Attitude Survey Essay

In certain state of affairss. it is of import for psychologists to understand the attitudes of people on different issues. Attitude studies are how psychologists gather information about attitudes of people. Then. they take this information and turn the consequences into empirical grounds to endorse up the theory or inquiry that is impending. A person’s attitude can impact thought and behavior procedures such as cognitive thought. emotional reaction. and physical behaviours ( Hogan. 2007 ) . For my study. I used the Likert method of attitude graduated table to develop my attitude appraisal. I wanted to happen what the attitude of tobacco users and non-smokers have about the smoke prohibition in eating houses. This paper will analyze and discourse the development of my study. disposal procedure. marking of the studies. and the reading of the tonss. Besides. issues that I had while planing the study will be discussed.

Attitude Survey

The development of my study was taken from an issue that I personally was interested in because I am a tobacco user. When the prohibition foremost became a jurisprudence. I heard many people. including myself ; kick about the right to hold a smoke subdivision in eating houses for persons who smoked. The prohibition has now been in consequence for a few old ages. and I wanted to happen out if tobacco users and non-smokers attitudes had changed on this issue.

Survey Design

In planing my study. I used the Likert graduated table because I felt it would be the best manner to garner the information I needed. This study was designed to see how people view smoking in eating houses. These inquiries were answered by 6 different people. of which 3 were tobacco users and 3 were non-smokers. The surveyors were asked to reply each inquiry by saying strongly hold. hold. open. disagree. or strongly disagree. The numerical tonss for each inquiry scope from-2 to +2.

Administration. Scoring. and Interpreting Consequences

Administration consisted of me traveling to neighbor’s doors and inquiring them 11 inquiries about the smoke prohibition. I wanted to do certain that there were non so many inquiries that it would take excessively long. The length of clip administrating the trial helped in acquiring people to take the clip to reply these few short inquiries. The neighbours I chose were already acquainted with me as good. and that helped them to be comfy and willing to reply my study inquiries.

For the marking of the study the lower the mark the lower the satisfaction of the prohibition. and the higher the mark implies the higher degree of satisfaction. When I designed the study I made sure that for each unfavourable reply of strongly differ corresponded with a negative feeling towards the smoke prohibition. When construing the tonss. normally it is better to hold a good figure of participants to reply the inquiries because it makes it more dependable to be able to look at the tendencies of how the inquiries are answered.

Preliminary Design Issues

Issues that I had were seeking to acquire adequate people to reply my study inquiries. I besides had an issue of how to calculate the tonss and set them into a graduated table. It took me a small clip to understand how to correctly design and mark. I besides wanted to inquire the right inquiries. every bit good as maintain the study inquiries short. so that people did non acquire tired of replying inquiries before the terminal nevertheless. still cover all the basic inquiries needed for this study. I besides did non desire the inquiries to be as if I were reiterating myself. so this took me a small while to calculate out how to decently word my inquiries so to cover all the information I would necessitate for hiting and reading.

In decision. the study I chose was to happen out the attitudes of people on the smoke prohibition in eating houses. I used the Likert method of attitude graduated table for my design because I felt it was the best manner to measure my selected issue. I tried to make inquiries that would cover cognitive factors. emotional responses. and physical behaviours in order to accurately hit and construe the attitudes about the smoke prohibition issue amongst tobacco users and non-smokers likewise.

Hogan. T. P. ( 2007 ) . Psychological testing: A practical debut ( 2nd
ed. ) . Hoboken. New jersey: Wiley.

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