Analysis Of A Mental Health Service Social Work Essay

It is of import to hold a set service criterions and plans that guarantee proviso of high quality services in our wellness service system so as to accomplish wellness attention that is of high criterion and good to the people. It is for this ground that in 1996, the authorities of Australia developed the National Standards for Mental Health Services ( Fenna, 2001, p.80 ) . Guaranting that the criterions were to the full implemented provided an of import opportunity for the betterment of the value of mental wellness attention. The criterions were intended to be used as a guideline in order to develop new services in mental wellness attention or to better the bing mental services guaranting they attained to urge quality criterions ( Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, 1997, p.68 ) .

Additionally, the consumers of mental wellness services or their carers can utilize these criterions to hold a hint on their outlooks from the wellness service ( Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, 1995, p.78 ) . These criterions were developed to run into the National Mental Health Policy that the Australian authorities had formulated in order to heighten the intervention and attention of all the people who were enduring from any mental wellness job ( Althaus, Bridgman & A ; Davis, 2007, p.23 ) . The criterions lay a greater weight on the result of the patients with mental wellness jobs and their carers in order to continue their human rights and supply authorization to them. The criterions were set in understanding with the United Nation ‘s Principles on the Protection of People with Mental Illness ( Australian Health Ministers, 1991, p.67 ) .

Among these rules are as follows ; encouragement of the people with mental upsets to achieve the highest quality of life as compared with healthy persons, the positive results for the patients of mental unwellness and their carers was to be the centre of attending for the criterions and the acknowledgment of all the positions of the patients, that is, their religious, emotional and physical demands. These criterions have served to better the quality of attention to the consumers of mental wellness services ( Rosen, Miller & A ; Parker, 1993, p.23 ) . This essay critically analyses a mental wellness service on how good it meets the criterions in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities.

Mental wellness service

CRS Australia is an organisation whose presence is being felt in many communities in Australia. Soon, there is high competition for the limited occupation chances that our economic system is able to back up. This has led to a immense backlog of erudite people in delay for occupation chances. Many college departers are happening it rather hard to procure that dream occupation that you have been expecting for throughout your educational life ( Meagher, 1995, p. 73 ) . As a consequence, emphasis builds up and at times this has led to assorted mental upsets. CRS has come in topographic point to supply a contact between the occupation searchers and the employers. It helps occupation searchers who may be holding any disablement or wellness conditions to get some occupation places and besides provide guidelines that guarantee the occupation is maintained.

The occupation searchers are guided to interrupt any barriers they may meet in happening employment. The organisation besides works together with employers in happening qualified campaigners for the vacant stations in their workplaces. Besides, they offer proficient advice on the safety measures to be observed in the workplaces and give aid in the direction of any worker injured on responsibility. It offers its services to any individual who has the will and is able to get counsel from it. For the occupation searchers it has over 170 offices distributed across Australia where any individual can reach them and he/she will be offered with the appropriate guidelines on what to make and how to acquire that needful occupation. It has helped a batch of people who are full of congratulations for it. For the employers it offers a broad bundle including steering them to choose the qualified employers and offering expertness in countries like hazard and jeopardy decrease to cut down work topographic point hurts. This saves their establishments from the high compensation charges that they may be forced to pay the workers in instance they get injured during the work service ( Allan, Briskman, Pease, 2009, p.77 ) . Any company is welcome to CRS to seek its services which are offered without favoritism.

National Standards for Mental Health Servicess

These criterions are grouped into three subdivisions where the first seven criterions are concerned with issues that are accepted universally refering human self-respect, the human rights of the people with mental unwellness and their credence in our societies. The following three criterions concentrate on the organisational construction of the mental wellness service with an accent on the connexions bing between different sections of the mental wellness sector ( United Nations General Assembly, 1992, p.12 ) . Finally, the 11th criterion illustrates the attention bringing procedure get downing with initial contact with mental wellness services to their concluding contact. We now focus on the first and 3rd criterion in relation to CRS Australia to find how good the organisation has worked in run intoing the criterions.

The first criterion is concerned with protection of the rights of people who have mental upsets or mental wellness jobs by the mental wellness services which they are offered ( Commonwealth Department of Health & A ; Aged Care, 1997, p.16 ) . Conformity with the statute laws and all the ordinances by the staff of mental wellness service to guarantee the rights are upheld is of importance and hence given the first consideration. Application of this standard ensures that the mentally handicapped people are non discriminated against in being offered indispensable services so long as they are in a capacity to work expeditiously ( United Nations, 1991, p.56 ) . CRS on its behalf is entitled in guaranting equal chances are offered to occupation searchers when accessing occupation chances. Harmonizing to CRS Australia ( 2010, parity. 2-4 ) , 20 % of the population have an exposure to a mental wellness job during their life clip.

As an organisation, CRS has experts staff that guides people in pull offing their mental wellness conditions in order for them to get a occupation or if they are in one maintain their places. They have helped many people with mental wellness jobs which are at frequently accompanied by assorted hurts some of which are physical and therefore have caused a disablement in them. With an interior apprehension of the difficult and palling procedure of covering with mental wellness jobs, CRS has plans on disablement direction which are suited to occupation searchers. They work together to guarantee that their clients are able to procure that occupation which they desire therefore doing it a world for many occupation searchers who have mental jobs a world ( Mendes, 2008, p.56 ) . Once a individual has acquired a occupation, there are sometimes psychological hurts that come as a consequence of the type of work that a individual is making. This consequence into work related emphasis which frequently cause low productiveness by the employees, of all time lifting rates of absenteeism or occupation absconding, bad dealingss between the staff and the employees in the work topographic points among others ( Swain, & A ; Rice, 2009, p.76 ) . This causes a high employee turnover which is damaging to an establishments repute. CRS Australia has come in to work out these jobs through its experient psychologists, counsellors and the societal workers. The organisation assesses the state of affairs to happen out the sort of aid needed and determines the appropriate alterations to be made in order to minimise the psychological jobs or hurts.

In add-on, CRS do take into history the ends and aspirations of the people with mental upsets in relation to their occupations. They are able to offer private and confidential information to the consumers of their services refering their rights and privileges in their work topographic points so as to retain their occupations. This is offered in a linguistic communication that is freely understood by the concerned parties. In any instance a legislative action is sought to decide any scuffle the consumers and their carers ‘ written consent is freely sought ( Myers, 1995, p.19 ) . By so making CRS has served and supported the public assistance of people with mental conditions and unwellnesss and therefore bettering their health in the society. It besides monitors their advancement in their countries of work placing any work related jobs they are meeting and giving appropriate solutions and guidelines on how to undertake them. The act of seeking employment for them or the enterprises to prolong their employment ensures they are empowered to take attention of themselves and this gives them morale. It besides serves to restrict any signifier of favoritism that may be in occupation acquisition procedure and therefore continuing the rights of the consumers as described by the UN rules for the protection of people who are mentally handicapped.

The 3rd criterion for mental wellness services is concerned with guaranting the consumer of mental wellness services and their carers are involved in the procedures of planning of the mental wellness service being provided ( Commonwealth Department of Health & A ; Aged Care, 1997, p. 19 ) . Besides, it ensures that they actively participate in the execution and rating of the services provided. CRS Australia is tasked with proviso of interventional steps both at the early phases and subsequently after the hurts have occurred. It provides a platform where the consumers are involved giving their positions on where they think should be improved so as to cut down their degrees of mental emphasis ( Wade, & A ; Weir, 1995, p.99 ) . The occupation searchers are taken through guidance Sessionss where their positions are sought so as to assist them happen solutions to their jobs. In the work topographic points, the people under these services are besides asked to supply their sentiments on how to cut down the mental hurts that they are enduring from. They give their sentiments which are so incorporated with policy guidelines to come up with in born solutions to the wellness jobs. The consumers are in a place to experience as portion of the solution to their jobs and hence are able to adhere to the recommendations that come up ( Andrews, Peters & A ; Teesson, 1994, p.30 ) . The MHS offered by the CRS is inclusive and supports a figure of activities for both the consumers and the attentions. It has rating standards for the consumers to find the degree of support that they are able to get and what is needed to better their conditions in a much better manner ( Rapp, 1998, p.79 ) .

In add-on to these, CRS is able to supply preparations to the consumers on how to better their workplaces in order to cut down physical mental hurts which can rise their jobs. Employers do seek the services of CRS in advancing work safety steps through the preparations they offer. CRS is besides able to supervise the advancement it has made in guaranting equal chances for all in employment. In its attempts it is able to do workplace visits to measure the advancement of the employees they are able to direct to the assorted establishments ( Rapp & A ; Goscha, 2006, p.101 ) . In instance any divergence from the rules is noticed it offers appropriate guidelines in order to protect the rights of people with mental disablements.


In decision, CRS Australia has been instrumental in helping people with mental disablements or hurts to procure a topographic point in employment and accordingly be in a place to keep their topographic points. The organisation has been able to achieve the specifications of the Australian authorities and the private sector in supplying mental hurt direction, appraisal and any other steps intended for bar of mental hurts ( Australian Council on Healthcare Standards ‘ Care Evaluation Program, 1995, p.50 ) . CRS has been able to be in a place to achieve the criterions set for mental wellness services. With an accent to standard one which is concerned with guaranting equal rights to people with mental upsets and jobs. By offering employment opportunities to the mentally disabled, CRS is able to guarantee the mentally handicapped are non discriminated when it comes to employment. This has served to authorise the mentally sick patients. They therefore are able to care for themselves and cut down their over trust on their carers for fiscal and wellbeing aid. CRS is besides able to achieve the standard figure three of guaranting that the consumers and their carers are involved in the mental wellness service. CRS is hence effectual in proviso of mental wellness service particularly in offering employment.

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