Analytic Paper On Rape Trauma Disorders Social Work Essay

Rape is a violent offense committed against 1000000s of adult females by work forces they knew. We have learned that the mental wellness effects of this offense are lay waste toing as colza subsisters are the largest group of individuals with post-traumatic emphasis upset. From Journal of Interpersonal Violence / January 2005

This narrative is of my neighbour ‘s miss.she belongs to middle category household. They are five member ‘s female parent, male parent and three sisters. Story is narrated by miss “ I am 20 old ages old and working at local infirmary near my house as nurse aid. I was on dark responsibility my co-female staff did n’t came so I was entirely female staff to see female patient with me one male staff and a male physician are on responsibility. At around five Os clock physician called me down in casualty to help female patient, so I gone down their I did n’t see any patient so I turned to travel back but all of a sudden light turned off and the physician forcefully tightened my oral cavity and pushed me on bed and he raped me. I reached place with really much troubles and hurting. I hug my female parent and cried a batch and informed every thing what had happened with me.she slapt me and said why did n’t you salvage your ego and hit that female parent informed my male parent. My male parent gone out after some clip one lady who was country nazim come to my house she heard narrative from me and she gone to that infirmary at that place she came to cognize that physician is gone on foliages. She told my male parent that she will non go forth him and he will be punished. My Taya semen to cognize he stopped my male parent and that lady by stating that we have two more girls we have to see her hereafter besides and by making all these thing our household name will be spoiled in society so please maintain rather. And by that clip all my neighbours come to cognize as that lady Nazim voice is really high pitch. Peoples coming to my house looking at me as I have done some wickedness. my female parent is all the clip faulting me.I was non able to kip decently as I was experiencing hurting and uncomfortableness and seeing incubuss of reoccurrences non able eat decently but no organic structure helped me in my house I was experiencing my ego load in household ” . And bit by bit she become aggressive agencies throwing things on people and shouting and utilizing opprobrious words so her female parent started maintaining her in lock by stating she become huffy.

The adult female after raped suffers from Social, Emotional and Psychological jobs and every bit cited in the article of Sexual torment in nursing ; “ Gutek & A ; Koss ( 1993 ) found that sexual torment could hold profound consequence on both physical and mental wellness. Women frequently experienced depression, anxiousness, crossness and low self-pride. These were frequently accompanied by feelings of disgust, choler, humiliation and a sense of disaffection. They suggest that the jobs which adult females experienced portion many of the characteristics of station traumatic emphasis upset. ”

Bureau of Justice Statistics 2006. Women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and colzas every twelvemonth. 232,960 adult females in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006. That ‘s more than 600 adult females every twenty-four hours. Women age 24 and under suffer from the highest rates of colza. And that less than five per centum of these colzas reported. And after looking this statistics I come to cognize how much common in United State so what would be the position in Pakistan. .

After remembering this existent narrative I identified many important socio-cultural facets they are rejection, disrespected, aggressiveness, isolation, stigmatizatoin and mental unwellness. So when of all time I recall narrative I feel really much emotional hurting. As I analysing the issues I think why the miss is raped by physician? What are the fortunes that caused colza? She was raped by her coworker physician when she was entirely female staff on dark responsibility and she did non took any safeguard for her safety as she was non cognizant of the state of affairs and she was ne’er noticed physicians violative behaviour or may be she ignored as she is destitute for occupation to back up the household and that provoked physician to take opportunity and that infirmary is non holding safety and security installations. As cited in article on sexual torment.

Consecutive Harasser: Harassers of this type carefully construct up an image so that people would happen it difficult to believe they would make anyone any injury. The harasser can be anyone, such as a client, a colleague, a instructor or professor, a pupil, a friend, or a alien.

What are the grounds ; she was rejected by household and society? Why the miss had psychological, societal and emotional jobs? Who is responsible for her mental unwellness? We are go forthing in a society where sexual torment and colza is really common but our society and civilization seems a tabu and as male dominant society people incriminations and rejects the adult females in narrative female parent slapped her and blamed her that why she did non saved her self so his male parent has gone to country Nazim for support and confidentiality is broken and people are coming to see her and doing her feel shame and guilt as she has done some wickedness and the paternal uncle has stopped that lady to make any thing and inquire her male parent to maintain rather as they were afraid of stigmatized and the miss and household become incapacitated and as miss is non got any support and she is neglected by household and society and it effected her socially, emotionally and psychologically and she stop up into mental unwellness.

As cited in on line article wikipedia. Common societal effects of sexual torment are ; Loss of occupation or calling, loss of income. Having one ‘s personal life offered up for public examination. The victim becomes the accused and private life will frequently come under onslaught. Being objectified and humiliated by examination and gossip Defamation of character and repute Weakening of support web, or being ostracized from professional or academic circles ( friends, co-workers, or household may distance themselves from the victim ) .According to Atkinson et Al. ( 2000 ) . Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is more likely to be caused by physical or psychological injury caused by worlds such as colza, war or terrorist onslaught or natural catastrophes. These prevailing posttraumatic emphasis symptoms cause important breaks of one or more of import countries of life map. It has three sub-forms: ague, chronic, and delayed-onset. Some of the psychological and wellness effects that can happen in person who has been sexually harassed: depression, anxiousness and panic onslaughts, wakefulness and incubuss, shame and guilt, trouble concentrating, concerns, weariness or loss of motive, tummy jobs, eating upsets ( weight loss or addition ) , alcohol addiction, experiencing betrayed and violated, experiencing angry or violent towards the culprit, experiencing powerless or out of control, increased blood force per unit area, loss of assurance and ego regard, backdown and isolation, overall loss of trust in people, traumatic emphasis, post-traumatic emphasis upset.

Ratess for PTSD, per 100,000 dwellers, in 25 most thickly settled states, ranked by overall rate ( 2004 )



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How she could hold been prevented? His male parent could hold gone to his brother foremost so the miss could be saved from societies disrespect and the lady Nazim could hold kept issue confidential and the household member and relations could back up her by assisting her by stating that it ‘s non your mistake attempt to bury it and could hold taken her to psychologist for intervention as she is dying for reoccurrence, non eating and non kiping decently, the household members could hold engaged her in day-to-day activity alternatively of faulting and pretermiting her. Alexander, P. C. ( 1992 ) . Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Said the nature of household relationships and support dramas an of import function in interceding the effects of maltreatment with a supportive and nurturing household environment cut downing the hazards of harmful effects.


Family guidance: household members are advised to give support and do n’t reject the victim. And if possible alteration house or state.

Social support: people in society should non fault and stigmatise the victim.

Womans authorization: adult females are supported, educated and given consciousness on how to protect self from sexual over come common public instruction sing sex is given in schools and all establishments, in all organisation where female employees are hired.

Justice in society if the victim study or instance files: the jurisprudence should be rigorous applied and should non make any footing on power or money.

Treatment of mental unwellness: the attitude towards mental unwellness in society is ever found negative, stigmatising and know aparting. And to get the better of these jobs we have to educate and give consciousness to people.

Organization and establishment should hold policy to supply safe and unafraid working environment for all employees. And to follow all above recommendations their should be purely application of jurisprudence in the society, means the application of human rights particularly the adult females rights and to familiarise give instruction in community, schools, college and through media to all general populace.

Last I can merely state that adult females respect is necessary from every facet and they should be given equal rights in all over the universe. She should non acquire penalty means she should non rejected by society and household.

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