desired results )

Family to hold therapy together and happen get bying schemes to cover with future jobs

Delia and her Mum to acquire on better

Where Delia should travel to populate short term


Delia to travel in to a Foster attention temporarily and have Family therapy

Delia to remain at place with crisis intercession

Wayss of bettering the opportunities of the options being successful

( It can be helpful to see each option individually in footings of how to better the opportunities of accomplishing the identified determination ends. )

Aggression direction group for Delia

Assurance edifice group for Delia

Family reding

Continue work with societal worker separately and as a household

Stake holders to work towards similar ends

Potential Beginnings of Distortion

Delia may perchance be feelingaˆ¦ .

Anxious because she is diffident of the result

Not wholly certain of what is traveling on because of her age

Upset because she is being treated as the ‘scapegoat ‘

Guilt of being a burden/ a letdown or unnatural to the household

May experience somewhat positive as something is being done for her

Julie may perchance be experiencing aˆ¦

Upset as she could be fring her older sister

Not certain of what ‘s traveling on due to her age

Pleased that some thing is eventually being done to back up the household

Angela ( Mum ) may perchance be feelingaˆ¦..

Guilty as being judged as a bad Mum

Fearful of fring her kid for good

Guilty as non being able to get by

Angry as the jobs are doing a strain on her matrimony

Robert ( Dad ) may perchance be feelingsaˆ¦..

Fearful of fring his kid

Guilty as non been able to maintain them all together

Upset as it has got to this point

Angry as the jobs are doing a strain on his matrimony

The Social Worker may perchance be feelingaˆ¦

Anxious as unsure of households response

Guilty of neglecting the household in back uping them in the community

Happy as something is being done for the household

Decision doing involves both thought and experiencing about the state of affairs, “ there is treatment as to whether intuitive or analytical idea is more suitable to societal work determinations and whether emotions have a positive or negative impact on determination devising ” ( O’Sullivan ; 1999 ) . The feelings and emotions of all the interest holders could intend that the determination model is judged in an unjust and bias manner.

The job with the professionals saying the feelings are that we are assuming what the service users are experiencing and believing. Peoples use their ain value base and criterions and this will falsify people ‘s positions. For case the Mum may non be experiencing guilty as she thinks she is a bad parent she may believe she is a good parent for making something about the state of affairs, it is people ‘s perceptual experiences and personal criterions that may presume that she feels this manner, nevertheless this can merely of all time be based on premises.

By bring downing values, ethical motives and criterions onto people it is slightly oppressive and normative. It is ever of import to be anti oppressive in these state of affairss and talk and ask inquiries as to how people are experiencing instead than assuming.

Part B

Balance Sheet of Consequences for Delia

Decision Goal.. For Delia and her household to populate merrily together finally

Possible negative effects

Possible positive effects

Option 1

Delia be accommodated at the Foster attention place so go to household therapy

May non desire to come place

Loose friends, neighbors and societal webs

Disrupt her modus operandi

May have to alter school

Delia may experience unloved and unwanted

Have a nice clip out

Time to believe

Anger issues resolved

May do her appreciate her household more

May prefer it and make up one’s mind she would wish to remain

Option 2

Crisis intercession program

statements acquiring more physical

Delia ‘s Mum may acquire fed up and go forth

Family therapy may non be available for a long clip

Stay independent within the household

Delia wont feel like a load on the household

Family experience satisfied that they have over come this together without anyone holding to go forth

Strengths and Hazards



Option One

Delia traveling in to further care temporarily and go toing household therapy

Good interruption

Anger issues resolved

May do her appreciate her household more

Family therapy may work truly good

May prefer it

Reduces hazard of farther maltreatment

Mum is in favor of this option

Positive influence from Foster carers

May prefer and non desire to travel place

Family therapy non work and merely do more strain on the household

May non like it

May non be near to her school

Unsuccessful arrangement

Poor relationships


Negative impact of being fostered

Option Two

Delia remaining at place with a crisis declaration program

Stay independent within the household

Satisfaction from all of the household as they have pulled through and coped entirely

No history of force

Might non work and statements may go on and might acquire more physical

Mum may go forth

Arguments become violent

Family intercession unsuccessful

Family life becomes progressively hard

Factors impacting both options

Share the same end in the terminal, they all merely have different ways of acquiring to the end

Everybody is in understanding that something has to be done

Life becomes hard for all

Family dislocation

Decision Tree analysis

Argument as to which is the best option

I have come to the decision that the best statement is for Delia to travel into impermanent Foster attention and so for the household to later go to household therapy. The grounds for this are that the household therapy is n’t available for a piece so I feel it would be better to make something productive and proactive instead than nil, this will besides cut down the hazard of farther maltreatment. I feel that the interruption will make non merely Delia but Julie some good. It will be good for them to hold some clip out and reflect on their feelings and attitudes towards each other. The surrogate carers may hold a truly good positive influence on Delia and she may larn to appreciate her household more and hence later be more willing to work with them in the household therapy Sessionss. This is the best option for Delia based on the determination tree and chance, and if successful it has the benefit of all the household working out their differences and acquiring along better.

The counter statement is for Delia to remain at place with a crisis intercession program. The chief intercession for this will be household therapy and as this is n’t available for some clip it will possibly be hard to acquire through the waiting period without farther incident. Although the statements may acquire worse or go on in the same manner there has n’t been a history of force from either individual. Delia may experience more loved if she is to remain within the household place, and she will be able to remain at the same school where there could be a good societal web of support for her. If it is successful their will be satisfaction from all members of the household for turning it around without Delia holding to travel into attention, although if they are happening the waiting period hard to work through these issues being around each other than there may be a household dislocation. One of the benefits of Delia remaining at place is so that she wo n’t have any of the negative impacts of being fostered, although I do n’t believe such a short period of attention would be plenty to make any impact in a negative manner.


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