Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

The Advanced Practice Nurse will play a important function in promotion of the health care system in the United States. There are several factors impacting today’s health care system which will act upon the hereafter development of the Advanced Practice Nurse ( APN ) function. Some of the major factors include the germinating federal and provinces Torahs. quickly turning and aging population. increasing rates of chronic diseases in kids and grownups. and the cost of health care. These challenges require addition demand for good trained health care professionals ( OJN ) . The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( ACA ) that was singed into jurisprudence March 23. 2010 had the greatest impact in health care reform in the United States since the creative activity of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. This statute law established accent on preventative services with focal point on primary attention. financess for community wellness enterprises. and better quality of attention. It besides afforded wellness insurance to 1000000s of Americans who are presently uninsured ( OJN ) .

The inflow of new patients will emphasize an already strained health care system. Harmonizing to the American Academy of Family doctors. by 2020. the United States will necessitate 40 per centum more primary attention suppliers. One manner to run into the increasing deficit of primary attention supplier is to heighten and hasten the growing of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. A authorities accounting office noted that Nurse Practitioner are the fastest turning group of primary attention suppliers. ( p-241-242 ) . Nurse practicians could make full the turning deficit of primary attention more rapidly than doctors. It merely takes nurses 6 old ages of instruction and preparation while doctors may necessitate 11-12 old ages. ( wellness policy ) The Advanced Practice Nurse function is besides defined by the single state’s Rules. ordinances and legislative acts.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse practicians in most provinces are still contending their province Torahs which prevents them from independently practising without a collaborative understanding with a doctor. Currently merely 19 provinces and the District of Columbia allow nurse practicians to pattern independently of a doctor. ( KHN ) The American Nurses Association conducted a reappraisal of 19 surveies in May 2010. which confirmed that attention delivered by a nurse equivalent is tantamount to care provided by a doctor. . In add-on. the survey showed that NP’s consistenly provided more patient attention. followup. and Consultation clip. B ( OOO ) Another factor that has impact on the future function of Advanced Practice Nurse is the addition health care demands of the aging population and chronic Diseases of kids and grownups. ( Impact ) . More complex health care needs increases The cost of health care. The cost of U. S. health care is $ 7. 538 per capita disbursement.

This is about double than any other organisation. ( OJN ) Nurse practician Supplying attention in primary attention is less dearly-won than a physician since since they tend to offer fewer to trials and expensive diagnostic process. Harmonizing to the federal Health Resources and Services Administration. or HRSA. at least 55 million Americans live in countries with an unequal supply of primary attention physicians. Massachusetts has the most primary attention physicians per capita ; Mississippi has the fewest. The state would necessitate more than 15. 000 extra suppliers to run into the mark ratio of one primary attention practician for every 3. 500 occupants. harmonizing to HRSA. a spread that can non be filled with doctors. The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a worsening deficit in front. In the following 10 old ages. as tierce of all physicians retire. there will be 90. 000 fewer physicians than needed to function the nation’s aging population.

One-half of the deficit will be in primary attention. Nationwide. 117. 000 doctors practiced household medical specialty in 2012. harmonizing to the Kaiser Family Foundation ; 134. 000 nurse practicians practiced primary attention. harmonizing to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Last twelvemonth. merely 1. 916 U. S. medical school alumnuss. or about 12 per centum of the sum. went into primary attention residence plans. harmonizing to the non-profit-making research group National Resident Matching Program. Nursing school alumnuss who went into primary attention totaled 11. 764 in 2012. about 84 per centum of all NP alumnuss. But will loosen uping province NP licensing Torahs improve patient entree to care? A survey reported this month in the diary Health Affairs says yes. The writers found that between 1998 and 2010. as more provinces relaxed licencing Torahs. the figure of patients having attention from NPs increased by a factor of 15.

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