A Current National Health Policy Social Work Essay

Policies are relevant and indispensable as they allow wellness professionals whether employer or employee, to work within their remit and understand their duties to their clients, patients and their co-workers ( Baggott, 2007 ) . Walt and Gibson ( 1994 ) identified that wellness policies are made through complex association of histrions, procedures and content. The wellness policy trigon was introduced by Walt and Gibson ( 1994 ) as an attack of methodically spoting the assorted factors that can impact or bring forth a wellness policy. Policy histrions pertain to authoritiess or persons who can impact the policy, such as force per unit area groups and politicians ( Walt and Gibson, 1994, cited in Buse et Al, 2005 ) . Policy procedure relates to the preparation or execution of the policy and how it is communicated to the populace or society ( Walt and Gibson, 1994, cited in Buse et Al, 2005 ) . Policy content refers to stuff or substance within a policy which describes the issue or subject covered, such as societal or political which may mention to national or local countries ( Walt and Gibson, 1994. cited in Buse et Al, 2005 ) .

This essay will size up and review a wellness policy. It will show the development of a policy and review the good worth, saying whether the wellness policy is accomplishing the aims for its initial execution. It will likewise measure and measure the policy content and find the benefit of this peculiar wellness policy within my nursing pattern. Furthermore argue whether the wellness policy has strengths to heighten my pattern or failings which may impede application to my function as a school nurse.

The Department of Health were the policy histrions who published the National Service Framework for Children, Young people and Maternity services in 2004. This policy was instrumental in enabling wellness professionals to look at kids ‘s services in a different mode and turn to the whole kid instead than the kid ‘s unwellness or job they may hold ; and alternatively expression at techniques to forestall the job from ab initio happening ( DH, 2004 ) . The national service model for kids, immature people and pregnancy services ( 2004 ) brought to the attending of policy shapers the necessity of action concentrating on kids ‘s services, which lead to more policies and schemes being formulated ( Baggott, 2007 ) . One of them being Healthy lives, brighter hereafters. The scheme for kids and immature people ‘s wellness ( 2009 ) , which states that all kids and immature people should turn up healthy with specific attending directed to the vulnerable ; which includes looked after kids and kids in low income households.

Healthy lives, brighter hereafters. The scheme for kids and immature people ‘s wellness was published in 2009, jointly by the Department of Health and the Department for Children, Schools and Families. This scheme was the Labour Government ‘s program to better kids and immature people ‘s wellness and well-being ( Department of Health and the Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2009 ) . ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . The Labour authorities ‘s purpose through this Strategy was for kids and immature people to hold more chances by utilizing more easy accessible services, which would profit them and diminish wellness inequalities taking to less strain on the state ‘s fiscal resources ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) .

Healthy lives, brighter hereafters. The scheme for kids and immature people ‘s wellness ( the Strategy ) ( 2009 ) was the primary attack aiming all wellness professionals and kids ‘s services, which preceded the Healthy Child Programme: From 5-19 old ages old policy ; in add-on was introduced subsequently the same twelvemonth together by the Department of Health and the Department for Children, Schools and Families. To accomplish the ends set out in the Strategy which targeted wellness professionals in the community, infirmaries and commissioners foregrounding the importance of their portion in cut downing wellness inequalities ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Child poorness is on a diminution but in the United Kingdom ( UK ) one in four kids are turning up in poorness ( Department for Work and Pensions, 2009 ) . Young people and kids populating in poorness to boot usage and trust on more often, exigency services which can add unneeded strain to wellness services ( Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People ‘s Services, 2010 ) . Health inequalities are still present, and policy histrions such as the British Youth Council were at that place to add their voice to the countries, and jobs which they felt still needs turn toing for the immature people of the UK ( British Youth Council, 2012 ) .

The subdivision of the Strategy ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) , which will be discussed/critiqued in great deepness will be subdivision five, titled ‘Young People ‘ . I work with immature people and can look at the strengths and failings of the Strategy ; and this country was besides chosen as immature people sometimes feel that their concerns are dismissed and their sentiments are undervalued ( British Youth Council, 2012 ) .

Adolescence is seen as a critical phase where immature people are go forthing behind their childhood and stepping frontward into maturity ; where they are deriving more independency and in some instances looking after their ain wellness for the first clip, instead than depending on their parents or carers ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . The Strategies established are directed to supplying wellness services for immature people which targets their wellness every bit good as their psychological well-being ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Through this transitional period striplings are developing neurologically, physically, emotionally in add-on to psychologically ( Moshman, 1999 ) . While immature people are proving the boundaries though they are deriving more independency, immature people are more likely to listen and seek advice from their equals instead than grownups ( Moshman, 1999 ) . In our vicinity to do school nursing services more accessible to adolescents we provide a bead in clinic, where adolescents can come and discourse wellness issues or concerns they may hold on their ain or with a friend.

The Strategy has recommended that wellness services adopt a more immature people friendly service ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . You ‘re Welcome – Quality standards for immature people friendly wellness service published by the Department of Health, Children and Young People ( DH and CYP, 2011 ) . This policy was one of the follow on programmes to the Strategy which gave more in depth recommendations, for supplying extra user friendly wellness services for immature people and developing for staff to hold a more user friendly attack. A undertaking directed by Randall and Hill ( 2012 ) , noted that immature patients wanted their nurses to be friendly ; but still give them their privateness and self-respect without pulling unneeded attending ( Randall and Hill, 2012 ) .

Youth workers based in the community can interrupt done barriers as they are chiefly big workers that can associate to immature people as they may work with them daily, when immature people attend young person groups or Centres ( Hilton and Jepson, 2012 ) . Young people go toing hospital assignments or in infirmary can experience stray, have low assurance or lose their individualism ( Hilton and Jepson, 2012 ) . Soon school nurses merely work with immature people chiefly if they have wellness conditions, to advance wellness or have Child protection programs. If there were more resources available, in this instance clip, school nurses could work with youth workers to assist condense frights in immature people, in respects to being admitted onto a hospital ward or larning to populate with a long-run wellness conditions. This would authorise immature people to hold extra assurance in wellness workers, and enable them to experience undismayed about their passage into the grownup universe ( Young, 2006 ) .

Policy shapers understand and recognise the importance of immature people ‘s psychological well-being and mental wellness which is addressed ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . The issue to supply a service to undertake and present support for immature peoples ‘ mental wellness is disputing, as deficient financess is available to cover with this one peculiar country on its ain ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, 2012 ) . This is apparent by my employment Council that provides an incorporate kid support service, which entails instruction psychological science and instruction public assistance, early intercession and behavior ( Southwark Council, 2012 ) . If the kid has a more serious emotional or mental wellness job that can non be dealt with by the integrated kid support service, the kid would be referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, by and large referred to as CAMHS ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, 2012 ) .

My employment Trust has CAMHS which provides mental wellness attention for four Trusts and besides a national and specialist squad ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, 2012 ) . Normally a referral to CAMHS can take from four to eight hebdomads before the kid or immature individual would be given an assignment ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, 2012 ) . This reveals how necessary and of import the service which is provided by CAMHS is needed and required, but demonstrates the challenge to react to the high demand of referrals in a sufficiently and efficaciously appropriate sum of clip ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, 2012 ) . CAMHS has a policy of if the kid or immature individual misses their assignment due to any other ground than ailment wellness, they will be put back onto the waiting list.

The Strategy recommends that immature people should hold more entree to information sing sexual wellness ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Adolescents are known for seeking insecure behaviours whether it is sexually or experimenting with drugs or intoxicant ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Adolescents can entree wellness services if they are still in school or may desire to discourse things off from their usual environment by go toing sexual wellness clinics ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . In my school nursing vicinity immature people are offered a bead in service where they can discourse personal issues ; soon the service is merely offered one time a month due to miss of school nurses to run the bead in clinic.

Southwark has the 8th highest rate of long term unemployment in England and Wales ( Office for National Statistics, 2010 ) . Southwark has 10 % more disadvantaged territories than the remainder of England, in footings of income want which affects kids populating in the borough ( Southwark PCT, 2011 ) . Precedence is made to safeguarding kids which is paramount, and as there are rather a few instances of kids in Southwark who have child protection programs ( Southwark Council, 2012 ) . Health of kids in Southwark is by and large worse than the norm in England ( Association of Public Health Authorities, 2010 ) . Promoting healthy feeding can be disputing, when low income households are seeking to supply a healthy repast for their household at a clip when they are on a fixed income ( Livingstone, 2007 ) .

The Strategy recognises that immature people are adept at utilizing the cyberspace, and other signifiers of modern engineering to derive entree to information ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Young people 16 old ages and above can open a Health Space history, where they can maintain their current wellness records and have more control over their wellness information ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) .

Health infinite besides gives immature people counsel on healthy feeding and information on different types of unwellnesss ; and where adolescents can travel to acquire necessary support if required ( Health Space, 2012 ) . As portion of the recommendations our school nursing service uses nomadic phones to text immature people to remind them of upcoming assignments. The policy You ‘re Welcome – Quality standards for immature people friendly wellness services, identified that immature people preferred to have a text message instead than an appointment missive and to be given the option of go toing their assignment with or without their parents ( DH and CYP, 2011 ) .

An effectual attack mentioned by the Strategy is for wellness to be promoted through advertisement. This can be through telecasting or wireless commercials and besides through postings in outstanding countries and runs ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . A run which referred to extra imbibing was called ‘Know your bounds ‘ encouraging immature people non to acquire intoxicated as they are non in control of their modules and emphasised the dangers of being rummy ; such as acquiring intoxicant poisoning to holding unprotected sex ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) .

The ‘Know your bounds ‘ run ran from June to September 2009, which included advertisement on telecasting, wireless and on the cyberspace ( Community Justice Portal, 2009 ) . A study conducted after the run revealed that immature people did take notice of the anti-binge imbibing run ( Community Justice Portal, 2009 ) . While 67 % of immature people said they would believe more when out imbibing with their friends, but none of the immature people said that they would cut down the sum of intoxicant they would devour ( Community Justice Portal, 2009 ) . This brings into inquiry whether the run was effectual, and whether another signifier of advertisement would hold been good, productive and less dearly-won.

Adolescent gestation rates are diminishing and presently are at the lowest they have been for the last 40 old ages ( Office for National Statistics, 2010 ) . In Western Europe England still has the highest rate of teenage gestation, with the bulk of the gestations unplanned and half of them lawfully aborted ( Swann et al, 2003 ) . The Adolescent Pregnancy Strategy launched in 1999, set out guidelines to cut down the sum of adolescent gestations in the UK ( DCYPF and PH, 1999 ) . The Strategy made clear and productive follow on guidelines to the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, which involved methods and attacks on how to cut down teenage gestations and runs to advance effective preventive techniques ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) .

Young people aged between 16 old ages to 24 old ages old still has the highest sum of reported sexually familial infections ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . The Strategy has made clear processs and techniques on how to diminish adolescent gestation by reaping grounds based information from states such as America ; where they have had an 86 % decrease in their adolescent gestation rate which they say was due to better quality usage of preventives ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Sexual activity and relationship instruction is taught in schools by school nurses or by school instructors, but we are limited in some independent and spiritual schools by what we can learn the kids. This would impede and hinder upon school nurses following the guidelines which the Strategy would wish us to follow, as in some schools we have to negociate with the caput instructors what they will let us to learn the students. For case, in Catholic secondary schools if the students are taught sex and relationship instruction, it is limited to pureness, abstention and waiting till the pupils are married before holding a sexual relationship ( Catholic Education, 2012 ) .

Childhood fleshiness is defined as weight gained to a important sum which can impact the kid ‘s wellness ( Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 2003 ) . The Strategy tried to set in topographic point guidelines to assist combat fleshiness in immature people, but the authorities admitted that they were fighting to happen effectual ways to undertake the fleshiness in immature people ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . The Strategy was non precise or equal with good and practical guidelines to promote healthy feeding in immature people ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Political campaigns such as Change 4 Life were introduced in the same twelvemonth as the Strategy, with the end of aiming the whole household into eating healthier and exercise, and nil directed merely for immature people ( DH, 2009 ) .

The Change 4 Life was effectual to a certain extent, as it gave school nurses a worthwhile tool to travel into schools and work with immature kids. Posters and cusps were given to schools to advance the Change 4 life run ; but as for adolescents they found it unrelatable. In add-on to the Olympics being held in London, the follow on run is Games 4 life ( DH, 2011 ) . This was designed at promoting households to take an active portion in the games alternatively of merely watching it all on the telecasting set in their places ( DH, 2011 ) . Games 4 life misses out on the chance of aiming immature people to acquire them involved with the Olympics where they could hold schools viing against each other.

“ Our experts are analyzing the Government ‘s NHS reforms in item and foregrounding facets of the statute law that virtue greater examination ” Right Hon Stephen Dorrell MP, Health Select Committee ( 2011 ) .


The proclamation of the NHS reforms by the current Government will hold a challenging impact on patient ‘s attention and the functions which wellness professionals soon hold. For case, extra audits will be put in topographic point and this can be questioned about the effectivity of these audits, as it may possibly intend more clip being spent on finishing these audits which would intend less clip concentrating on service users ( Ham et al, 2011 ) .

An inauspicious consequence from the NHS reforms was the abolition of the pupil instruction care allowance strategy. ( EMA ) Young people in low income households relied on the EMA for financess for their books, and in some instances their travel disbursals to college ( British Youth Council, 2012 ) . The distribution of the EMA bursary is now controlled by schools, developing suppliers and colleges ; immature people feel that it is biased as they see it as another manner for the Government to command their instruction when the immature people should be doing more determinations for themselves ( British Youth Council, 2012 ) . The NHS reforms will give 80 % of the wellness budget to general practicians to command and make up one’s mind where they think wellness fiscal resources should be spent ( DH, 2011 ) .


The Strategy has a positive and negative influence on my pattern as a school nurse. There are a figure of countries for betterment which has been highlighted, such as advancing healthy feeding in schools. This could go on by working more closely with school instructors but there would besides necessitate to hold more resources put in topographic point. These resources requires holding a bigger budget to engage more school nurses, and besides more financess to aim immature people to show to them, that they are non an age group which society undervalues and fails to appreciate as noted by the British Youth Council ( British Youth Council, 2012 ) . By agencies of extra resources, an addition in the sum school nurses could be hired and we would be able to offer a more effectual service to immature people and their households.

The Strategy recommended assorted ways of advancing sex and relationship instruction which is working, as records demonstrate the decreasing degrees of teenage gestations and abortions for 40 old ages ( Office for National Statistics, 2010 ) . This is advantageous as with the decrease of adolescent gestations the Government as one of the chief policy shapers, can implement more policies which should go on to foreground the demands of immature people to assist cut down wellness inequalities and promote their wellness and well-being ( DH and DCSF, 2009 ) . Young people attend and are admitted to hospitals all the clip. The Strategy did non give adequate information on how immature people would be supported if they had to go to or be admitted to infirmary ; this could impede my pattern as non adequate research has been conducted in this country.

The survey conducted by Hilton and Jepson ( 2012 ) , noted the importance of young person workers who could alleviate some of the frights of immature people and back up them when and if they are admitted to hospital. More money spent towards the young person service signifies youth workers interceding and organizing with school nurses working together to set up strategies, work on cusps or have an advice line for immature people to reach school nurses. Soon we have a bead in clinic one time a month but with more easy accessible contact services, immature people would certainly utilize the service if it was user friendly intended particularly for their age group ( British Youth Council, 2012 ) .

The Strategy has recommended some valid points which can be implemented into my nursing pattern as a school nurse ; nevertheless there are some countries which have been demonstrated that are rather hard to use and ease without farther resources and manpower to better on the service which is soon in topographic point for immature people. Improvements have been noted and I am certain they will go on to better while we have policy shapers from different parts of the society such as the British Youth Council, who will go on to do society listen to the voice of immature people.

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