Case Study Report Essay


The enterpriser in the instance survey was Alison Barnard. She is really interested in manner and used the accomplishments she learned while go toing Babson’s concern school to get down her ain retail shop. which is concentrating perfect-fitting brace of denims on adult females. Barnard started her shops. 26 old ages old. which is located in Boston’s newest vicinity. the North End. with more than 30 trade names of denims in order to suit many organic structure expression of her clients. When Barnard isn’t at her flagship shop assisting adult females find their perfect tantrum. she’s down the street at Twilight. her newest shop. opened in March 2006 and specializes in both formal and insouciant frocks.


The analysis of scalability of that concern guided to the treatment of challenges and restrictions. The first challenge that Alison faces is the care of the shop. The restrictions that she faces was deficiency of appropriate employees. chance for growing and deficiency of timing to upgrade her managing accomplishments. It will do her concern advancement to be slow and loss of clients by unable to happen the right denims. Alison has made a error by subscribing the rental prior to hold the net income without analyze the result. In my sentiment. Alison loosed her trust with the fact that she really can gain the money to put in her concern. What she worried about was. person else will steal her thoughts if she wastes a batch of clip by believing the result and took the hazard.

The deductions on growing prevarication within happening forces that fit Alison’s demands and happening a direction scheme that would do the concern more scalable. In my sentiment. the right selling scheme and doing the shop more independent are cardinal success factors for “In. denim. ious” .


By doing a good concern scheme can assist her to happen a good fiscal. extremely experience workers and strategic location which can assist her to open her concern extensively. Besides that. Alison should concentrate on how to do her shop more or less independent from her. She needs to be concentrating on her direction scheme. her funding and the chance for growing. In my sentiment. the type of her concern she has demands an mundane preservation and making actions without thought.


In my sentiment. Alison should be more cognizant on her concern whereby using the ‘red hat’ in Edward de Bono’s theories. This will assist her to forestall her stores point from being stolen by stealer. Besides that. Alison needs to be balance in her information assemblage. determination devising and life style from the theories of Myers Briggs. By equilibrating four psychological penchants. she will be able to do a good determination. garner more information before get downing her concern. and catch up with the latest tendencies for her vesture.

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