A Lady with the Little Dog Essay

1. “The lady with the small dog “- Analyzing literature inquiries 1. Gurov’s character represents as a adult male who dislikes the company of adult male of his age. He finds their company uninterested and tiring. In add-on. he finds his married woman to be stupid. narrow. and inelegant and he did non like to remain place at all and had been unfaithful to his married woman every bit good. He besides refers to woman’s race in a “the lower race. ” However. he seems to bask the company of adult females. which merely associates with adult females. He believes. with woman’s company he finds himself free. knows precisely what to state and how to act with them.

He besides believes that he has a appeal. which attracts adult females to pull towards him. His character starts to develop when he chats with other women’s and there he finds Anna and starts speaking to her. The chief part to the development of Gurov’s character is caused through Anna. For most of the ground. because. he finds Anna attractive and Since. the twenty-four hours they both had a conversation. from that clip. Gurov starts indulging himself to her even more. Subsequently. he starts take a firm standing her to run into every twenty-four hours.

2. The storyteller describes Gurov’s married woman as a tall. vertical adult female with dark superciliums. staid and dignified and she says ‘intellectual to herself’ .

It can easy be notified that Gurov’s married woman does non give that much attempt to be familiar with his environment. She seems to take less attention of her hubby. ‘It seems like she does non desire to make anything with her hubby. So. which makes it much easier for reader to construe that why Gurov gets in an matter with other adult female. Even. though he has a household of his ain and a married woman every bit good. Of class. Gurov will hold an matter with another adult female since his married woman does non look to care about any of his activities or anything related to him.

3. In the narrative. Gurov and Anna love narrative Begins in Yalta.

Both of them starts speaking to each other. and so starts meeting every other twenty-four hours. Then. both of them start falling in love. They. get down run intoing each other in secret. Their love narrative takes topographic point uninterrupted. One twenty-four hours. Anna had to travel back to Petersburg. back to her original life- to her hubby. Then. in Moscow. Gurov tries to bury Anna but he fails to make so. He keeps seeking and seeking but it doesn’t work. So so. flashback appears in his head of all the memories he spent with Anna in Yalta. Then he eventually decides to travel to Petersburg to run into her and clear things out. After he meets her. she tells him she will see him in Moscow.

Then once more both of them starts meeting each other in secret. Finally. both of them realizes they are making incorrect by run intoing each other in in secret. Besides. in Moscow he realizes for the first clip he fall in love. Although. he seems a spot older. but for the first clip he falls in love. Basically. in Moscow. both of them from their fantasy universe goes back to their original universe. But realisation occurs. and they decides to be after out how they will seek to screen things out. Besides. Moscow’s cold conditions symbolizes the realisation of things. It besides tells us shows the memories of minutes spent before the winter. It shows lonliness. cold. and incognizant of things. uninterested and easy acquire bored.

4. When first coming into contact with her. Gurov notices that she is walking a Canis familiaris. The sort of Canis familiaris that she is walking. a white Pomeranian. symbolizes Anna’s artlessness. She is a married adult female. entirely on holiday while her hubby is back at place sick. It is apparent that there was something particular about Anna that drew in Gurov because the narrative says. “a love affair with an unknown woman… all of a sudden took ownership of him. ” Although. shortly after holding sexual intercourse with Anna Gurov “felt bored already… He was irritated by the naif tone. ”

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